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Production images have incorrect rotation

Updated Oct 28, 2020

Images are rotated in ProSelect's Production window after Reloading (fixed 2018r1.4+)

This problem would occur when you had retouched an ordered portrait orientated image (with EXIF rotation), then reloaded the image in ProSelect and then closed the album without making any other changes which affected the ordered images (such as running High-Res Production on an image or updating any order information). 

In this case, the updated rotation information applied to the ordered image was not being saved in the album file and, when the album file was opened again, the incorrect image orientation would be shown in the Production window preview and exported incorrectly through High-Res Production.

This issue has been fixed in the ProSelect 2018r1.4 update.

If you have any existing album files with this problem, you can fix it by deleting the affected images from the order then adding them back to the order again.

Digital File Order Images are rotated in Reloading Edited (fixed 2020r1.3+)

This problem would occur when you had retouched an ordered only as a digital portrait orientated image (with EXIF rotation), then reloaded the image using Reload Edited in High-Res Production. The reloaded image appeared rotated in the Production preview and was also produced rotated when production was run.

This issue was fixed in the ProSelect 2020r1.3 update.

Images are correct in ProSelect's Production window but rotated in Photoshop (or after production)

Because we use Photoshop automation to produce the final images, there are certain circumstances when Photoshop will add extra rotation to an image when it is loaded.

1. If you have your camera set to "auto-rotate" your image

 In this case, make sure that you have "Apply EXIF Auto-Rotation" selected in ProSelect's preferences (General Tab, Adding Images) BEFORE you add your images to an album. That way ProSelect will be able to also auto-rotate them but it will also know that Photoshop will be doing the same and allow for this during Production. You can check if your images have EXIF rotation applied by selecting one and choosing "Show Selected Image Info" (under the Album menu) and looking at the EXIF rotation setting.  

If you later reload the original image after it has been retouched and saved (in Photoshop) then the EXIF rotation would have been applied to the image by Photoshop and EXIF rotation flag will be removed from the image when you reload the image. Again you can verify this in the Show Selected Image Info" window.

2. If you have manually rotated your images in Photoshop's Bridge application

In this case, Photoshop stores this information in its own image data Cache and ProSelect cannot find out about this and the rotations will not work correctly during Production.

To avoid the second problem:

  • Don't do any manual rotations of your images in Photoshop's Browser, OR
  • Clear Photoshop's image data Cache prior to starting a Production run in ProSelect. You can do this in CS by selecting "Purge Entire Cache" from the File Menu in CS's File Browser window. With CS4's Bridge, select "Purge Central Cache" from the Tools Menu--> Cache Submenu.


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