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ProSelect 2022r1.3

requires Windows 8/10/11 (32/64bit) or newer with 8GB+ RAM

What's New?

Who should use this version?

Registered ProSelect Pro, ProSelect Basic, Easy Lease and current Free Trial users.
Free upgrade if your PLUS was current on or after the Sep 1, 2021 release date.

Important Notes

Your setup will not be lost, but please back these up regularly.
After installation, use the Register On-line option in ProSelect for instant registration.

ProSelect 2022r1.3 Downloads for Windows

ProSelect Basic & ProSelect Pro (FULL Installer)
You are installing ProSelect for the first time, or
you have ProSelect 2020r1.x or an earlier version currently installed.

ProSelect Basic & ProSelect Pro (UPDATE Installer)
You have any version of ProSelect 2022r1 currently installed.

Windows Installation Problems?

See this Knowledgebase article.

Additional Downloads

ProSelect Network Server 2019r2
Free standalone program used to share ProSelect setup data between multiple computers and users requiring permission controls.
Learn more about sharing options.


ProSelect Plug-in for Lightroom Classic v2.2.2 - for Windows
Exports images and videos from Lightroom to ProSelect 2019r1.7+.
Read this for more information.

More ProSelect Resources

Find and download extras for ProSelect including Room View images, Templates, Frames and more from the ProSelect Resources page.

User Guides Downloads

ProSelect Quick Start Guide
A15-minute introduction/overview to ProSelect

ProSelect Reference Manual
Complete Guide to ProSelect

ProSelect Resources Guide
All about the resources included in ProSelect

SendMyRooms™ Guide
Setup and use of the

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