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Exported Movie to a CD or DVD

With ProSelect you can create beautiful .mp4 movies stamped/watermarked, if you wish) for sale or distribution on CD or flash drives that people can watch on their computers or TV's. 

On Macs, ProSelect 2015r3 and newer uses OSX AVFoundation to create these movies at around 20x faster speeds than earlier versions of ProSelect.

On Windows, ProSelect 2017r1 and newer, uses a new movie export utility which also provide much faster movie export speeds.

Exporting a Movie

After creating and previewing your movie in ProSelect's Working with Slideshows, you just need to export it as a slideshow movie (File menu -> Export -> Slideshow Movie). You can select a number of different movie sizes, 1080HD being the highest quality possible. This will also be the largest file size.

When exporting the movie you can:

  • set the image size,
  • add synchronized music,
  • copyright stamps, labels etc.
  • Add start and end transitions

See the ProSelect Reference manual for more details on these options.

Copyright Protection

Because the images in the movie are low resolution and all located in one self-contained file they are fairly safe from being copied. However, people with screen capture software can still take "snapshots" of them. If this is a concern, then select the option to a copyright stamp to the images while the movie is being made.

Finally, copy the resulting movie file onto a CD or USB and give it to your clients. Anyone with a movie player installed on their computer will be able to play the movie. Many modern TV sets will also play .mp4 movies from a USB drive plugged into the computer. (Mac users: best to format your USB drive as FAT32 format for better compatibility with other computers & devices.)

For more information on how to do this see the Reference Manual under section: "Exporting a Slideshow Movie" in the Exporting section.


You can take the .mp4 movie and convert it into DVD format, however, this does involve re-compressing the already compressed movie images.  Coupled with the fact that most low-cost DVD production programs use domestic quality compression algorithms designed mainly for video means that your results may only be fine for proofing purposes. 

There are a number of third-party programs that will do this.

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