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Soft Proofing in Lightroom

Lightroom previews all images in the ProPhoto RGB color space.   Since most photographic products cannot be accurately printed in that space,  sRGB or Adobe1998 are the industry standards.  Images can be correctly previewed in Lightroom using the Soft Proofing option (shortcut S) in the Develop module. If the images are processed based on the correct output profile, a higher level of printing accuracy is ensured.

When you first start to make adjustments on an image with soft proofing active, you will likely get the message dialog shown below. Choosing the option "Make This a Proof" is advisable so that LR does not make a virtual copy. Virtual copies in LR, when exported for use in ProSelect, will result in a file name that differs from the original raw file name, therefore losing the links to the raw file.    

We suggest the following settings.

Even with the option to "Make This a Proof", Lightroom by default wants to include the soft profile information into the file name.  To prevent this from happening, in the Lightroom Library module,  go to View > View Options > Loupe View and change the Loupe Info 1 to "File Name" as shown below.

File Name only dailog

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