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What's New in 2020r1

Here are some highlights of the main new features added in ProSelect software version 2020r1.

More details can also be found:

  • On the What's New page on our web site
  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The What's New section in the back of the easy reading ProSelect Reference Manual (with direct links to the relevant pages)

Note: The latest updates to this release are shown in the Minor Release Changes section below.

What's New in Version 2020r1

September 1, 2020



1. The Snapshot tool has been removed from the right-hand toolbar to free up some space on smaller screens. You can still use the Export options (under the File menu) to export sample images of all the areas previously covered by the Snapshot tool.

2. After 12 years, to promote a lower caffeine diet (and free up some screen space!), we removed the Coffee Cup tool from the right-hand toolbar.

3. For clarity, the Export Selected Sample Images/Layouts/Rooms/Book Pages setup dialogs now only show items relevant to the items being exported.

4. The View selection keyboard menu short cuts Cmd/Ctrl-1,3,4,5 have been removed as these are now used by the rating system. You can still use the T key to toggle between Thumbnail view and Show view, the C key  to toggle between Show & Cropping Views and the V key to toggle between Show & Select Size Views. Cmd/Ctrl-2 (and variants) for starting a slideshow has been changed to Cmd/Ctrl-J.

5. In Preferences -> Importing Images, any entries of JPG, TIF or PSD files as Raw file extensions are now automatically removed when loading or saving the Preferences. This prevents these file types from being ignored when imported into ProSelect.

6. With Animoto now longer supporting direct import of images, this option has been removed from ProSelect. For an alternative method for exporting images for upload to Animoto, search the TimeExposure KnowledgeBase.

7. Updated the "Unable to Access ProSelect Resources Folder" window with clearer options, descriptions, and recommendations.

8. When exporting a Collection, ProSelect now checks for missing resource images (frames, images etc.) prior to exporting and, if any are found, it lists the missing file names and in which item the missing file is used.


1. Each image can now be rated using a 1-5 star rating system. Rating can be applied to one or more selected images using the Set Star Rating (under Edit Menu), keyboard shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl-1 to 5, or by clicking on the stars in the bottom center of the Info bar. Cmd/Ctrl-0 will remove all ratings.

You can remove the rating using menu command Set Star Rating -> None, keyboard shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl-0, or by clicking on the "O" that appears on the left side of the stars in the bottom center of the Info bar.

The current star rating is shown on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail images when Show Thumbnail tags is turned on (under View menu). In this case, the Notes icon moves up one position.

The current star rating is also shown in the Get Selected Image Info window.

2. Any ratings applied in Lightroom can be optionally imported into ProSelect when adding or updating images through the ProSelect Lightroom Plug-in.

3. You can use the Image List filter to only show images of a selected rating or no rating. When selecting a rating from the dropdown menu, if you hold down the Alt/Option key, it will also include all the higher rating images.
eg Alt/Option click on 3 stars to select 3 stars and above.

4. You can sort the images in your album by star rating using Sort Album Images by -> Rating (under the Album Menu). Like other sort options, selecting this while holding down the Alt/Option key will reverse the sort order.

5. The Photographer's Favorite ("F" key toggle) thumbnail tag icon has been changed to a "thumbs up" symbol (it was previously a star which is now used for the new rating system).

6. You can use the new "Rotate Crop 90" tool (when in Cropping view) or the Rotate Crop 90 menu command (under Edit Menu) to rotate the current crop by 90 degrees.


The template editor has been redesigned to make it easier to design templates with precise alignment and spacing. New features include:

1. GUIDES. You can add both vertical and horizontal guides. These can be relative to the left or right, top or bottom edges. You add a guide by dragging from the top-left or bottom-right corners. By default, guides are relative to the corner that they are dragged from. However, you can swap sides by Alt/Option-clicking on the guide handle. When mousing over a guide handle or dragging it, the distance to the relevant edge will be shown next to the guide handle.

You can use the Show Guides button to hide/show guides. When they are shown, guides act as snap points (if you have snap set to Snap to Edges/Guides or Snap to Guides Only). Also, the Align and Extend tools will use the nearest guides beyond the currently selected item(s) as an endpoint.

Guide positions are saved with template. A set of guides on a template can also be saved as the "default set" using the right-click option on the Show Guides tool button. These will be automatically added to any templates without any guides. You can also use the "Load from Default" right-click option to change an existing set of template guides to the current default set. Your default set of guides will be saved in your Preferences.

When dragging Guides, they automatically snap to 0.125" (1/8") or 1mm increments depending on your Working Units preference settings. Pressing the Control key while dragging a guide will turn off this snapping.

You can use the G key to Show/Hide the Guides on the current template.

2. SNAP TOOL BEHAVIOR. You can set snap to be Off, Grid, Edges & Guides, Guides Only using the top left toolbar buttons. The "S" keyboard shortcut moves to the next snap option. When dragging an opening with snapping turned on, snapping occurs on the corner or edge which is closest to your mouse-down position. A cyan indicator arrow indicates the snapping corner or edge.

Temporary snap points are displayed on the edges of the template marking the midpoints between surrounding items.

3. GRID. You can use top toolbar buttons to select to Hide, Show Grid Behind or Show Grid in Front. The "R" keyboard shortcut moves to the next grid option. Right-clicking on any of the Grid buttons shows a popup menu where you can set the grid size from a list of common sizes or select a custom one. The last used grid size will be saved with the template.

The current Grid size is displayed below the design area.

4. MEASUREMENTS. Turning measurements on displays the distances around the selected items (or selected group of items) to the "Closest Items" (edges, sides or guides). Alternatively, you can set this to "Measurements to Edges or Guides" to show the overall position or the items.

If you click Measurements to Edges or Guides with the Alt/option key down and have selected more than one item, the spacing between the items is shown if not zero. This function is useful for checking those adjacent touching items that are exactly touching.

Hint: You can use Distribute Vertically or Distribute Vertically with Auto-Spacing off to readjust all opening to be exactly touching.

