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WebGallery - Frequently asked questions
  • What happens if my Internet connection disconnects part way through an upload?
    The Upload Manager keeps track of which files have been uploaded to the server. Simply reconnect to the internet (if not already done automatically) and select "Resume" from the Upload Queue tab in Upload Manager. The program will carry on from where it stopped.  During this "Paused" state,... - 2017-09-22
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  • Enabling the Flash Player in your Browser
    Please see this Adobe Web page for how to enable the Flash Player for your browser.  - 2017-03-24
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  • How do I get started quickly with WebGallery?
    In order to upload images, you must first open a WebGallery Trail account. These is initially valid for 30 days and allows you to upload up to 75 images and try out the functionality of the whole system. To open a trial account, log into your membership area - if you haven't... - 2014-04-02
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  • How do your clients find their albums on WebGallery?
    There are a number of ways to do this: Install one or more links on your web site to your WebGallery Pages, or Use the Sharing option "Invite Friends to View this Album", or Use "Find Photographer" on the TimeExposure Web Site. Important: The Links provided below, are only... - 2012-01-26
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  • How do I make changes to an already uploaded Album?
    Once uploaded to the WebGallery, you can see the current settings for any on-line album's details using the Upload Manager by selecting the album (under the WebGallery tab) and clicking on the Show Details button. (Note: Upload Manager replaced the Image Loader v2 in May 2009 and is much... - 2010-08-12
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  • Changing the order of items in your price list
    When you add a new price list item to your WebGallery price list, it automatically added as the last item to the list. To change to order of the items in your your price list: Go into the Price List Items page (in the Members Admin Area) In the Listing Order column (the first one)... - 2010-01-07
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  • Using WebGallery from ProSelect
    With ProSelect version 4.1 or later, if you have a TimeExposure WebGallery subscription, you can now upload images to your WebGallery pages directly from within ProSelect. This article explains some of the differences between uploading images using the Upload Manager vs uploading them directly from... - 2009-12-10
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  • Why is Room View not available in my on-line album?
    When viewing an album in the WebGallery 3 viewer, the user will only be able to use the Room View feature if you have assigned a price list to the album. This is required because the viewer uses the print sizes that are setup in the price list to provide the list of print sizes to display in... - 2009-08-14
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  • How do I add a Gift Voucher item in WebGallery?
    If you wish to offer a gift voucher(s) in a WebGallery price list, then you can do this by adding it as an Extra. Extras are products that are not related to any specific image. To do this: Log in to your WebGallery Admin area Choose Price List Items (under Setup Price List &... - 2009-06-29
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  • How do I offer a Discount in WebGallery?
    To encourage early orders, you can attach an automatic discount to any price list in your WebGallery. If set, this will automatically apply to all orders made within a certain number of days after the album is first uploaded. The discount will be the set percentage of the total order excluding... - 2009-06-29
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  • Credit Card Payment Security
    TimeExposure's WebGallery uses standard secure internet connections (https://) whenever any credit card information from the payment areas in WebGallery is sent to the server. Manual Credit Card processing If you have choosen to get your client's credit card details for manual processing, then... - 2009-06-26
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  • How do I change which shipping options are displayed in WebGallery
    If you have already setup your WebGallery Shipping options and prices (which display on the Review Order Page), and you wish to change which option(s) are assigned to one or more Price Lists (and therefore Albums), then you can do so by: Logging in to your WebGallery Admin page, choose Shipping... - 2009-05-25
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  • What are the benefits of offering on-line wedding images
    Uploading wedding images for Internet viewing or ordering is becoming a more commonly offered service for wedding photographers. With TimeExposure's WebGallery service, Internet viewing and ordering is ideal for several reasons including situations where the wedding couple has family who are... - 2009-05-01
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  • What is the WebGallery Members Admin Area for?
    This is an on-line area that you can access through your Browser (or Upload Manager software) and is where you control the setup, configuration and management of your WebGallery account. Once you have opened a WebGallery Account,  you can log into the Members Admin Area using your WebGallery... - 2009-02-19
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  • Can people copy my Images off the Internet?
    TimeExposure's WebGallery is designed to provide as much protection for a photographer's images as possible. This is how we manage it: Down sizing all images before uploading (not your originals), so only low resolution images with a maximum size of 500x425 pixels are temporarily kept on the... - 2009-02-19
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  • How long does it take to upload the images?
    The time it takes to upload your images depends on the speed of your internet connection and how busy your ISP is at the time. Faster internet connections will obviously be faster in uploading. If on a dial-up (56K modem connection), you can expect each image to take around 15 seconds to... - 2009-02-19
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  • Linking from your web site to your Album Index page
    You can have a link from your web site to your Album Index page for clients to view and order. This is the best way to use TimeExposure's WebGallery and setup of this feature is covered in the article "Using WebGallery". WebGallery supports multiple index pages, so if you wish, you can have... - 2009-02-19
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  • Matching my WebGallery pages to my web site
    You can customize your WebGallery pages by adding your own custom graphics that will appear on the top of each page and by setting the text and shading colors to match those on your web site. How you do this is covered in the article "Using WebGallery". Some examples of customized pages can be... - 2009-02-19
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  • Different price lists for different types of jobs
    In WebGallery you can have different price lists for different types of jobs. When your account is initially created, your price list is automatically populated with some sample items which you can either delete or modify. You can setup up to ten different price lists and give each of them a... - 2009-02-19
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  • How do I know what images my client has ordered or selected?
    When you upload your images for a client, the following information is also saved to allow you to easily locate each image ordered: Client name Job Reference Number Job date (optional) Photographers' name (optional) Original file name The path... - 2009-02-19
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