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Using SendMyRooms

This article provides a brief overview of how to use the SendMyRooms™ Client Connection System. It is currently a "work in progress" during the beta testing cycle so please check back for updates.

What is SendMyRooms™ Client Connection

SendMyRooms™ which is a website that you can invite your clients to use to send images of their rooms to you for the viewing session. 

You can have the system send your clients a password-protected link to this mobile-friendly web site where they can watch a video guide on how to use the camera in their phone or tablet to take and upload photos of their rooms. They can also use the system to upload images taken on a digital camera from their computer. 

Once uploaded, you can preview and download their images directly into the clients ProSelect Album file (under Resources Menu -> Setup Rooms -> Album Rooms Tab) in ProSelect 2017r1 or newer. See the Adding SendMyRooms™ Images section in the ProSelect Reference Manual for more about this. You can open this manual under the Help menu in ProSelect.

You'll use ProSelect's Working with Rooms feature to show your products accurately scaled on your client's own walls. This is an easy way to sell and your clients will love it!

You can brand your SendMyRooms™ site with your studio name and contact number. The SendMyRooms™ connection can send your clients a gentle email reminder to upload some images if they haven't uploaded and ever confirm and thank clients who have.

Who can use SendMyRooms™?

SendMyRooms™ integration is built into ProSelect 2017r1 and newer and is a free service for all users with current TimeExposure PLUS

How long are the images available for?

Uploaded client images are kept on the SendMyRooms™ server for up to 3 months from the date that you send them an invitation or seven days after the scheduled Viewing date. You can send an invitation at any time in the three month period prior to the viewing date.

Getting Setup

If you are eligible to use SendMyRooms then you first need to set it up for your business. Follow the step below:

STEP 1: Log into your account using the email address that you used to register your ProSelect license. On the My Account page, select the My Extras tab.

STEP 2: Click the Setup your SendMyRooms account link shown below.

STEP 3: Enter the information requested below:

Your entered Business Name and Business Phone number will be displayed on the SendMyRooms™ website when your client logs in. These are normally the same as your ProSelect registration details but they can be different. You may wish to shorten a very long business name as it may not fit across on the small screen of a mobile device (you can adjust this later in the Settings section if you need to).

To keep it simple, when invited to use SendMyRooms, your clients will be provided with unique login ID number but the one password that you select for your studio. This defaults to the last four digits of your phone number.

You can set the maximum number of rooms that you want to allow the client to upload from 1-12.

Please select your local timezone.

Click the Setup button when done.

STEP 4: Your SendMyRooms™ account is now setup in the default configuration and you will be taken to the SendMyRoom main management page. This page shows you the current status of your viewings, clients and uploaded rooms. 

STEP 5: You can do further customization by clicking on the Settings button to see all of your account's setup. You can use the Edit Settings button to make changes. See notes below.

Other Settings options

Client Reminders. This sets the number of days before your client's viewing date on which the system will send a reminder email to any clients who have not uploaded any rooms yet. You can set to be between 20 days and 1 day or to not send the reminder at all. The contents of the email reminder, as well as the invitation and confirmation emails, can be previewed and edited under Manage Templates (see section below).

Sending Emails. By default, all emails sent to your client will be sent directly from

When sending emails directly from the SendMyRooms™ system, some client email systems may reject or automatically forward the emails to their junk/spam folder. This is because the email shows your address, but it is being sent from another server.  You should test this with your clients.

Alternatively, you can have the system generate and place the contents of the emails into your own Mail app ready for you to send. In this case, the email will be coming from you and are more likely to be accepted and any reply will come back to you. In this case, you can select whether the email content is to be in HTML format (with font styles and clickable links etc) or in plain text format. Unless your Email app doesn't work with HTML emails, we recommend you choose this option. Using this option, also allow to you edit the contents of the email before sending. 

Uploaded Room Notification. If you wish to be notified when your clients upload any rooms, you can optionally have this done by email, via ProSelect messages or both.

Expiry Warning. If you haven't downloaded a client's room images into ProSelect and it is getting close to the date when they will be automatically removed from the server, then you can have a warning message sent to you 1 week before so you have time to download them before they disappear.

Managing Templates

SendMyRooms™ comes with pre-setup personalized email templates for the Invitation, Reminder and Confirmation emails. You can preview, edit and send a test email to yourself from the Manage Templates page (under Settings).

SendMyRooms™ email templates can include text tags which are automatically replaced with key information such as your client's name, your studio name, appointment time etc making it easy to send fully personalized emails without having to do anything other than creating a new Invitation. You can include your studio logo image in the emails provided that image is located somewhere on the internet (such as on your website).

Previewing an Email Template

Click the Preview button to see what the email will look like with any text tags replaced. Below is the default invitation template.

Editing an Email Template

Click the Edit Template button to open the editor.

You can use the toolbar at the top to control formatting, fonts, sizes and character styles. To insert a text tag into the current cursor position, click the [VAL] button and select the tag to use from the drop-down menu.  Text Tags appear in your email between square brackets eg [FIRST_NAME]. Since these must be exactly correct for the substitution to work, to avoid mistakes, it is recommended that you insert then from the menu rather than typing them.

To insert a logo image, click the insert/edit image icon at the top and enter the full URL for the image. If you already have this image on your website a shortcut to the URL is needed. Go to your website and right-click on the image and choose Copy Image Address. Next, paste that into the Source box. You can leave the dimensions empty and the image will display at it actual size or enter a smaller number into either the width (left box) or height (right box) to scale the image size down. It's best to leave Constrain proportions checked, selected so the image is not distorted.

After making changes, click the Save Changes button and use the Preview button you can view the resulting email and/or use the Send Test button to send a copy to your own email address.

If you make a mistake, you can always use the Reset to Default button to restore the entire email contents back to the standard version.

Sending an Invitation

You can invite your clients to SendMyRooms™ from within ProSelect using SendMyRooms™ Invitation (under the Orders menu) of right from the Client Setup window. Alternatively, if you are in the SendMyRooms Management area, you can use the New Invitation button on the Home page. All of these options will open the window below.

If you opened this window from ProSelect and have already entered your client's details into ProSelect, then that information will be automatically copied to this page. Just enter the Viewing Date and time and click the Send Invite button. Note: you can only enter a view date that is in the next 3 month period.

Your entered details will be displayed as a double-check. You can use the Show Preview button to see that contents of the email before sending it. Use the Send Message button to send it.

If you have your Sending Emails Settings (see above Setup section) set to send directly from then you will be asked to confirm before sending.

If you have your Sending Emails Settings set to use your Email App then it will open a new email with the content ready to send. After doing this, you should return to your browser and click Yes, I Sent It on the confirmation button, so SendMyRooms™ can record that this has been done.

Note: If choose NO, then your invitation will still be recorded in SendMyRooms™ but it will show that the Invitation still needs to be sent whenever you see that viewing.

Checking on Upcoming Viewing Invitations

A summary of your Upcoming Viewings will be shown on the Home page. More data is shown on wider screens.

You can click on the Info button for any of the listed invitations to see and edit the details, activity history and preview any uploaded rooms.  

When in this page you can also resend any email: Invitation, Reminder or Confirmation (it defaults to the next one expected). You can also edit the viewing details or delete any of the uploaded rooms for that clients or delete the entire viewing (including any uploaded rooms).

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