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Lightroom Plugin stops export

If you are using the ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom to export your images to ProSelect and you see the message "Your selected image export format is the same as the Lightroom catalog" see below for the reason for this and the solutions.



The recommended workflow when using Lightroom with ProSelect is to add Raw Images into Lightroom making any exposure and color adjustments there. Exporting through the plugin generates copies of the images (normally as JPG files but these can also be exported as TIF or PSD types), to the same folder as your RAW files which are then added to create your ProSelect album file. ProSelect links to both the original Raw file and the newly generated JPG file.

Once the files are in ProSelect, cropping should be done there.

When you see the Warning Message

The above warning message will appear in the following select situations:

  1. If you shoot JPG files only, and export through the plugin with the Image Settings set to File Format: JPG

    SOLUTION: To resolve the error, change the Image Settings > File Format to either TIF or PSD. This will prevent overwriting the original JPG files created from the camera and allow the export and album creation to continue.

  2. If you edit a file in Photoshop or export a copy from Lightroom, saving the file as a JPG using a file name that is DIFFERENT from the original raw file, the error will occur. The export is stopped as there is no accompanying Raw file. If the file is a JPG and the export setting is JPG, the copy would overwrite the original.

    SOLUTION: In this case, saving the edited file as a PSD or TIF will allow a new JPG file to be generated and the source PSD or TIF will remain intact. This will not be linked to a Raw file as the filename no longer matches a Raw file

    As an alternative, in Lightroom if you deselect any files that do not have a matching Raw file name, the export can continue. Once the ProSelect album is built, you can then manually add the edited files into the album by dropping them from Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows) into ProSelect's Image List. This will add and link the images to the album without overwriting the source file.


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