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Exported Movie has no sound

This only applies to Mac users with ProSelect 2020r1.5 or 2020r1.6.

One of our users, Sarah, reported this issue and we found it today and are adding a fix into the next update (2020r1.7) which will be released in the next few days after testing.

[FIX] [MAC] - Exported movies no longer have no audio when synched to only one music track. This problem was an unintended side-effect of a previous fix in the 2020r1.5 release.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can

(a) Add a short music track to the start of your music group and make sure that it is selected as the starting track in your slideshow. This gets around the problem by having at least two tracks in the exported movie. You can download a 1/4 second blank .mp3 music track using this link.

(b) Revert back to ProSelect 2020r1.4. You can download the Mac Updater for 2020r1.4 using this link.

We apologize for this issue and wish to thank Sarah for reporting and helping us track down this bug.

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