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Lightroom Plug-in Release Notes

This article contains the details of the changes introduced with each new release of the ProSelect Lightroom Plug-in.  The Plug-in is now part of the ProSelect installer and the installer will prompt you to install/update the plug-in if it detects Lightroom Classic has been installed on your computer.

Version 2.2.2 - October 15, 2020 

1. Finding RAW files is now case-insensitive for file extensions. 

Version 2.2.1 - August  27, 2020

1. Now supports the transfer of start ratings from Lightroom when exporting images to ProSelect.

Version 2.2.0  - August 25,2020

 1. [FIX] - Shortened the version number so they show the same in Export window and the Manage Plug-in window.

2. [FIX] - Added note that any Pretouching settings will be removed when you doing an Update (Reload Edited)

3. Added support for passing down Lightroom's rating when sending images to ProSelect (this is controlled by ProSelect's Preferences)

4. [FIX][WIN] - Images are exported in batches when using Update (Reload Edited) to prevent command-line overflow when doing a large number of images

5. [FIX] - You can now use Update (Reload Edited) when ProSelect's Production window is open.

6. Changed text  "Update (Reload/Re-Link)" to "Update (Reload Edited)" to match changes in ProSelect.


Version  - Mar 27, 2020

1. [FIX] - When Opening files from ProSelect, Lightroom will now find raws and images files which have spaces in their  filenames.

2. [FIX] - Updated a Message box wording to make it easier to understand. 


Version  - Mar 26, 2020

1. Now search for raw files based on passed in filename (jpg,psd,tiff)  and raw file extensions provided by ProSelect

2. [FIX] - Updated a Message box wording to make it easier to understand. 


Version  - Mar 26, 2020

1. Added support for selected non-raws to be imported.

2. Now shows a warning/reminder about Your Preferences Setup if jpg files are going to be opened into Lightroom

3. Now shows a warning after import of non-raws files if jpgs cannot be found in the catalog.


Version  - Mar 26, 2020

1. Removed need to always save the ProSelect album when updating images back into the album file 

2. [FIX] - The export progress message now shows at the start of the export rather than after a delay.


Version  - Mar 14, 2019

1. Added support for update images back into proselect album with option to add new images if missing.

2. Updated minimum version of ProSelect that will work with the Plug-in to ProSelect 2019r1.5

3. Updated logo


Version  - April 18, 2018 

1. If original images in Lightroom are the same format as the selected export format then, the export is stoped with a warning message about overwrtting the original images. 

2. [FIX] - Exported images now overwrite existing files of the same name, rather than creating copies with -1, -2 etc.

3. [FIX] - Exported Virtual Copies include Lightroom's Copy Name (if set) on the end of the exported file name and a -VC after the filename. Exporting Lightroom virtual copies is not recommended since there is no matching filename back to the original images.


Version  - 15 Mar 2018

1. Changed name of plugin to ProSelect Album Builder Plugin

2. Added extra information when new album cannot be created and to Save or Close the album.

3. Added Video Export support - Does not support DPX FORMAT

4. Added information about requirements for video export

5. Showing version information in about plugin page

6. Added how to use plugin information to the album plugin page

7. Updated ProSelect icon

8. Removed ProPhoto export format

9. Added support to export images as jpg, psd, or tiff

10. Updated OSX console tool to be 64bit version

11. Now showing "Exporting X of Y images" in the progress label

12. Will overwrite existing exported image (unless it is using the source image)

13. Updated minimum version of ProSelect that will work with the Plug-in to ProSelect 2018r1.


Version 1.9  - Mar 07, 2017

1. Changed default image export size from Large to Full.


Version 1.9  - Mar 07, 2017

1. [FIX][WIN] - Batch adding images to proselect in groups of 50 for windows and unlimited for mac


Jul 18 2016 - GB Plugin 1.8

1. [FIX][WIN] - Images are exported in batches when using Create to prevent command-line overflow when doing a large number of images



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