You can use the M key to toggle the current measurements settings on or off.

5. AUTO-SPACING. The Auto-Spacing feature lets you lock a specific space between openings or graphics blocks. When turned on, snapping changes to the edges of the closest object is offset by the selected space. With Auto-Spacing on, Snap lines change to orange color, and space adjacent to the closest items is displayed in orange. You can temporarily disable Auto-Spacing snap, by holding down the Alt/Option key while dragging an opening.

When Auto-Spacing is on, the Extend tools will maintain the selected spacing to the nearest object, and the Distribute and Space Evenly tools will use the selected spacing.

Right-clicking on the Auto-Spacing button show a popup menu where you can set the spacing size from a list of common sizes or select a custom one. The default spacing is 1/8" (0.125") or 5mm. The used spacing is saved with the template.

The current Auto-Spacing size (and on/off status) is shown below the design area.

If an opening is tilted, the outer bounding box is used as the snapping edge.

When Auto-Spacing is turned on an set to a value greater than zero, the arrow keys will nudge the selected items by the spacing amount. When Auto-Spacing is off the arrow keys nudge by 1/8" or 2mm. If you hold the shift key down, this changes this to 1/2" or 10mm.

6. ALIGNMENT TOOLS (Right-hand Toolbar). When two or more openings are selected, you can use the Align Left, Right, Top, and Bottom tools to move all selected opening so that the nominated edges align. Holding the Alt/Option key down while using these changes to Extend Align, which extends the selected opening in the selected direction to match the alignment without moving any other sides. Holding both the Alt/Option AND Shift key causes the opening to be extended to align in the selected direction and the opposite direction. eg Alt/Option + Shift + Align Top will light all selected opening to the highest top edge and lowest bottom edges of the selected openings.

Likewise, you can use the Distribute Vertically and Distribute Horizontally tools to evenly spread the selected opening between the template edges or closest guides. All openings will be adjusted to be the same height (if distributing vertically) or width (if distributing horizontally). If Auto-Spacing is on, then the current spacing will be set between each opening otherwise, the spacing will be zero (they will touch).

Use the tools with the Alt/Opt key down to invoke the Space Vertically and Space Horizontally tools. These preserve the current opening sizes and adjust the spacing between them to be the selected spacing setting (if Auto-Spacing is on).

You can also use the Extend Left, Right, Top, and Bottom tools to extend the selected openings until they meet another opening (or the set spacing from that opening if Auto-Spacing is on), a guide or an edge. All the Openings will end up aligned on the side being extended.

All Alignment tools can also be accessed by right-clicking on a selected opening(s) and choosing from the popup menu.

7. EXPAND/SHRINK. The Selected Opening will be expanded evenly by the set amount or shrunk if a negative number is entered. This can be used to create a graphic block that is precisely set to a size larger than the opening, which it sits behind.

8. OPENING ORDER. The Bring Opening Forward and Send Opening Back tools shift the order of the selected opening one position forward or backward. (#1 is always at the back). Holding the Alt/Option key down while clicking these changes these operations to Bring to Front and Send to Back, respectively.

The Reorder All Openings button sets the order of all opening, starting with those closest to the top-left corner. Holding the Alt/Option ket swaps the starting position to the bottom-right corner. Holding the Shift key down makes the largest opening the #1, and the remaining ones are numbered from top-left or bottom-right.

9. UNDO/REDO. Multi-level Undo and Redo commands are available using keyboard shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl-Z and SHIFT-Cmd/Ctrl-Z, respectively, or the buttons at the bottom of the window.

10. COPY & PASTE OPENINGS. You can use Cmd/Ctrl-C and Cmd/Ctrl-V to copy and past the currently selected Openings into the same template or another one.

11. REMOVING OPENINGS. You can use the delete key to remove the currently selected openings or the Remove Openings Tool Button (trash can). You can delete all openings but need to add back at least one opening (or graphics block) before you can save the template.

12. ROTATED OPENINGS. Use the "Rotate 180" checkbox in the Template Data area to set the opening so that images added to it are automatically rotated. This can be used when designing templates for card products with a horizontal fold.

Large-sized layouts and book pages show "180" in the center of any empty openings which are set to Rotate 180.

13. EXTENDED WORK AREA. You can extend the design area by hiding both the template list on the left side and the template data area on the right side using the disclosure arrows at the top.

14. GRAPHICS BLOCKS. You can change an opening to/from a graphics block using the Graphics Block checkbox in the properties area when one or more openings are selected or using the right-hand toolbar button.

15. COMPOSITE TYPE. Select whether a template is a Composite or Traditional Matted type using the "C" and "TM" buttons at the top right.

16. HINTS and Options. Buttons with a right-hand side disclosure arrow can be right-clicked to show additional options. Buttons whose action can be modified by holding down the Alt/Option key show a hover hint with

Normal Function
[Alt/Opt] Alternate function

17. SELECTIONS. Selected items are displayed with a solid light cyan fill color. When selecting multiple items, a bounding box is now displayed around the entire selection with corner and side center drag handles.

You can drag a marquee over a number of opening to select those touching the marquee or the standard Shift-click or Cmd/Ctrl-options.

You can click on the handles to resize the entire selection the same way as with individual openings. Use the Shift-key when starting to drag to maintain the same aspect ratio. By default, the current spacing between the selected items is kept at the same size, with only the openings being resized. However, you can hold down the Alt/Option key when starting to drag to resize both the openings and spaces between by the same proportion.

You can use the Keyboard Shortcut Cmd/Ctrl-A to select all opening and Cmd/Ctrl-D to unselect any selected opening.

18. HIGHER PRECISION positions. Templates are now saved with up to 8 significant decimal digits for all position and size values to maintain accurate positioning when saved and loaded.

