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Making Order Adjustments Non-Taxable

If you setup ProSelect to include tax on your orders, generally all items and credits (or refunds) will be taxable. If you wish to be able to add a refund or prepaid credit to an order without affecting the tax, here what you need to do: 

1. In the Tax Setup window (under the Orders Menu), select the tax that you are using and set the options Add Tax to: Selected Price List Items. This will allow you to selectively add tax or not to selected price list items. Note: By default, all items will set to be taxable until you turn it off.

2.  In the Price List Setup window, Order Adjustments tab, add your credit item (eg Reservation Fee Refund) and, in the setup box, make sure that the Taxable checkbox is left unchecked. With the above tax setting, there will be a new taxable column shown in your price list window with Y for taxable and N for non-taxable.

You can also now create non-taxable custom Order Adjustments directly from the Place Order window (after clicking the Add Order Adjustment button) by leaving the Taxable checkbox unchecked.

For more information on setting up and using taxes in ProSelect, see the Handling Tax sections of the ProSelect Reference Manual.

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