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Purchasing FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked purchasing questions. If you can't find the answer here then you are always welcome to submit your query as a Support Ticket through Pro Studio Software's Support Center and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

Quite a lot! See our About ProSelect Pro page which lists all of the additional features and benefits included in the latest ProSelect Pro version. Watching the movie on this page will give you a fast overview. While the Pro version is a larger initial investment, you will get this back very quickly in additional sales using the Pro only features during your sales presentations and with the huge amount of time that you will save with post-ordering session production time.

Certainly! You can purchase ProSelect Basic and later Change-up to the Pro version. The current cost to do this is USD$370.00  so purchasing the Pro version initially will save you some money compared to changing-up to Pro later on.

A single user license allows you to install and activate ProSelect on up to two computers at one geographical location (including a mix of Mac and Windows machines) provided that you are only running one copy at any one time. See our Sales Policies page for full licensing information.

All new ProSelect purchases include 12 months of PLUS which give you free upgrades to all ProSelect releases (we do one or two each year) and free access to personal online support through our Support Ticket system. In between major releases, we release free minor updates if any bugs are found.

PLUS also includes lots of other benefits including Royalty Free Music & Graphics Library access and use of

If you wish to continue to receive these benefits for another year, you can optionally extend your PLUS each year provided this is done before a new release comes out. To save money, it's best to renew your PLUS before it expires. For more information on this, please see our PLUS section on our Sales Policies page.

Yes, we offer two monthly payment options:

1. You can purchase and pay for your purchase in 6 monthly installments on our Easy Pay plan. This is a little more expensive than paying outright but a great way to spreadout your payments while you use ProSelect to generate extra income during this period. To select this option, just choose Easy Pay from the Payment Options dropdown menu on the Review Order page.

2. You can Lease the software for a simple monthly payment. To find out whether leasing is a good option for your studio, see our ProSelect Easy Lease information page. To select this option, just choose Easy Lease from the Payment Options dropdown menu on the Review Order page.

We use Stripe to process new credit card payments. By default, all prices on the website are based on US dollar prices. However, the site will change the displayed prices to AUD$, NZ$, CAD$, UK pounds or Euros if it detects that you are located in a relevant country or region. You can also use the currency popup menu on the right-hand end of the menu area to change prices to any of these currencies. Displayed prices in currencies other than US dollars will automatically adjust with any changes in the international exchange rates.

You can select to pay in any currency, however, it is recommended that you choose your local currency to avoid paying extra fees for currency conversion that your bank or credit card provider may also charge.

If your card is currently valid and has sufficient funds to cover the transaction, then you should be fine however please check the following:

1. Make sure that you are using a real credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or a Visa or MasterCard style debit card (because they behave just like credit cards to our banking gateway). Any other debit style cards are not accepted by our bank, sorry.

2. Some banks, by default, do not allow international transactions to be made on their cards. You will know this if your transaction is declined with a Do Not Honour message. In this case, your best option is to check with your bank as to why your specific transaction from Australia has been blocked and to allow the transaction for the purchase amount to go through. You will need to then re-try your purchase.

Yes. Order data exported from ProSelect can be readily imported by most leading studio management systems. However, we have exclusively partnered with StudioCloud to provide a seamless interface between ProSelect and StudioCloud which handles clients, events, orders and payments. You can find out more about this integration in the movies on our Getting To Know ProSelect movies page and also in the combined ProSelect-StudioCloud webinar on our Training Movies page.

You can easily find out what version of ProSelect you currently have by logging into your account on and going to your My Account page. Make sure that you log in using the email address that you registered the software with. If you can't remember your password then you can use the Forgotten link to have a password reset sent to your email address. Once logged in you will find details of your current version under the My Products tab.

You can find your upgrade cost by logging into your account on and going to the Store (Upgrades tab). The upgrade cost for your current licence configuration will be shown on this page. If you have ProSelect Basic you can also Change up to ProSelect Pro through the same page.

Hint: Make sure that you log in using the email address that you registered the software with. If you can't remember your password then you can use the Forgotten link to have a password reset sent to your email address.

Upgrades are available at a discount provided you are upgrading from a non-obsolete version of the software. Obsolete versions are those which are 5 years or more out-of-date.

Upgrades from non-obsolete version (see previous question) to the latest version of ProSelect include 6 months of PLUS.

Adding extra users or changing-up your existing license to the Pro version does not extend your PLUS.

Changing-up your licence to the ProSelect Pro version gives you the ProSelect Pro version for your current licence only. So, unless you already have a ProSelect Basic licence for the latest version of ProSelect, you would need to also order an Upgrade to the latest version of ProSelect in order to get the latest ProSelect Pro version.