19. CHECKING SPACING. If you click the Measurements to Closest items while holding down the Alt/Option key and have more than one item selected. The distance between those items and the selection bounds will be displayed in green boxes. If any two items are touching with no gap, then no measurement is shown. If the gap is less than 0.01 units then "0.01" is displayed. You can turn this option off by clicking on any of the Show Measurements buttons again.

20. The minimum template opening size is 10mm or 0.4"

21. NUDGING WITH KEYBOARD. The keyboard arrow keys can be used to nudge the position of the selected openings. If you have Auto-Spacing turned on, each press will move the selected items by the set Auto-Spacing value.

Otherwise, each press will move by 1/8” (2mm, if metric units) or, with the Shift key down, by 1/2” (10mm).

22. In the Template Editor, holding shift key down will click the Save button will immediate save the changes to the ProSelect Data file rather then when the window is closed.


1. In the Setup Rooms window, when in Calibrate mode (the rule icon) and you are dragging the ends of the ruler, a circular magnified view at the end of the ruler makes it easier to precisely align with objects in the room. Just place the center of the crosshairs on the edge of the item that you are measuring.

2. In Working with Rooms, the slideshow view icon has been replaced by a new "Close-up Room View" option. When clicked, the currently selected items in the room (or all items if none selected) are enlarged to within the display area size with the room still shown in the background.

3. In Select Size View and Close-up Room view, if you have multiple items displayed then select fewer items, you can now click on the Select Size View or Close-up Room view icons again to update the Display Area to just show the selected items.

4. In Show Rooms View, you can use the new "Adjust Wall Grouping" toolbar control for this function. Right-clicking on this tool also gives you access to the Separate Wall Grouping command. These two options can still be accessed from the popup menu when you right-click on a Wall Grouping.

5. The Exporting Sample Room Images setup window now includes the option to "Add Sizes Legend". Select this to have the exported image widened to include a legend. This will show numbered placements of all the items in the room, along with a list of their overall dimensions (including any mats or frames). If you have more than one piece, the overall size of the Wall design is also included. Exported Room images are named using the Album name plus the Room Name.


1. Slideshow Styles now allows you to set your slideshows to include any applied Mats and Frames around the images during the slideshow. This is set up under the Advanced Tab -> in the Options area.


1. If you have enabled Product codes (Preferences -> Pricing & Ordering -> Product codes), then any product codes are now included in the last column when you export the Order Report in CSV format. These are added to column N replacing previous Order Notes.

2. Added to option to include notes when you export the Order Report in CSV format. This option can be selected in the Preferences (Pricing & Ordering -> Settings -> Export Orders Options > CSV Format: Include Image, Layout & Order Notes). Because you can't include commas or carriage returns in the exported notes, these characters are replaced with dashes periods and spaces. These are added to column O.

3. The Setup Tax window layout now makes it clearer that the option for "Price List Items include Tax" in only for some non-US countries.


1. To prevent errors, when Sending a Book to Production, any pages from the selected book already in Production are automatically removed when sending them again. Also, you can no longer just Send Selected Pages to Production.

2. When Sending Books to Production, the displayed name in the Production window now shows (L), (R), or (DS) to indicate the page side or if a double-spread.

3. In Working with Books, Show Pages view and Thumbnail view now display the pages with any bleed removed. In Show Pages view, the gutter area is drawn as a dark grey transparent vertical bar over the gutter part of the page. The bleed/gutter size is set by the Book Design used. In Cropping View, the entire page is shown with bleed lines as cyan-colored dashed lines match those in Working with Layouts.

4. When using Export -> Selected Sample Book Pages, you can combine separate left and right side pages into spreads. The export dialog had been redesigned for this specific export operation.

5. The Book Report setup window now has the option to include the Book Name and assigned Book Design on the report.

6. When designing Composite Books, by default, ProSelect is now using "Bleed-Smart" algorithms to dynamically adjust the size and position of elements in any template added to your books.

This option is enabled by default in the latest version but can be turned off in Preferences -> General Settings -> Templates, Rooms & Books -> Book Design Options. When enabled, the current fitting option in Thumbnail view shows "(Bleed Smart)" after the option name.

When enabled, any newly added templates are scaled to fit within the final page space (within any bleed and gutter restrictions). Any elements that are touching the edge of the template are extended to the outside edges past any bleed or gutter lines. "Bleed Smart" will thus maintain any surrounding space around the openings in the template while ensuring the openings or graphics blocks intended to run into the bleed or gutter areas still do so.

Page layouts will also be dynamically readjusted when your pages change sides (such as when inserting or removing pages in the book) as well as when rotating or flipping pages horizontally or switching to a different Book Design.

7. To prevent unintended errors, when changing the Book Design of a book that has already been Sent to Production, a warning message is now displayed that the book will be removed from Production and that you will need to send it to Production again.

8. Book Designs now allow you to select how double-spreads pages are produced through High-Res Production. The options are to exported the pages "As Designed" (a mix of single and double-spread pages), "Split into Single pages" (as in previous versions), or "Combine into Double-Spreads". This last option will combine any single-sided book pages in a double-spread book into one double-spread output file. This allows you to combine, on output, pages with different Inner Mat Designs and Overlay images on each side of the page, which you can't do within ProSelect.

The option to split-pages has been removed from the Production Preferences.

9. In the Edit Book Designs window, deleting a book design now leaves the next one selected, and you can now select and delete multiple book designs at the same time provide you least at least one remaining and none of the select designs are currently being used in the album.

10. In the Edit Book Designs window, you can now export and import book designs as CSV format file by clicking on the Import and Export buttons while holding down the Alt/Option Key.

To Lock the CSV imported items, also hold down the SHIFT key.

When exporting, the file includes a header line for each column, and this can be used as a spreadsheet "template" for making changes in a spreadsheet. When importing the Supplier column (1) is prepended to the design name. When exporting, the working units (inches/mm) are used. When importing, ProSelect assumes that the CSV file units are the same as the working units (inches/mm).

