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ProSelect 2013r1 - What's New...

Release Date: Sept 1, 2013

With this release, we have focused on improvements to the slideshow and music areas in ProSelect with some great new features.

This page explains a few of the major changes. For a list of all changes in the new release, see this Knowledgebase article or the What's New section at the back of the ProSelect 2013r1 Reference Manual (quick access under the Help menu in ProSelect).

See the Movie

Find out more about using this new version in the movie ProSelect 2013r1 - New Slideshow Features on our Webinar Recording Archives page.

Manage Music

Setup music groups with different music for each client type. Music files are now stored in your ProSelect Resources Folder and can be shared between different copies of ProSelect in your studio.

Music Synching

Your slideshows can be automatically synced to the length of your music tracks (within an allowable range of slidetimes that you select). You can pause your slideshow, skip forward and back and the music will continue to stay in sync.

Slidehow Styles

Prefer a fast-paced slideshow with full effects for your seniors, something more subdued for your family groups and a fun slideshow for toddlers? Simply setup a different Slideshow Style for each customer type.

Slideshow styles allow you to control:


Working with Slideshows - Mix & Match your slideshow content

The new Working with Slideshows module let's you get creative with your slideshows. Drag in images, layouts, room view images, books, title slides and, with ProSelect Pro, videos! Re-arrange them how you want and click Start Slideshow to play!

Up to 5 different slideshows as be created in each ProSelect Album with the Pro version. ProSelect (basic) user can create one slideshow per album.

Here is a slideshow created by Ron Nichols which includes many of the new features.


Editing your video content (Pro only)

ProSelect supports opening your video clips directly in Photoshop for editing and re-exporting if you have either CS5 Extended, CS6 or the Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop.

You can also open associated .psd versions of your movies (a bit like opening associated RAW images) from ProSelect and use this as a master file for your movies preserving any layers and effects that you have added.

Export Slideshow Movies

You can export your custom slideshows as fully rendered .mp4 movie files that you can upload to FaceBook, YouTube, your blog, mobile devices or burn on a DVD. Great for promotional purposes or as an additional saleable product. Check the Add Copyright Stamp box to add your logo to exported movie.

Title Slide Support

Create and manage a range of title slides as a shared resource in ProSelect then simply drop them into your slideshows at any position. In ProSelect Pro, you can also add fixed and personalized text layers to each slide. Personalized text allows you to replace some or all of the text on your title slides for each album so you can personalize it for each client by adding their names, school name, event date etc.

Ambient Music (Pro only)

Do you like to have some low level mood music playing during your sales session? ProSelect can now manage that for you! Simply choose a music group and volume level for your ambient music (you can save different music for each client) and start playing. When you come to play your slideshow the ambient music will automatically fade down and back up again at the end.

Mirror Display Area

If you are using two screens, ProSelect now remembers your last Mirror Display Area settings between each session (unless you turn off this option in the Preferences). We have also added a new button for turning this on/off in the main window.

Custom Payment Methods

Setting up you own payment methods is quick and simple in this new version.

OSX Mavericks Support

ProSelect 2013r1 includes work-arounds for changes that Apple made in this latest version of OSX so you can rest assured that ProSelect will work correctly if and when you decide to upgrade your operating system or purchase a new Apple computer.

Other changes


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