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Transferring or Backing up your Prices and Templates

If you wish to transfer (or simply backup) your ProSelect Data (prices, templates etc) and image resource data to another computer, you can do this by following the steps below.

Most of the configuration information that ProSelect uses is saved in two places:

  • ProSelect Data file - This contains your prices, templates, styles, frame setup, room setup etc. (There is no image data saved in this file.)
  • ProSelect Resources folder - This contains any images associated with the above, such as overlay images on templates, room view images, frame segments, mat/background images, corporate logos etc.


Step 1 - ProSelect Data (Prices & Templates etc)

The ProSelect data (basic prices and templates data) can be copied using  "ProSelect Data -->Export Data to..." (under the File menu) to save this data to an external file which you copy to your other computer (or backup in your archive area).

If copying this data to another computer, then use the "ProSelect Data -->Import Data from..." command (under the File menu) on the destination computer to import that exported data.

Note:  This is called "Prices & Templates Data" (under the File menu)  on ProSelect versions 2011r2 and older.

Step 2 - ProSelect Resources Folder

You also need to copy to your image resource files to your other computer (or shared location or archive area).  The easiest way to do this is to copy your entire ProSelect Resources Folder to the other location.  If you are not sure where you set this folder to on your computer, or you wish to change its location to say a shared location, then you can do this through ProSelect's Preferences (under the Edit menu):

In ProSelect v2012r1 and newer

    Preferences --> General Settings --> Sharing (tab) --> Resource Folder Location

Hint:  If you click on the "Show Folder" button, this takes you directly to the ProSelect Resource folder location. This gives you instant access for copying to another computer (if not in a shared location) or making a backup copy.


In ProSelect v4 to v2011r2

    Preferences --> General Settings --> Default Folders (tab) --> Resource Folder Location


The location of this folder and other helpful information is also described in the article "Finding the ProSelect Resources Folder".

If copying to another computer for ProSelect to access, then we suggest coping the folder to the same location on the other computer, and after copying, make sure the Preferences setting (mentioned above) on the destination computer is correctly set to point to that ProSelect Resources folder location.

(If you do not copy the ProSelect Resources folder to the other computer also, then you will find that templates with missing images will have a red X across them which indicates that ProSelect was unable to locate the associated image file).

Note:  If all your computers are networked together then consider setting the ProSelect Resources folder to a shared network folder referenced by all copies of ProSelect on different computers and also share the price and templates data between the computers. More information can be found in the ProSelect Reference Manual (quick access under the Help menu in ProSelect).


Transferring Preferences Data

The other saved information in ProSelect is the current Preferences and operational settings that are particular to that computer the ProSelect software is installed on. This includes your last window positions and sizes, recent albums and where ProSelect finds the ProSelect Data file and ProSelect Resource folder (as discussed above). 

For ProSelect v2012r2 and newer, you can instantly save a copy of your Preferences file using the "Save" button in the "Sharing Preferences" section of Preferences window in ProSelect. Use the "Selected Folder" option to specify where you wish to save it to. See the "Preferences" page in the Backup & Sharing section of the ProSelect Reference Manual for this and more (quick access under the Help menu in ProSelect).

For ProSelect v2012r1 and older, you will need to do this maually. Please see the article called Finding ProSelect Data & Preferences Files for the name of the Preference file and it's location for Mac and Windows OS versions. Note:  While you can copy the ProSelect Data files between Mac and PC, we do NOT recommend transferring the Preferences file for these older ProSelect versions since any file references included (eg paths to music files or the default folder) will not be compatible.

Note: Some settings (ie Page Setup, Slideshow Music settings, Default folders etc) may need to be adjusted/reset on the computer that the Preferences has been copied to.

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