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Creating a Reorder in Albums Linked to StudioCloud

Follow the steps below to create a reorder, for the same client, in ProSelect with an album that is linked to StudioCloud.

In ProSelect

  1. Go to Orders > Client Setup
  2. Click "Add Client from Studio Cloud"
  3. Search and add the same client as the original event
  4. Add "Reorder" to the notes Field
  5. Note:  Do not change the name by adding "reorder" to fields other than the "notes" as it will change the client data record in StudioCloud.

Place the order using the second reference of the name in the client list using the place order dialog.   The name will show twice in the list, but the second is the reorder.  

Exporting that order from ProSelect will create a separate client invoice in StudioCloud, and it will be linked to the original event and client.

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