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ProSelect on Vista

ProSelect works fine on most versions of Vista32 (the 32 bit version of Vista).

We do occasionally receive a report of something odd occurring while running Vista, however, these problems are usually not reproducible on our test machines and we suspect they are related to third party drivers and programs which we have no control over. We are certainly committed to supporting ProSelect on all new operating systems moving forward and will actively investigate any reported issues to see if a solution can be found which will then be incorporated in the next update.


At this point in time, we do NOT test or support ProSelect on Vista64 (the 64 bit version). We do know that many of our clients are running ProSelect on this version of Vista without any problems, however, some people have reported very odd issues when using ProSelect with their particular Vista64 hardware/software combination.

We believe that the difference is probably related to incompatibility with third party operating system drivers and software however, over time, we do expect that these problems will diminish. As an example, there were some Quicktime issues on Vista64 that effected ProSelect - these seem to have been resolved with the latest updates from Apple.

If you are considering using Vista and don't have any compelling need to use the 64 bit version, we recommend that you choose to use Vista32. If you do wish to use Vista 64, if possible, please download ProSelect and try it on your particular computer setup to make sure that there are not any problems first.

Otherwise we suggest you consider using Windows 7 (64) instead as we have tested and provide technical Support for the latest ProSelect software release on Windows 7 (32 and 64).

If you are using ProSelect v4, then v4.1.7 to v2012r2.3 was tested with success at the time of their release on Windows 7 (64 bit).  ProSelect v2013r1 and v2014r1 has been successfully tested on Windows 7 & 8 (64 bit) , however if an issue is found, then this will be fixed in the latest ProSelect software release.

Other Vista Notes

The sections below are for historical purposes and discuss some previous problems and solutions to Vista issues in the past. Most of these relate to using ProSelect 3.2.2 or earlier on Vista as we began incorporating work-arounds into ProSelect version 3.3.0 and newer releases from late 2007.

Vista 64 - New Quicktime version stops slideshow in ProSelect - added March 5, 2014

We have had a report from a user about Quicktime (likely v7.7.4) on Vista 64 with ProSelect that may be of assistance to you also.

"After much troubleshooting I figured out that the most recent version of quicktime was installed yesterday which conflicts with Proselect operating on my Windows Vista 64 bit system. I removed quicktime and installed the previous version (of Quicktime) and all is well again. You'll probably get more support requests for this issue. "

ProSelect crashes after upgrading to Vista from Windows XP

There have been reports of problems running ProSelect (and other programs) when upgrading to Vista from Windows XP. These were fixed after doing a "clean install" of Vista rather than an upgrade.

Side Note: We have also had reports from some ProSelect users having problems when running the 64bit version of Windows XP while others are finding that it runs fine. We don't know if this is related to particular hardware or perhaps some 64bit incompatible system drivers, so our feeling is to stay away from all 64bit versions of Windows at this point in time.

Vista 64 - Dropdown menus do not work - added August 4, 2007

This was reported as happening in the Preferences (and maybe other places) and resulted in a "Out-of-bounds" exception error when the Preferences was closed.

As mentioned above, we do not recommend (nor do we intend to support, at this stage) running ProSelect on 64 bit versions of Windows such as XP 64 and Vista 64. However one user of version 3 reported that he fixed this problem on his machine by:

  1. Uninstalling ProSelect
  2. Changed his own login to that of a non-Admin, regular user
  3. Installed ProSelect 3.3


Not Connecting with Photoshop - Updated Sept 12, 2007

This problem can occur if you are using any operation that links to Photoshop including:

  • Using Custom Effects
  • Open Original images in Photoshop
  • High-Res Production

The symptoms are that nothing happens when you try any of the above operations and/or the progress dialog flashes on the screen and disappears immediately.

If you are using ProSelect 3.3 or later and still get a "Cannot Connect to Photoshop" message then please read this article:

Using ProSelect version 3.2.2

We have found that this problem occurs when ProSelect 3.2.2 is running with Administrator privileges. This can occur when either:

  1. ProSelect's privileges level is set to "Run this program as an Administrator" (under Properties -> Compatibility Tab)  OR
  2. On some versions of Vista (we found this with Ultimate), you are running as the administrator user that was first created when you installed Vista. Oddly enough, this doesn't appear to be the case with Vista Basic Home version.

Making sure ProSelect is not setup to run with Administrator privileges

  1. Go to All Programs -> TimeExposure folder
  2. Right-click on ProSelect
  3. Select Properties from the bottom of the popup menu
  4. Select the Compatibility tab.
  5. Make sure the Run this program as an Administrator check box is NOT checked
  6. Click the button at the bottom of the Properties window that says Show settings for all users.
  7. Enter an administrator password (if you have one).
  8. Another ProSelect Properties box (with a Compatibility for all users tab) should open.  In this window, make sure that Run this program as an Administrator box is also NOT checked.
  9. Click OK to save and close this window
  10. Click OK to close the original Properties window.

Creating a new user without Administrator privileges

If you have checked the previous sections settings AND are still having a problem connecting to Photoshop then you need to create a new user account (it can be either with or without administrator privileges, though probably safer to setup without) and log in as that user to run ProSelect.

Note: Since ProSelect stores it's Price and Templates data and Preferences data separately on each user account, when ProSelect is run in your new account it will have  default settings and you will also need to enter your ProSelect registration details again.

If you wish to transfer over your Price and Templates from the other account you will need to log into the original account and use the same procedures as you would in moving the data to another computer, i.e. export the data, save it in some common location or device, swap to the new user and then import the data back into ProSelect. The article Transferring Prices and Templates explains about this in more detail.

To create a new user account:

  1. Open the Control Panel (We are assuming that you are showing the new Vista layout. If not, click the Control Panel Home link in top left corner)
  2. Under User Accounts and Family Safety, click on Add or Remove User Accounts
  3. Enter your admin password (if you have one) and click OK
  4. Click on Create New Account
  5. Enter a new user name and select Standard User (recommended but not essential)
  6. Click Create Account button
  7. Close the window
  8. Select Log Off from the Vista shutdown menu
  9. Log back in a the new user that you have created


Problem with music when playing a Slideshow - Updated May 10, 2007

A few users have reported getting this message when starting a slideshow:

Windows-Bad Image
is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error.
Try installing the program again using original install media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor.

This is an acknowledged bug with a Windows Media Player under Vista (and is related to the new music copyright protection included in Vista).

It is caused by having "un-signed DSP plugins" installed on your computer. We are not totally sure what this means but we gather it refers to installed Windows plugins for playing different types of music files. We have done clean installs of both Vista Ultimate and Vista Home Basic and did not encounter this problem, so it is likely coming from plugins from other non-Microsoft software has been also installed.

While we wait for this to be fixed, our suggestion in the meantime is use iTunes to play your music. This works because, when using an iTunes playlist, ProSelect gets QuickTime to play the music instead of Windows Media Player - effectively bypassing the problem. Please see the ProSelect Reference Manual (quick access under the Help menu in ProSelect) for how to set this music source up in the version you are using.



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