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Reinstalling or moving ProSelect

Apart from very old versions of ProSelect, you can generally re-download both the current and previous versions of ProSelect at any time from the Downloads area on the TimeExposure website at no charge.

This article explains how to

  1. Re-install the software on the same computer or
  2. Moving ProSelect to another computer keeping your current settings when you do so.

If your computer's hard disk has crashed or needed to be wiped clean and you need to re-install everything then follow the instructions for Moving ProSelect to another computer in this article.

Downloading the software

If you are licensed to use the latest version of the sofware you can re-download it from the main Downloads page on our web site. 

If your licence is for an older version then you can get the latest update for your version from the ProSelect (Old versions) page under the Downloads menu.

Important: Make sure that you download the correct version for your license, otherwise you will find that you won't be able to register it.  If you are not sure which version your licence is for or have lost your registration keys, then log into the TimeExposure web site using the email address that you used to purchase the software and go to the My Account (top right of web site) --> My Products (tab). This will show the products that you own, which versions they are and your registration keys.

Upgrading to the latest version 

If your TimeExposure PLUS is current or you have a ProSelect Easy Lease then you can get access all the new versions of ProSelect for at no charge.

If your TimeExposure PLUS has expired and you are not licensed to use the newest version of ProSelect, you can pay for an upgrade (at a discount) through the Upgrades section of the on-line Store (under the Store menu). You must log in using your email address which you purchased your existing license in order to access the upgrade section of the store.

Upgrading or Re-installing on the same computer

To do this, first make sure that ProSelect is not running then uninstall the current version and re-install the newly downloaded version.

On Windows: To uninstall use the Add/Remove Programs option under the Control Panel. To install, run the ProSelect_Setup.exe installer.

On Macs: Uninstall by trashing the ProSelect folder (normally located in your Applications folder) AND then emptying the trash. To install, run the ProSelect_OSX_Installer program (or, for earlier versions, mount the .dmg file and drag the ProSelect folder to your Applications folder.)

ProSelect Setup Data will be preserved

Apart from the ProSelect program file itself, ProSelect keeps other important information in other files on your computer. These include your Preference settings (which also contains your software registration details), your Price & Templates data and any external images used by the program (such as frames, overlay images, background images, room views etc). 

When un-installing, upgrading or re-installing ProSelect this information is not touched so you can easily upgrade and your setting will remain the same. However, you should still have backups of this important data in case something does go wrong or your computer fails. See "More about Backing up your data" section below.

Moving ProSelect to another computer

If you are moving or installing ProSelect on another computer and wish to transfer your setup information from your original computer then

  1. Install ProSelect on the new machine (see Downloading the software above) but don't run it yet.
  2. Copy your ProSelect data on your current machine and transfer it to your new computer (see the Saving Your ProSelect Setup Data section below)
  3. De-activate ProSelect on your current machine (under the Help menu) and close the software. Your computer must be connected to the internet to do this.  If you no longer have access to the original machine to do this, see the Unable to De-Activate your old computer section below.
  4. Optionally un-install the software but this is not mandatory as long as you have de-activated it.
  5. Copy your saved ProSelect Resources folder to the correct location on your new machine (see Restoring Your ProSelect Setup Data section below)
  6. Start ProSelect on the new computer and register it (easiest to use the online registration option by entering your email address and password)
  7. Import your saved ProSelect data file and optionally your Preferences file. (see Restoring your ProSelect Setup Data section below)

Unable to De-Activate your old computer

If your computer has died (or was stolen) and you are unable to open ProSelect on it in order to de-activate the software, then you can submit a Support Ticket to TimeExposure and we will do it for you. 

IMPORTANT: To expedite this process, make sure that you tell us the the name of the computer that you need to de-activate. You will find the names of all of your currently activated machines by logging into your account and going to My Account -> Products page and clicking View my currently activated machines link.

Saving Your ProSelect Setup Data

This is done on your original machine. (If your hard disk has crashed then you will need to get this data from a recent backup copy that you have made so just skip to the Restoring Your ProSelect Data section below.)

  1. In ProSelect choose ProSelect Data --> Export Data to... (under the File menu) to save this data to an external file which you can copy to your new computer.
  2. If you wish, you can also save a copy of your preferences file (which contains your current registration settings and other setup preferences). In ProSelect v2012r2 and newer, you can save and load a copy of this file from Preferences --> General Settings --> Sharing--> Sharing Preferences. See Backup and Sharing Section, Preferences section in the ProSelect Reference Manual, for more about this. If using earlier versions of ProSelect, more detailed information on locating your Preferences file can be found in this article Finding the ProSelect Data & Preferences Files.
  3. Make a copy of your entire ProSelect Resources folder. This is used to store image files (frames, room views, overlays, music, videos etc) that are used by ProSelect. More detailed information on locating this folder can be found in this article Finding the ProSelect Resources Folder.

Restoring Your ProSelect Setup Data

This is done on your new computer.

  1. Copy your ProSelect Resources folder onto the required location. (See your ProSelect Reference Manual "Backup and Sharing Section" or Finding the ProSelect Resources Folder.)
  2. Start ProSelect and register it (if prompted to do so).
  3. In ProSelect choose ProSelect Data --> Import Data from.... (under the File menu) to load in your (backup) copy of your Prices & Templates Data. 
  4. You can optionally import your saved Preferences setup under Preferences --> General Settings --> Sharing--> Sharing Preferences. 
  5. Check that your prices, templates, styles, frames, music, rooms etc are setup as expected.

More about Backing up your data

This is something that you should be doing regularly. See the Backup & Sharing section in the ProSelect Reference Manual (under Help Menu in ProSelect) for more about this important operation.

Watch the Movie

To see the process of transferring your data to another computer in action, you can watch this movie: Manually transferring ProSelect Setup Data to another computer

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