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Open Raws in Photoshop/Lightroom - button not active or not working

If you are running a mixed RAW+jpeg workflow through ProSelect and the Open Raws In Photoshop button is not active in the High-Res production window when you select an image name row OR the RAW file does not open when you use the Open Photoshop/Lightroom -> Selected RAW images menu commands, then:

  1. Make sure that you have selected the "Link/Bypass RAW files with extensions" box in Preferences (Importing Images -> Settings -> Adding Images Tab) and have entered the file extension for your raw files into one of the boxes below this. eg CR2, NEF etc.

  2. Check that you have each of your raw files in the same folder as the originally imported jpeg files. 
  3. Your RAW images and associated jpg images are exactly the same name (apart from the file extension). eg "File001.jpg" and "File001.cr2". (Someone failed to notice that they had an extra space before the " .jpg" in one of their filenames and so they didn't match!)


1. If you are not sure where ProSelect expects an image file (and its associated RAW file) to be located, select one of the images in Thumbnail View (when Working with Images) and do a Show Selected Image Info... (under Album Menu). See the row Original File Location for the location on the computer on which the images were first imported. Then check that this is the folder which contains both the original file (normally a .jpg) and the RAW file. In Working with Images (Thumbnail view) you can also right-click on an Image and choose Show in Finder (on Macs) or Show in Explorer (on Windows).

2. If you have moved the images to another folder or perhaps you are now opening the ProSelect Album on another computer from which the original images were first imported, then use Original Images -> Find All Original Images/ Find Ordered Images/ Find Images Used in All Books (under Album Menu) to select the current location of your images.  

3. If you now have the images more than one location (such as after a copy) and wish to force ProSelect to now point to another location then hold the SHIFT key down while using one of the Find Original Images commands then select that new location. 

  KnowledgeBase Article: Open Raws in Photoshop/Lightroom - button not active or not working  

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