11. The Book Designs window now shows the total number of designs loaded under the list box.

12. When Working with Layouts or Books, ProSelect now remembers the Templates names of the last three edited templates and allow you to quickly swap an existing layout or book page to one of these by choosing Swap Template to... from the right-click popup menu when you click on the layout or page in Thumbnail view or Show Layouts/Pages Views. This allows you to quickly create a new version of an existing template by opening the layout/page's associated template in the Template Editor, duplicating the template, modifying it, and then swapping layout/page to the new version.

13. Book Pages (and Layouts) are now drawn with double precision for finer accuracy display within ProSelect.

14. The Setup Book Design window layout has been redesigned to give more space for longer book design names. It can also now we resized width-wise.

15. In Working with Books, the Book Design size and type are no longer added after the Book Design name in the top bar when in Thumbnail view. Rather, it is now displayed in the top right of the Info bar in this view.


1. The Preferences option (under Importing Images) to "Always Reload when Re-linking" has been removed as this is now the only setting available in the High-Res Production window. The menu option to "Reset All Production Links" has been removed from the Production menu as it is no longer needed.

2. You can now select an alternative RAW file editor in the Preferences other than Photoshop or Lightroom. To work, the selected editor must support opening an image using the OpenDocument system call. See the Reference Manual for more information. With another RAW editor selected, the keyboard shortcuts move to that editor.

3. When Exporting a Production Package, you can now separately select whether to include Ordered Print Images and Ordered Digital files in the exported Package Folder. You can select to include Original Images and Raw images for these items.

4. When Exporting a Production Package, you now have the option to include high-res copies of all used resources images with your Exported Production Package. This option creates an additional "Production Resources" folder with the images in the same subfolders structure as the standard ProSelect Resources folder. Then when using a "Production" Album to run High-Res Production, ProSelect will automatically use these files. If not found, it is will look in your ProSelect Resources folder. This allows production staff to build complex layouts and mats using a Production Album without needing to have all the same image resources set up on their computers.

5. The new Export -> Lightroom Filename List (under File menu) allows you quickly create a Lightroom compatible search list of a range of images in the current album file. This includes the currently selected images, the images in the current tab and set, ordered images (with and without digital file orders), ordered digital files and images in the currently selected book. You can either copy this to the clipboard or export the list to a file if you wish to transfer it to another computer.

6. High-Res production now uses double-precision positioning for improved accuracy when creating products with touching edges.

7. Added a new High-Res Production Folder name option of Album Name with Date Prefix. The date is in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, so it can be easily sorted in Finder (on Macs) or File Explorer (on Windows).

8. The preview images in the High-Res Production window now displays any bleed and gutter lines (a set in the Book Design) on selected composite book pages.

9. The new Print Production Images Report (under File Menu) provides a sorted list of all the images used in Ordered Prints, Digital Files, Layouts as well as Album Books. Any notes attached to the images are also included in the report. You have the option to only include images that have notes, large small or no thumbnails, and whether the thumbnails are shown cropped or full frame.

10. Added the option to the Export Production Package window to include a text-only version of the "Production Images Report". You can use the associated Setup window to select the items that you wish to include in the report.

11. When running Production on any composite book pages, all images are now exported to a separate output subfolder whose name is a combination of the book name plus the book design name. The image file names are always shown as "Side X" or "Side X-Y".

12. Original Images -> Reload Selected Retouched Images (under Album menu) has been changed to Reload Selected Edited Images. It works the same as before looking for the newest version of the image with either jpg, tif or psd types. In the Production window, have similarly renamed Re-link Relink buttons to "Reload Just Edited" and "Reload All Edited".


1. Added to new option (in Preferences > General > Integration) so that each time an album is opened that is linked to a StudioCloud invoice, it checks to see if any payments have been added to the invoice that are not in ProSelect and prompts if you wish to add these.

This preference setting would be used on sales machines to ensure all deposits are included prior to building the order.

2. When invoices are sent to StudioCloud, it now checks for additional payments and prompts you to add those against the current ProSelect order.


1. [FIX] - If you change a layout type (eg from Traditional Matted to Composite or vica versa), the $ thumbnail tag is now correctly updated depending on whether you have the new type in your price list.

2. [FIX] - When creating Gallery Wraps with an Inner Mat through High-Res Production, the sizes added into the filename and the subfolder name now match the overall image size rather than being the width of the Inner Mat larger than it actually is.

3. [FIX] - When importing a StudioCloud Invoice, ProSelect now correctly picks up non-taxable items on invoices containing a mix of taxable and non-taxable items. It now also imports the line item's name rather than its description.

4. [FIX] - In the Template editor, the buttons for adding Mats and Frames now left-align when the Template List is hidden.

5. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, if an opening is selected, which is underneath another opening, clicking on the hidden part of the selected opening again to move or resize it, no longer changes the selection to the topmost opening.

6. [FIX] - When importing a batch of images into ProSelect, they are now sorted in the sort order specified in your Preferences (Importing Images) prior to being added to the album. This means that second and subsequent batch imports will now also be sorted then added to the end of any existing images in the album file.

7. [FIX] - When saving, ProSelect no longer reports that the album file has been taken over by someone else if the name of your computer changes while a ProSelect album is open. This can happen on OSX if your network connection changes while ProSelect is open.

8. [FIX] - When applying a Perfectly Clear preset in Production, if there is a problem trying to convert from the working color space (sRGB) to back to the original image's embedded color profile, ProSelect will now use the Default Color Profile (as setup in the Preferences -> Display -> Color Management). This allows retouching presets to be applied to images from an iPhone which use Apple's "one-way only" color profiles.

9. [FIX] - Color correction is no longer incorrectly re-applied after applying a Perfectly Clear preset within ProSelect if the last imported image was in a color space other than sRGB.

10. [FIX] - When duplicating a Book Design, any gutter values are now copied across to the new book design.

11. [FIX] - Column formatting for Exported Orders in CSV format is no longer broken if you have added a multi-line Order Note an order item.

