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ProSelect on OSX 11 (Big Sur)

Updated November 14, 2020

Apple released Big Sur on November 12, 2020. This new operating system is designed to support both the existing Intel-based Macs and the new Apple Silicon Macs using the M1 processor.

We have only done some preliminary testing of ProSelect on Big Sur (running on an Intel-based Mac) and no testing on Apple Silicon hardware at all (see below). As such, we recommend that ProSelect users do NOT upgrade to Big Sur at this time. 

In general, we always recommend that, as a business, you do NOT upgrade to the first release of any new major OSX versions because inevitably there will be bugs that need to be sorted out which can affect the reliable operation of existing software. 

In theory, versions of ProSelect that will run on OSX 10.15 (Catalina) - namely ProSelect 2019r2 and newer - should run in Big Sur, but as with the release of Catalina, we may come across issues that need to be addressed in a new ProSelect release. If so, depending on timing and the issue, this could be in a ProSelect 2020r1 update or may need to be a later major upgrade.

Despite the above recommendations, if you decide to upgrade your computer to Big Sur and do come across any issues with ProSelect, please let us know by submitting a support ticket. We will try to assist you however this may not be possible until we are able to release a new version of ProSelect.

New Apple Silicon Macs

The new range of Mac computers, recently announced by Apple, that use the new M1 processors, require software applications to be updated and re-compiled to run at full speed on these machines.

The development environment and software libraries that we use for building ProSelect are currently being updated to run these machines. When these are ready, we will be able to release a version of ProSelect that will run natively on this hardware. We anticipate that this will be sometime in the first half of 2021. 

Since ProSelect interacts closely with Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop applications, these applications will also need to be converted to directly support these new machines. Adobe has announced that Native compatibility is planned for 2021.

In theory, software applications compiled for Intel-based processors (all current Mac computers) that are compatible with Big Sur should run in "emulation mode" on Apple Silicon machines. However, likely they will run slower than on current hardware and will require a translation process the first time they are run. (This translation process will be needed for all subsequent updates as well).  

As such, for business users, we recommend that you do NOT purchase these new Macs until all of your critical software has been updated to run natively on these machines.

We will update this article will new information as it comes to hand.


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