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Controlling how your Slideshow ends

By default, when you start a slideshow in ProSelect, at the end of the slideshow ProSelect will return to the screen that you started the slideshow from. If you are in Working with Slideshows then this will likely be thumbnail view. However, you have a few options to control how the slideshow ends...

Method 1:

If you are always playing the slideshow that you setup in Working with Slideshows, then you can make this the default slideshow that will play regardless of where you are located in ProSelect when you start the slideshow.  This way, if you start the slideshow in Working with Images, then it will end showing the last Working with Images screen.

To do this for new albums, go to Preferences -> Slideshow -> Slideshow Settings -> On New Album and set the Default Playback to "Slideshow 1".

This will configure all newly created ProSelect albums to work this way. Notice that, in this window, you can also setup ProSelect pre-configure the "structure" of your new album slideshows (top left area). See the ProSelect Reference Manual for more about using this.

To change, the behavior of your existing albums, you can right-click on the Slideshow icon in the toolbar and select When Starting, Play... Slideshow 1. This setting is saved in each Album file.

Method 2:

If you are using a mix of Quick Slideshows (see the ProSelect Reference Manual for more about this) and Working with Slideshow slideshows then you can set up your slideshow styles to Pause on Last Slide. This is done under the Advanced tab in Setup Slideshow styles (under Slideshow Menu).

This will cause any slideshow, using this Slideshow Style, to pause at the end of the slideshow displaying the last image in your slideshow. To exit a paused slideshow, just press the spacebar.


  1. Quick Slideshows, by default, use the topmost slideshow style in the above list so changing this one will affect all of your Quick Slideshows.  
  2. If you have set up your slideshow in Working with Slideshows then this last image could be your closing title slide or even an all black title slide if you wish to end with an all black screen. Title slides are set up under the Slideshow Menu -> Setup Title Slides.

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