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Upcoming Events

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This listing is for events being run by representatives or users of our products. You can use the legend below to help determine how much of an event is about discussing or teaching TimeExposure products.

 Mostly ProSelect Some ProSelect On-Line Webinar
 Mostly WebGallery Some WebGallery    

ProSelect: An Intensive, Hands-On Sales & Software Workshop
May 16, 2014    2.5 days with Julia Kelleher    Bend, OR

This workshop with ProSelect guru, Julia Kelleher, M. Photog., Cr., CPP, will make you a power user! Come learn how to make this software work effectively for YOUR studio. Hands-on, small group learning weekend with personal one-on-one help from Julia, you will learn advanced features that will save you gobs of time and make lots of money!

Get Down to Business Workshop
May 19, 2014    2 days    Des Moines

Guaranteed to cut years off your learning curve, this new workshop by Ann Monteith tackles the key elements that form the framework for success in professional photography. The workshop covers 6 elements that photographers and managers must understand if they are to create a successful business that conforms to the lifestyle they desire.