12. [FIX] - In Setup Notes, when adding a new note if you don't enter any contents and click Save Changes, your entered title text is copied into the contents. You can no longer save a note if there is nothing entered in the note's title box.

13. [FIX] - In the Edit Book Designs window, when exporting selected book designs, the default filename no longer has two file extensions.

14. [FIX] - No longer gives an error (or results in empty folders) when exporting files in a production package when two different source folders have the same name.

15. [FIX] - Not longer give an out-of-bounds error if you use Undo after changing a template on a layout or book page to a new template with fewer openings.

16. [FIX] - The Install 2020r1 Default Resources window (File Menu -> ProSelect Data) now allows you to add any missing Book Designs.

17. [FIX] - When exporting Collections, clicking on an item row no longer sets the checkbox on that row. You can now select multiple rows and check/uncheck all those rows by changing just one-row checkbox.

18. [FIX] - When updating payments from SC, only previously been exported payments will be removed payments. Any payments that have not yet been exported to StudioCloud are no longer deleted.

19. [FIX] - The Manage Resources window for Mat Background images, now correctly shows which resource images that have been used in at least one Mat.

20. [FIX] - Not long gives an ExtendScript error and stops Production when splitting double-spread book pages under some circumstances.

21. [FIX] - Replaced all references to Lightroom 2 & 3 with Lightroom Classic.

22. [FIX] - The Make High-Res Images button is now disabled while Production is running to prevent you from accidentally clicking on it more than once, which could cause an error.

23. [FIX] - When replacing a template in a layout or book page and transferring the images from the old template to the new template, the flipped horizontal state of any openings to is now copied to the new layout.

24. [FIX] - When in Working with Books (Show pages view), the navigation buttons are now always enabled to you can use this to move to next and previous pages.

25. [FIX] - When setting up a Custom Traditional Matted Layout the default paper size is based off the #1 opening size rather than the overall size.

26. [FIX][MAC] - ProSelect now detects different versions of Photoshop and changes how it communicates with Photoshop accordingly so that it can connect correctly to all version from CS6 to CC 2020. This resolves previous issue with opening RAW image in Photoshop CC 2020.

27. [FIX] - When using the Lightroom Plugin, you can now do an Update (Reloaded Edited) while the High-Res Production window is open in ProSelect. This will update the images list and any preview image.

28. [FIX][WIN] - The About ProSelect window now open immediately rather than waiting until all the Helper apps have responded. The Help App status's are displayed when available.

29. [FIX] - After changing the name of a template in the Template Editor, the title bar of the Editor window is now immediately update with the new name.

30. [FIX] - When saving book pages as templates, any images in the openings are no longer shown in the template's thumbnail image.

31. [FIX] - New ProSelect empty albums are no longer set to "Unsaved" after the first auto backup is done. This could stop you from adding image via the Lightroom Plug-in.

32. [FIX] - When applying a Custom Effect, if any of the images have already been ordered, a warning is shown that the ordered images will be updated. You now have the option to proceed anyway, cancel or duplicate the ordered images before applying the effect.

33. [FIX] - The Manage Resources window for Shape files no longer allows you to add .psd or .png files. The only allowed file type is .jpg.

34. [FIX] - When removing a file in the Manage Resources window for Shape files, if the the Shape Image file has an associated image (such as a psd), you now have the option to Cancel the operation (as well as delete the associate image or not).

35. [FIX] - Removed 1 pixel gap between single sided book pages in Working with Books, Show pages view.

36. [FIX] - The Manage Resources -> Shapes window now shows which jpgs are being used as clipping masks on any templates.

37. [FIX] - When Importing a Collection, any frames with a decimal point in the frame file name (in addition the one in the frame width area) no longer have their frame filename truncated.

38. [FIX] - In Setup Frames window, when changing the name of the frame group, you are now asked if you also wish to update all the frame price groups or not.

39. [FIX] [MAC] - Overlay images from imported PSD files are now saved with the correct sRGB color space when converted to PNG files. This stops a color shift when loading overlay images for viewing in ProSelect.

40. [FIX] - Template Manager's template preview now matches that of templates in Working with Layouts (the mat area is shown as mid-gray rather than white).

41. [FIX] - Slideshow styles imported from a Collection can now be selected for use in a slideshow.

42. [FIX] - When deleting a slideshow style, the next style is automatically selected unless you are at the bottom of the list in which case the previous one is selected.

44. [FIX] - Template shape masks now correctly clip out any graphics blocks within the template.

45. [FIX] - In the Template editor, you can now adjust width or height of mulitple hexagon shaped openings.

46. [FIX] - You can now import a Collection containing only title slides.

47. [FIX] - In the Template editor, clicking Apply Changes with the Alt/Option key down to change the scaling no longer moves openings positions. This function now also works if the template includes openings with Shapes.

48. [FIX] - When Reseting to Default Setup, the default frames are now installing before the default mats to ensure any fillets in the Mat Designs are correctly setup.

49. [FIX][WIN] - No longer crashes when opening a popup menu with a very large number of items in the list (more than 400!).

50. [FIX] - In Working with Rooms, the Select Size view (and new Close-up Room View) icons in the toolbar are now disabled when there are no items in the currently selected room.

Minor Release Changes

2020r1.1 - September 15, 2020

1. [FIX]- Re-arranged the Template Editor's controls to allow the minimum window size to be reduced by 40 pixels to fit on some smaller screens.

2. [FIX] - When Exporting Sample Room Images, the default displayed export size now shows as the size of the imported room image rather than the current screen size.

3. [FIX] - When Exporting sample rooms, no longer overwrites existing images (if this is not selected) if you have chosen to prepend a sequence number.

4. [FIX] - No longer re-build low-resource images when you are using Reset to Default Setup or adding current version resources if already up to date.

5. [FIX] - The Export Sample Images/Layouts/Rooms dialog output size description has been updated to reflect better what will happen.

6. [FIX] - Added the latest French Translations.

7. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, the "snap to" pointer is no longer shown when "snap to grids and guides" is turned off.

8. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, the grid size now shows up to three decimal places in the bottom right display area.

9. [FIX] - Working with Layouts, Cropping view now correctly displays openings for Gallery Wrap templates.

10. [FIX] - When turned on, the Protect Images Stamp is now also applied to images that are zoomed in.

2020r1.2 - October 9, 2020

1. [FIX][WIN] - Export Lightroom Filename list now includes comma separators rather than end-of-line characters.

2. [FIX] - Updated the Slideshow Favorites Album Set icon to use the new "thumbs up" symbol.

3. [FIX] - The Presentation Options window can now be resized vertically.

4. [FIX] - No longer showing auto-center hints when moving items around in Working with Rooms.

5. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, the maximum size that you can set the Auto-Spacing value to is now 25" or 30% of the template's shortest side length.

6. [FIX] - Close-up Room View now displays the same on the second screen when you have Mirror Display Area turned on.

7. [FIX] - Removed Shift + 1-5, 0 & ~ keyboard shortcuts for setting star ratings from beta test version. (The ones to use are the menu shortcut keys: Cmd/Ctrl 0-5).

8. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, manually entering a tilt value to an opening that touches the bottom edge of the template area now keeps the opening center in the same position rather than moving it away from the bottom edge. You can now also drag part of a titled opening beyond the template's top and left edges.

9. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, you can now undo changes to the Tilt of an opening.

10. [FIX] - The Album is no longer marked as "un-saved" after starting a new album if you had added a new room to the previous album file and not saved the album file.

11. [FIX] - When designing books, Smart bleed is automatically disabled when adding a template with an overlay image or clipping image to prevent the opening positions from shifting relative to the overlay or clipping images.

12. [FIX] - In Working with Books, the thumbnails for newly added book pages are now drawn with the default white mat to reflect how they appear when viewed as a full-sized page.

13. [FIX] - In Working with Rooms, in Grid view when dragging items, the relevant grid snap corner is now indicated by a cyan arrow the same way as in the Template Editor.

14. You can now use the ESC key to return to the thumbnail view when previewing a single slide in Working with Slideshows.

15. [FIX][MAC] - No longer displays additional random data after the path location when selecting to open a recent album that has been moved to the trash.

16. [FIX] - In Working with Books, the thumbnails of composite pages are now drawn correctly positioned when the template's aspect ratio does not exactly match that of the Book Design.

17. [FIX][MAC] - Fixed an issue that prevented ProSelect from launching and communicating with Photoshop on some OSX Catalina machine configurations.

18. When exporting Sample Room Images, if only one room is selected, you can now choose the exported image's filename. In this case, the "Files & Filenames" group box in the export window is disabled as these controls don't apply. If multiple rooms are selected, you can only choose the destination folder, and the exported images will be named the same as room names.

19. [FIX] - In Working with Rooms, Select size view no longer cuts of the outer edges of the items being displayed if the screen size is too small to display them at actual size.

20 .[FIX] - In Working with Rooms, Select Size view, you can once again select this view with the Alt/Option key down to scale the selected items to fit within the display area.

2020r1.3 - November 10, 2020

1. Added Menu Keyboard Shortcut: Shift-CMD/Ctrl-E for Export Selected Sample Room images.

2. Assigned menu keyboard shortcuts: Shift + T,S,C,V to change to Thumbnail, Show, Crop, and Select size views, respectively.

3. [FIX] - In the Template Editor, you can now undo changing the opening shape mask, opacity, swap to/from Graphics Block, No Mat Border, and Rotate 180 actions.

4. [FIX][WIN] - In the Template Manager, the hint text now correctly shows Alt-drag row rather than Option-drag row to change the order of items in the list box.

5. [FIX] - When using View -> Show Images Two up, the right-arrow key action no longer stops working under some circumstances.

6. [FIX][MAC]- Option-Tab once again hides/shows the Info bar.

7. [FIX] - Shift + 1-3 once again swaps to the Yes, Maybe, or No tabs in the Image List, respectively when using standard English language keyboards.

8. If you have extended your TimeExposure PLUS, your new PLUS expiry date is now automatically updated in ProSelect the next time your ProSelect Messages are checked.

9. In High-Res Production window, you can once again click the ReLoad Edited and ReLoad All buttons while holding down the Alt/Option key to changes these to a Re-link Only action.

10. [MAC] - When loading PSD files, ProSelect now checks if the files import as all black or all white and gives you a warning message that you may not have set up Photoshop to save PSD files with the "Maximize Compatibility" option.

11. [FIX] - When Exporting Select Sample Room Images, the optional legend now includes the print/layout sizes in addition to overall sizes (with any added mat or frame) for each item in the room.

12. [FIX] - In High-Res Production, using Reloading Edited for digital file orders now correctly updates the image rotation when the edited image has already applied this rotation.

13. [FIX] - In Working with Slideshows, the View menu now shows "Show Slides" (instead of "Show Book Pages").

14. [FIX] - When importing images from a Watch folder, you now have the option to increase the "download complete" delay time from 3 to 5 or 7 seconds if you transferring large camera files or using a slower connection method from your camera.

15. [FIX] - When Reloading Edited images, the "Album will be Saved" dialog's OK button is the default, as is the "Start Reload" button on the re-apply presets and actions dialog. Both these button actions can be selected using the Return key.

16. [FIX][MAC] - When opening a single RAW file in Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CC 2020, any associated XMP file is now also correctly loaded by ACR.

17. [FIX] - Sending or removing a book from Production now sets the album state to be Unsaved.

18. [FIX] - Frame pricing calculations in the Add Custom Products for Images window no longer show a slightly lower price in some circumstances (due to rounding down calculation error).

19. [FIX] - When loading an album, if some invalid order items, missing production book pages are removed or template ids corrected, the album is now marked as unsaved.

20. [FIX] - When exporting Sample Room Images, the legend now also shows the print/layout sizes in addition to overall sizes for each item in rooms.

