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Typical Wedding Studio Workflow using ProSelect

Everybody is different so ProSelect doesn't lock you into one set of procedures. Below is example of one way in which a wedding photography studio can use ProSelect.

1. Add your Images

You can add any sized, JPEG, TIFF or PhotoShop files to an Album. ProSelect creates a single album file containing screen sized copies of your images, thumbnails, notes and order information allowing you to prepare, present and process on different computers.

"I would like to congratulate and thank you for creating this fantastic piece of software (ProSelect). We run a small portrait and wedding photography studio in Sydney and have incorporated it into our work flow because of it's ease of use. In fact, we show the client how to use it in about two minutes and they choose their image selection themselves. And you know what happens when they choose the images themselves...BIGGER SALES!!! Our sales have increased since using ProSelect so thank you very much and well done."
-- Daniel Capobianco,

2. Prepare the Presentation

Select one or more images in Thumbnail View, rotate them, remove rejects and change the display order for best effect. You can transform selected images to Black & White or Sepia or apply Photoshop Actions to one or more images at a time. If not already there, move the remaining images into the "Maybe" Group.

3. Save the Presentation in an Album

Save the completed Album to a file in your client’s name. This file can be easily moved to another machine for the presentation or later archiving

4. Present

Use Sideshow view to present a slideshow of all the images to your clients with emotive music.

5. Choose

Show your clients how to navigate through their images and how to move them into the "Yes" and "No" Groups. They can also choose to leave some in the "Maybe" group. This will only take a few minutes then leave them to it while you get on with other work!

6. Process their selection...

Design your Album in ProSelect

With ProSelect Pro, you can then use you own template designs or one of our Composite Album Collections to create your own composite or traditionally matted albums. These can be exported as samples, printed as proofs, presented in a slideshow within ProSelect or exported as a QuickTime Movie that you can give to your clients.

Finally use ProSelect Pro's High-Res Production module to create final sized images, or composite pages, ready for printing.


Use with other Album design software

Since ProSelect allows you to transfer your original images into different folders based on the selection tabs, you can move or copy the original images in the "Yes" tab to a "yes" folder. The same with the "Maybe" images, if you wish.

Then load the folder of selected images into your favourite Wedding Album design software and proceed from there.