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Images courtesy Julia Kelleher
All-in-One Sales Tool
Image Selection System
Layout (Collage) Builder
Slideshow Presenter
Movie Exporter
Room & Size Visualiser
Book Designer/Builder
Ordering System
Production System
Makes running a professional presentation a breeze...
Selling BIG is easy...
Show your products (at actual size) on
• A projector screen or big screen TV
• A real room view image...
ours, yours or clients!
Show different sizes, frames & mats
Your customers will love it & buy with confidence...
Selling Add-ons is easy too...
• Drag & drop design
• Show the options
• Add to the order
Boost your orders...
and delight your customers!
Built-in Ordering
• Record notes, orders and
• Print professional invoices
• Export orders to your studio
   management system
No more ordering mistakes
   or customer disputes...
Automated High-Res Production
• Retouch once & use in multiple products
• Supports RAW workflow in
   Lightroom or Photoshop
• Builds sized prints
• Builds layouts & book pages
• Applies Photoshop actions
Works like magic to save you hours ...
      get your free time and your life back!
Packed with Ready-to-use Resources...
• 12 Royalty Free Music Tracks
• 11 Beautiful Room Images
• 12 Frames
• Over 200 Templates
• Over 70 Template Styles
• 5 Slideshow Styles*
• 8 Slideshow Title Slides*
• 2 Slideshow videos*
• Over 10 Stamps, Logos & Watermarks
• 5 Customizable Order Reports Agreements
Includes tools for you to add more or modifiy these...
It's nice to keep your options open...
With ProSelect you can use
• Your Favorite Lab
• Your Favorite Album Supplier
• Your Favorite Framers
• Your Photoshop Templates
*ProSelect works with any lab or album supplier who can accept .jpg, .tif or .psd files.
Most Photoshop templates can be easily converted to ProSelect format. Many designers supply ProSelect-ready templates.
*See footnotes

In-Person Sales Software for Photographers

TimeExposure's ProSelect Basic and ProSelect Pro are the leading cross-platform In-Person Presentation, Sales and Workflow software packages for professional studios.

Here's why ProSelect will make a big difference to your photography business:

Run a professional in-person sales session

As an all-in-one program, ProSelect makes it easy to run a smooth professional in-person or remote sales presentation that your clients will love.

No hard sell

ProSelect makes it easy to sell large framed prints, huge canvases, collages, books, cards, wall groupings... almost anything! No hard sell required - just show and sell.

Personalize the experience

Show your products at actual size on images of your client's own walls. They will love it and buy with confidence.

No more ordering mistakes

Record your retouching notes, add ordered products to the shopping cart and print an order report/invoice with thumbnail images for your client to sign.

Easy add-ons

It's easy to sell add-ons such as books, cards and collages to give your sales a boost.*1

Slideshows for impact and sale

Design and present an emotional slideshow with music. Add title slides & even video for more drama. Export your slideshow as a .mp4 movie for promotion or sale.*2

Boost your profits

Most businesses using ProSelect achieve at least a 50% increase in sales. Many report doubling or even tripling their average sales! This often means that you can pay for the cost of the software with the extra profits from the first few times that you use it.

Get your life back

ProSelect's Hi-Res Production module automates Photoshop to produce a folder full of lab ready images, collages and book pages while you have your feet up!*3

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*1 Building final book pages requires ProSelect Pro
*2 Adding video to a slideshow only available in ProSelect Pro
*3 Hi-Res Production only available in ProSelect Pro and requires Photoshop CS5 or newer