21. [FIX][MAC] - Changed the way the watch folder checks for updated files to avoid intermittent issues with new versions of OSX caching the contents of the folder.

22. [FIX] - When restoring saved dialog window sizes and positions, ProSelect no longer updates the size of any non-resizable windows. This prevents incorrect window sizes if there has been a design change in the window's size between versions.

23. [FIX] - In Working with Books, thumbnail view, you can once again drag selected pages with the Alt/Option key down and drop onto another book icon to copy the selected pages into the new book.

24. [FIX] - In Working with Books, Thumbnail view, the selection rectangle shown around openings when Alt/Option-dragging to swap images between book pages is no longer offset by the size of the gutter/bleed.

25. [FIX] - When installing the Lightroom Plugin from within ProSelect, if the Modules folder doesn't exist, rather than failing to install the plugin, the folder will be automatically created.


2020r1.4 - January 12, 2021

1. [FIX] - Updated Photoshop IDs to include the new Photoshop 2021 (version 22.x).

2. [FIX] - Wall Grouping Layouts no longer sometimes display with a light grey or black 1-pixel border on some edges in Working with Layouts and Working with Rooms. This was more noticeable on white backgrounds on non-retina/hi-dpi screens.

3. [FIX] - Composite Layouts now correctly display with a mat overlap when a non-virtual Surrounding Mat is added. Note: This may be different from what is produced through High-Res Production if you later decide to order the mat as a Virtual Mat rather than a Traditional Matted Mat.

4. [FIX] - The Mat Overlap amount is now correctly printed on Ordered Mats Report when outside mats are ordered on Composite Layouts.

5. [FIX] - In Working with Rooms, the arrow buttons on either side of the Matt and Frame icons on the left-hand side of the Info bar are now visible and operational when you select a print in the room.

6. [FIX] - If images are selected in Working with Images and you change to Working with Layouts, the images now remain selected in the Image List.

7. [FIX][WIN] - Operating System popups menus now no longer appear on the wrong screen when you have two screens set up with different scaling factors and the main window is on the second screen.

8. [FIX] - In Working with Books, if a layout is updated with a different template that has fewer openings than the original layout and the Image List filter is set to "Hide Used Images", the images which were not copied to the updated layout are now be shown in the filtered Image List.

9. [FIX] - The error message when is shown when ProSelect is unable to open an album file when the file contains an invalid album version number now refers you to the KnowledgeBase article on Repairing ProSelect Album files.

10. [FIX] - When closing an album without saving, you are no longer warned to save the album after using Original Images -> Copy xxx to... commands (under the Album menu). This message is shown if you have moved the images instead of copying them.

11. [MAC] - When running on OSX 10.14 or newer, if there is an error trying to connect to Photoshop then a dialog will now display with instructions to allow Automation and includes a shortcut button to open the System Preferences -> Security & Privacy window to allow you to do this.

12. [MAC] - When running on OSX 10.15 or newer, a new Help menu option has been added which opens a dialog window with instructions on how to allow Full Disk Access. A shortcut button in the dialog will open the System Preferences -> Security & Privacy window to make this easier to access.

13. [FIX][WIN] - The Perfectly Clear Helper App now converts 16-bit images into 8-bit images before getting Perfectly Clear to apply the presets. (v1.0.12) because it does not support 16-bit images.


2020r1.5 - March 11, 2021

1. [FIX] - Downloading TX PLUS Music no longer exits the download when it comes across a missing music track. Instead, it now shows a warning message and allows you to continue downloading any remaining tracks in the group.

2. [FIX][WIN] - Fixed all windows (including the Export Production Package window) that may work erroneously if you tried to close the window by clicking the X button instead of the Cancel button.

3. [FIX] - If all your selected layouts are based on the same template, you can now order them all together using the Quick Order popup menu (right-click on the Shopping Cart icon in the right-hand toolbar).

4. [FIX] - If you have Taxes disabled in ProSelect and are opening an album that has tax applied to an order, you will now be prompted to re-enable taxes.

5. [FIX] - The warning icons in Working with Slideshows now use the same graphic.

6. [FIX] - In Working with Slideshows, the Video Options popup menu no longer draws an extra line on the righthand side.

7. [FIX] - When producing images for a Traditional Matted Book page, the side number is now correctly added as a prefix to the output image filename when you have selected this in High-Res Production Preferences.

8. [FIX] - Changed all text references from "on-line" to "online".

9. When searching TX PLUS music, you can now search for by music Type being vocals only, instrumentals only, or both.

10. [FIX] - When you replace a report logo with a new one of the same name, the new image now takes effect immediately rather than requiring a restart of the software.

11. [FIX] - ProSelect now supports the latest secure internet connection protocols (https:) to prevent some ISPs blocking data returned to ProSelect when getting messages, activating the software, and searching for/downloading PLUS Music.

12. [FIX] - When exporting Mat Designs with a Graphic Block using an image (Mat) background, the resource image file is now included in the exported .TPK when "Include Photoshop Files" is selected.

13. [FIX] - By default, automatic price calculations now include the size of any applied Surrounding Mat. If you wish to exclude this, then uncheck the "Include Surrounding Mat space" option in the Print or Layout Extras. When NOT enabled, the relevant pricing calculation will display with "(-SM)" at the end.

14. [FIX] - Improved the precision when drawing thin keylines in Mat Designs to prevent possible one-pixel gaps between the keyline and the edges of an image when displayed in ProSelect or exported using High-Res Production.

15. [FIX] - ProSelect now ignores open document events (such as double-clicking on an Album file from the Finder or File Explorer) when the Pretouch Images window is open.

16. [FIX] - When using Save Templates from Selected Layouts, the thumbnail images of the selected layouts are correctly displayed after changing Working with modes and back again.

17. You can now recreate a Wall Grouping template from an exploded Gallery Wrap Layout provided all the layout parts have the same overlap, only one opening, and none have assigned shapes masks or overlay images.

