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Setting up a double page spread in a Book Design

To set up double page spreads in your book design, you need to do the following:

  1. The template must be set to be a double-spread type (under Templates menu --> Edit Templates)
  2. The book design for your book must be setup to be double-sided (under Templates menu --> Edit Book Designs).

Double-spread templates have thumbnails that are twice as wide in thumbnail view so they are easy to see.


If in Hi-Res Production, you are finding the pages are split, then please see the article "Split page spread in Book Production".


Other information related to this area....

If you have purchased or wishing to purchase the ProSelect add-ons such as the Composite Album Collection, then the pdf file included in your Composite Album Collection download package (from the ProSelect Resources web page)  will help you with this. Please see "Designing a Book with the Templates" and "Choosing the best group for your album" pages.

You may also like to review "Fitting Templates in Books" in the ProSelect Reference Manual (quick access under the Help in ProSelect).

And watch the Webinar Archives recording of "Working with Books for Big Bucks".


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