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Production finishes with an all-white image

If you are running Production and it finishes leaving an empty image open in Photoshop or the output files are all-white, check the following:

Check that you are running the latest ProSelect update

The version of ProSelect is shown on the Splash screen during startup and also in the About ProSelect window once the program is running. Check this with the latest version on the main downloads page.  

If you are running ProSelect 2016r1 or newer, you will always see notices for any new updates to your version in the ProSelect Messages window.

Incorrect version of Photoshop selected in Preferences (Windows Only)

If you have multiple versions of Photoshop installed on your computer, make sure that you have selected the one that you wish to use in ProSelect's Preferences -> General Settings -> General -> Photo Editor. Leaving this set to "Default (from Registry)" should also work but sometimes doesn't. 

For more information see this KnowledgeBase Article: Cannot connect to Photoshop in Windows

Recent Photoshop 2021 Update Issue

See this article: Photoshop CC2021 issues

Using OSX Catalina or Big Sur

Make sure that you have enabled all the permission to allow ProSelect to run and interact with Photoshop as described in this article: ProSelect on Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina & newer

Pantone Color Selected

If Production finishes very quickly and the whole of the remaining image is selected in Photoshop then likely you have a Pantone color selected as the default color in Photoshop's color picker.

Some of the operations that ProSelect needs to do will not work if Pantone colors are selected.

To correct this:

  1. Switch to Photoshop if you haven't done so already
  2. Close the open document in Photoshop
  3. Click on the Reset Colors to Black & White button located near the bottom of Photoshop's left hand tool bar (see image below). After this, the color picker should show the foreground color as black and the background color as white (as also shown in the image below)
  4. Run ProSelect's production again.

Duplicate Disk Names (Mac OSX only)

If your computer has more than one disk installed, make sure that you have set up different names for each disk drive.

While ProSelect will work fine this way because it tracks disks other than just by name, when connecting with Photoshop only the path to the image can be transferred and, if you have more than one disk with the same name, Photoshop may try to look for the image on the wrong disk and fail.

You can normally rename a disk drive you clicking on the name of a selected disk on the desktop and entering a new name (the same way that you change the name of a file) or using the Get Info window to do the same.

Saving to a networked NAS server

If your Production Output folder is pointing to a network location, try changing this to be a folder on your local hard disk then run production again. You can change this location in the Hi-Res Production window -> Output folder by clicking on the magnifying glass and selecting a different location.

If this works, then it could be a permissions or speed issue writing to the NAS.

If your NAS drive is using a case-insensitive file system then see this KnowledgeBase Article: Synology Servers - Care is needed.

Scripting Error

This almost never happens with the current versions of ProSelect and Photoshop. However, if the above solutions don't solve your problem, it is possible to track down the exact line in the script where an error is occurring using this article: Debugging Production Problems.

When all else fails...

We have had a number of cases where, after being unable to work out the cause of the problem, the user simply re-started their computer and/or re-installed Photoshop and it started working again!



  KnowledgeBase Article: Production finishes with an all-white image