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Portrait Studio Profit Calculator

This page was designed to help photographers who run small to medium sized studios quickly assess the impact of sales and costs on their business's profitability.

The chart below shows graphically how profits are a result of sales less your various costs.

Cost of Doing Business (CODB) - These are the fixed costs that don't change for each portrait shoot and would include rent, advertising, equipment hire/lease, labour to do the shoot, prepare the images and run the viewing (your minimum pay!) etc.

Cost of Good Sold (COGS) - These are variable costs that vary with the value of your orders and would include labour costs to prepare final images, print costs etc. In this example, we have assumed that the variable costs are 20% of the total sales price.

Profit - This is simply the overall sale price less the above two costs.

The above chart is based on a $500 average sale with $200 fixed CODB and 20% variable COGS ($100) results in a profit of $200.

Using the same CODB and COGS values and increasing your average sales by just 50% (to $750) results in an increase of profit to $400 - double the original profit. If you doubled your average sales then you would triple your profits.

Alternatively, if you doubled the number of sales sessions each week, you would be working twice as hard and still not make as much money! Which would you rather do?

Use the Profit Calculator below to try with real numbers from your business to see how this would work for you...

Calculate Your Profit & Return on Investment

Enter your own studio figures and see how much your profits will increase with different increases in your average sales results using ProSelect. Most new ProSelect users report at least a 50% increase but many have more than doubled their average sales.

Portrait Studio Profit Calculator
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Session Profit Results

---- Percentage Increase in Sales using ProSelect ----

Current +25% +50% +75% +100%
Average Sales Value: 350 438 525 613 700
Average CODB: 100 100 100 100 100
Average COGS: 88 109 131 153 175
Average Profit per Session: 162 229 294 360 425
Gross Sales per year: 36,400 45,552 54,600 63,752 72,800
Nett Profit per year: 16,848 23,816 30,576 37,440 44,200
Extra Profit per year: 6,968 13,728 20,592 27,352
Return on Investment
Time in weeks to get back the purchase price of ProSelect from your Extra Profit
Purchasing ProSelect: 3.2 1.6 1.1 0.8
Purchasing ProSelect Pro: 5.6 2.8 1.9 1.4
DISCLAIMER: This page was designed to help demonstrate the impact of an increase in your average sales on your profits in a basic way. You should not rely on the figures shown and refer to your accountant for formal advice.