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Image Workflow

With TimeExposure's WebGallery system you can quickly upload your photographs to your own online professional photo gallery with full e-commerce support.

Once your images are loaded onto your computer you can drag and drop them as a folder or individually into the free Upload Manager software or ProSelect.

In ProSelect, use the WebGallery -> Export Images & Layouts function to send your selected set(s) of images to the Upload Manager for automatic background uploading.

If you are not using ProSelect, simply click New Album in the Upload Manager, enter your album details and add your images. When ready click Upload.

Low res copies of your images are uploaded to your account area on our Servers. This is done in the background so you can get on with other tasks while this is happening.

Your clients can then view their images on your customized page with the WebGallery Viewer page. This page is normally opening from a link on your web site.


Any orders placed or favorites selected are emailed back to your nominated email address.

If you have ProSelect, drop the order file attachment into ProSelect to automatically populate ProSelect's shopping cart with the order details. Use Hi-res production to produce the order.

Uploading your images using the Upload Manager software >>>