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Portrait Photography Solutions

 Easy-to-learn all-in-one software

"Congratulations on a wonderful product. It's as though you have read my mind. As I am using it, I think to myself, I wish you had've installed this feature, and then a couple of minutes later I find a button that does it!"
-- Chris Franklin, Unposed Kids

Our products have been designed for photographers and by photographers so you will find that they are easy to use and contain the features that you need to get the job done.

We listen to our clients and quickly integrate all good suggestions in updated software as soon as possible.

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 Impress your clients and increase your portrait sales

The secret to increasing your sales is not really a secret - just common sense...

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 Easily offer and sell a greater range of products

ProSelect allows you to show your clients how the final products will look. Instantly change to B&W or Sepia (and back). Design your own custom effects as Photoshop actions and ProSelect will apply them to your images in a few seconds. Create layouts before your clients eyes by dropping images into our pre-designed templates (or create your own). Show them how big your images and layouts will be by projecting them at actual size.

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 A workflow solution that will give you your life back

"I've just recently started using the Hi-Res production workflow with Raw and PSD files and I am astonished at how well you guys have integrated Photoshop workflow. I'm well and truly impressed. Its saving me hours of work."
-- Dennis Advani
Retrospect Photography

Don't spend hours in front of the computer manually creating the final image files that have been ordered.

You can record your orders directly into ProSelect and use its High-Res Production module to do all the repetitious tasks that you previously did by hand automatically in Photoshop. This includes sizing, cropping, effects, filters and creating complex collages or layouts.

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Taking orders from remote clients and their families

"Having just switched to TimeExposure's Web Gallery from another service, I wish that I had done this ages ago! TimeExposure's service is so simple to use - I can upload my images in no time, it looks great, and is very easy to use both from my point of view but also from my clientele. I have had a great response."
-- Hilary Wardhaugh Photography

After the portrait sales session, get two bites of the cherry, by offering to put your client's favour images on the internet for friends and family to see (and order if they wish to). Using Time Exposure's Web Gallery, it will only take you a few minutes and cost you a few dollars to do this. In return, you have made your client's even happier, set yourself up for some referral business and potentially some more print sales from the same session.

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