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Ordering Digital files

Update 27 April 2017

ProSelect 2017r1 and newer

In these versions, handling digital files as part of your client's order is now as simple as with other products. Just setup one or more price list items under the new Digital Files tab specifying the description, maximum output size (in pixels) and whether they are to be priced as a group or on a per image basis. You can even create associated Extras to add that professional touch.

Ordered digital files appear under a new tab in Hi-Res Production (requires ProSelect Pro), where you can use standard re-touching workflow before exporting fully rendered files, with cropping or effects automatically applied, ready to deliver to your client.

For ProSelect 2016r1 an earlier

Taking orders for and producing digital files in ProSelect is pretty straight forward.  While you do need to specify a size, you can assign a name to that size to reflect that the product being ordered as a digital print rather than a physically sized product. This way the client won't see an actual size but ProSelect's Hi-Res Production will still produce the appropriate sized files for you to give to the client.

To avoid any up-scaling, the size that you choose can be any size up to the resolution of your camera divided by the output ppi that you have setup in Hi-Res Production Preferences. However, you may prefer to setup a smaller size if you want to provided image files that are cropped down to a different aspect ratio or for limiting the size of the file that you provide to your customer.

For example, if you have a Canon 60D with a full frame image size of 3456 pixels x 5184 pixels and your production ppi is 300, then the maximum Print Paper size would be 11.52" x 17.28". So you might setup a Print Paper Size of 11" x 13.75" as it will be in an 8x10 ratio (11/13.75 = 8/10) and close to full camera resolution.

Once you have decided on a size, then simply add it as a Print Paper Size the usual way (Orders Menu -> Print Paper Sizes) but set that size's Display Name to be something like "Digital File Large".

When adding this item to the price list, you could also associate this with a Presentation Option name such as "Under License Agreement". This way, when you order any digital prints, they would appear on your Order Report as

1 x ImageXYZ     Digital File Large    Under License Agreement    $100

Likewise, if you want to also offer lower res digital files for social media usage, then create a smaller Print Paper Size as and call it "Digital File Small" perhaps with a Presentation Option of "Social Media Use". A good size for this might be 2" x 3" (at 300ppi) which will product a file size of 600px x 900px. 

This approach also means that when you run Hi-Res Production, these files will all be a specified size and could also be automatically exported into in a separate subfolder if you have this option selected in Hi-Res Production Preferences.

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