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Backing up your Prices and Templates

Keeping a regular backup of your valuable ProSelect Setup Data is important so you don't have to re-enter everything after a computer failure. For a complete understand of this process see the Backup and Sharing Section of the ProSelect Reference Manual (you can open this under Help menu in ProSelect). Below is a summary to get you going quickly.

Apart from your preference settings, ProSelect keeps your setup data in two places:

  • ProSelect Data file - This contains your prices, templates, styles/mats, frames setup, room setup, music etc. (There is no image data saved in this file.)
  • ProSelect Resources folder - This contains any images associated with the above, such as overlay images on templates, room view images, frame segments, mat/background images, corporate logos, music etc. 

Step 1 - ProSelect Data (Prices & Templates etc)

The ProSelect data file can be copied/backed up using  "ProSelect Data -->Export Data to..." (under the File menu) to save this data to an external file on your computer or an external device such as a Flash drive, external disk or network location.

Note:  This is called "Prices & Templates Data" (under the File menu)  on ProSelect versions 2011r2 and older.

Step 2 - ProSelect Resources Folder

You also need to make a copy of your resource files as they are interconnected with your data file mentioned above. The easiest way to do this is to copy your entire ProSelect Resources Folder to the other location.  To find the location of this folder on your computer:

In ProSelect v2013r1 and newer

On Macs: Resources Menu -> ProSelect Resources Folder -> Show in Finder... 

On Windows: Resources Menu -> ProSelect Resources Folder -> Show in Windows Explorer...

In ProSelect 2012r1 & 2012r2

    Preferences --> General Settings --> Sharing (tab) --> Resource Folder Location

Hint:  If you click on the "Show Folder" button, this takes you directly to the ProSelect Resource folder location. This gives you instant access for copying to another computer (if not in a shared location) or making a backup copy.

In versions before 2011r1 and earlier

    Check your ProSelect Reference Manual for the exact location for your version.

Reinstalling (after a repair) or moving to another computer

See this article: Reinstalling or Moving ProSelect

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