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About ProSelect Resources Downloads

ProSelect includes a large number of built-in resources "right out of the box" (see the ProSelect Resources Guide below for all the details.). If you have upgraded from an earlier version of ProSelect, see this article for how to add the new included resources to your existing setup.

You can also add additional resources as required - some are free while others are commercial products that need to be purchased. Where possible, we provide direct links to download the files, otherwise the links will take you to another web site where you can get the download from.

Click the tabs above to find resources in each category.

ProSelect Included Resources

ProSelect (from version 2017r1 onwards) includes a large number of resources installed with the software. These include rooms, templates, styles, music, stamps & logos, frames, slideshow title slides, slideshow videos and notes for order reports & images. These resoures are automatically setup with brand new installations. If you have upgraded to the latest version, you can add these to your existing setup using the ProSelect Data -> Install 20xx Default Resources (under the File menu in ProSelect) and select which areas to add.

ProSelect Resources Guide
This PDF guide is a great reference to have on hand when using ProSelect. It covers, in detail, all of the default resources included with ProSelect. This Guide is also part of the ProSelect installer so, after installation, you can open it under the Help menu in ProSelect.
Free Books
Avoiding the 10 most Common Mistakes for Photographers starting IPS
This free PDF guide by Ron Nichols as a great resource for anyone getting started with In-Person-Sales.