18. [FIX] - Print and Layout Extras, by default, now include the size of any applied Surrounding Mat in any automatic pricing methods. You can turn this off when setting up your pricing if you wish.

19. ProSelect now checks two separate server locations for links to access server-based actions (such as activation, registration, and messages) to provide additional redundancy in case of any future network or server access issues.

20. ProSelect now captures, displays, and saves any errors returned when processing pretouching presets using the Perfectly Clear Libraries both within ProSelect and during High-Res Production. Warning symbols are shown in the Pretouch Images window and Info Bar. Affected images Thumbnail tags are shown in red, and the error code is shown in the Image Info window. For more information, refer to the updated ProSelect Reference Manual and the KnowledgeBase article "Perfectly Clear Error Codes."

21. You can now use Undo to restore deleted slideshow elements in Working with Slideshows, Thumbnail view.

22. [FIX][MAC] - Exported movies now honor the video sound settings in ProSelect when you have more than one music track synched and the video is located after the second music track starts.

23. ProSelect now checks for missing output files after Production is completed and shows a warning if the expected files is not saved by Photoshop.

24. [FIX][WIN] - In the High-Res production window, copyright stamps are now applied to digital images when you select this option. This problem was caused by a Windows control focus issue.

25. [FIX] - Popup menus with fixed top rows are now display correctly when they have enough items to make them scrollable.

26. [FIX] - The Failed to run Photoshop Script error dialog now provide more helpful information on solving this problem.

27. [FIX] - No longer fails silently if ProSelect cannot connect to Photoshop when testing or running Custom Effects actions.

28. [FIX][WIN] - In the Preferences, General Settings, the "The Connect to Photoshop with Helper App" checkbox is once again positioned in the Photo Edit control group.

29. [FIX] - The Pretouch Images window now applies any presets to the uncropped images to ensure consistent results when the preset is finally applied in Working with Images.


2020r1.6 - May 12, 2021

1. Added support the new API calls for accessing the TimeExposure PLUS Music and Graphics Libraries. Since ratings are no longer supported in the Libraries, these have been removed in the Search for Music results window. PLUS and lease users will need to upgrade to this version to access these libraries from June 1, 2021.

2. [FIX] - In Working with Layouts and Working with Rooms, the Info Bar now displays the correct overall size of selected layouts that have a wrap or bleed assigned to them.

3. [FIX] - In Working with Rooms, the image tools are now immediately available after adding a print into the room.

4. [FIX] - ProSelect now remembers the location of the last imported frames folder and automatically goes to that folder the next time you choose to import some frames. As before, this setting resets to your Documents folder location the next time you start ProSelect.

5. [FIX] - In the Setup Frames window, when you drag multiple folders into the Frame Resources list, the second and subsequent folders will now also be added.

6. [FIX] - Images that have been flipped horizontally then cropped are now correctly displayed when viewed as Thumbnails, in Rooms, and during the Slideshow. Albums created with earlier versions of ProSelect are automatically updated to fix this issue when first opened into this version.

7. [FIX] - When exporting a Sample Room Images (File Menu -> Export) with a legend attached, the legend contents are now correctly scaled if you export the image at a specified "Size to Fit" size rather than the default Imported Size.

8. [FIX] - The algorithm used to match locked-crop, non-standard sized images to the closest Print Paper Size no longer returns the wrong size in some circumstances.

9. [FIX][MAC] - Now correctly identifies when running on Big Sur and gracefully fails rather than giving a error if you haven't allowed Full Disk Access for operations that require it.

10. [FIX] - If an error occurs after the slideshow has been started, the cursor display is now turned back on.

11. [FIX] - Added additional error check for invalid XML code when importing a Collection with Frames which contains. The offending XML now added to the debug log.

12. [FIX] - In Working with Layouts (Thumbnail View), clicking to show the popup menu for selecting a Template Group no longer gives an error if the selected Template Category has no groups in it.

13. [FIX] - While exporting an order to StudioCloud, the Cancel button is now disabled so you cannot close the window before the process has completed. Doing so would result in an error.

14. [FIX] - No longer gives an error when Undoing the command to add or remove a room item in Select Size View.

15. [FIX][WIN] - Additional error checking while finding the current screen.

16. [FIX] - Additional error checking when checking if the output files already exist when exporting images.

17. [FIX] - Additional error checking when resyncing the main window with mirror screen after changing selected content.

18. [FIX][OSX] - Additional error checking when loading encrypted TXE PLUS audio files.

19. [FIX] - No longer drawing two extraneous light grey or white lines when displaying double mats when the assigned Mat Design uses a solid color in the Inner Mat.

20. You can now create Mat Designs up to 50" wide on each edge!

21. [FIX] - Mats with custom edge sizes now work as expected when displaying overall sizes and are correctly calculated using automated pricing methods. They also are perfectly sized when output using High-Res Production.

22. [FIX] - In Working with Layouts, Select size view, the next layout shown is now automatically selected when using the left/right arrow keys or navigation buttons.

23. [FIX] - Order Summary section in the Order Report now shows the actual number of individual Digital Files rather than the number of ordered Digital File groups.

24. Saved references to file locations (in the album file and in the Preferences) now have improved backward compatibility with future ProSelect releases.

2020r1.7 - May 28, 2021

1. [FIX][MAC] - Exported slideshow movies no longer have missing audio when synched to only one music track. This problem was an unintended side-effect of a previous fix in the 2020r1.5 release.

2. [FIX][MAC] - When exporting a slideshow movie, if the same music track is repeated and music syncing is turned off, then all copies of that music track are now included in the exported movie rather than just the last repeated copy.

3. [FIX] - In Working with Images, using the T keyboard shortcut to swap from Thumbnail view to Show Images view when multiple images are selected now adds a Compare Image Snapshot. Previously, the snapshot was only recorded after double-clicking on the images.

4. [FIX] - No longer displays the items in the wrong order on the mirror display area screen when displaying more than one item at a time.

  KnowledgeBase Article: What's New in 2020r1