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Using WebGallery from ProSelect

With ProSelect version 4.1 or later, if you have a TimeExposure WebGallery subscription, you can now upload images to your WebGallery pages directly from within ProSelect. This article explains some of the differences between uploading images using the Upload Manager vs uploading them directly from within ProSelect. 

Once  you have uploaded a WebGallery album from ProSelect you can also:

  1. Import orders received from the WebGallery system back into your ProSelect album's shopping cart
  2. Have any images selected as favorites in their WebGallery Album automatically copied to a separate set in ProSelect.

See the WebGallery Section of the ProSelect Reference Manual for more information on how to do this.

Note: Previously, the easiest way to do this was to use Export -> Sample Images... (under the File Menu) in ProSelect to export the images that you wanted to upload into a folder (or multiple folders, if you wish to have these on separate on-line sets) then drop these folders into the Upload Manager uploading to the web. This method is covered in the Movie "Installing and Using the Upload Manager" on the WebGallery Tutorial Movies page on the web site.

Connecting to the WebGallery Server

The Upload Manager is still used to communicate with and send images to the WebGallery server so, before you can upload from ProSelect, you need to:

  1. If you have installed ProSelect 2011r1 or newer then the Upload Manager is part of the ProSelect installer so, unless you selected NOT to install it, it should already be on you computer. Otherwise, download and install the Upload Manager software from the Downloads -> WebGallery Tools page on the web site.
  2. Launch the Upload Manager.
  3. Enter the email address and password for your account that is linked to your WebGallery account.
  4. Make sure that it can connect to the server by doing an "Refresh from Server -> Full Refresh" (under the WebGallery menu). This should not give any errors. (This is actually done when you do step 2 so this step is optional!)

The Upload Manager acts a go-between between ProSelect and the WebGallery so anything that ProSelect needs to do releted to uploading images requires the Upload Manager to the running. (ProSelect will automatically start the Upload Manager if it needs to).

After you have sent your images to be uploaded from ProSelect, the Upload Manager will be sending these to the WebGallery server in the background so you can then continue to do other things in ProSelect including setting other albums for uploading.

What you can Upload

In ProSelect, you can upload either one or more sets of images, one or more sets of layouts or a book that you have designed.

When uploading images or layouts, you normally selected the "default viewer" and then set the other options such price list, payment type etc just the same was as you would in the Upload Manager

When uploading a book you would normally select to use the "book viewer".  In this case you can choose to select "Enable Client Approval" which allows a client to mark each page's approval box, add notes to each page and send these to you.

Selecting and Uploading Hi-Def Upload Images

In the Preferences -> WebGallery -> Settings, you can set the Upload in Hi-Def setting to be either No Images, All Images or Images marked as Hi-Def.

If you choose the last option then you need to mark which images are to be upload Hi-Def by selected them (in Thumbnail view, for example) and using the WebGallery Size... Menu command (under the Edit menu). If you have Show Thumbnail Tags ON (under the View menu) then you will see a HD on the bottom left corner of all images that are marked for Hi-Def uploading.

The above Preferences window also allows you to choose to upload any layouts in Hi-Def or Normal size.

Price Lists

All on-line sales use the price lists that you have setup in the WebGallery Member Admin Area not those in ProSelect. Because you cannot, at present, add any prices for layout sizes then, if you are uploading layouts for sale (instead of just for viewing) then you should put them into a different album with their own price list or be prepared to accept the same prices as your print prices for these products.

Adding Notes to on-line Album

There are two sorts of notes - Album Notes and Set Notes.

Album Notes are only viewable when using the new WebGalley 3 viewer and are displayed on the right-hand side of the album info box (the open that first opens when you select an album). These notes are suitable for longer messages.

Set notes are displayed above the thumbnails when using the default viewer only and should be kept quite short as only the first part is displayed until clicked on.

In ProSelect, you can use the Notes Library (File Menu -> WebGallery -> Notes Library) to setup and save any notes that you wish to use more than once. These can then selected as Album Notes when preparing to upload a new Album or added to Set by click the notes icon in the Edit Set Names window (under the Album menu). Alternatively,  you can just type in your own notes in these area.

Modifying an Uploaded Album

If you have uploaded an album from within ProSelect then you are not currently able to make any changes to the images in the on-line album other than by:

  1. Removing or re-arrange the order of individual images through the Members Admin Area:  Album List -> Details (for the selected Album) -> Manage Photos (bottom right corner), OR
  2. Deleting the entire album through the Members Admin Area and re-uploading it: Album List -> Remove (for the selected Album)

Note: While the Upload Manager will show albums uploaded via ProSelect it won't allow you to update them either

As with any WebGallery album, if you remove or replace it within 48 hours of first upload, your used upload credits are automatically refunded to you.

Given the above, it is best to make sure that you have the album correctly setup BEFORE uploading it from ProSelect. If you plan to be making lots of changes to an album either consider putting these changes in separate albums or go back to using the Upload Manager for your uploading and updating of your on-line albums.

Note: You can only process on-line orders and favorites through ProSelect if the album has been uploaded from ProSelect.

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