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ProSelect - Compare New Purchase Options

You can use this page to work out the cost of any ProSelect configuration and then compare the pricing for the different ordering options.

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Professional Presentation & Sales software - More info
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Composite Album Collection I requires ProSelect Pro
Composite Album Collection II requires ProSelect Pro
Room View Collection 1 $49.00
Room View Collection 2 $49.00
Room View Collection 3 $49.00
Room View Collection 4 $49.00
Room View Collection 5 $49.00
Room View Collection 6 $49.00
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Ship on Flash Drive (via Air Mail world wide) $40.00
Extend TimeExposure PLUS for a further 12 months until Jul 25, 2023. $211.50
Extend now and receive a 10% discount.
Not applicable when leasing as TimeExposure PLUS is included in your lease.
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* All prices shown in U.S. Dollars. Australian Residents need to add 10% GST.