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ProSelect - Obsolete versions no longer Supported

The following ProSelect software versions are now obsolete (along with v1 & v2):

  • Version 3.x (v3.3.7 last release December 2007 - orig. release was 2005/06)
  • Version 4.x (v4.1.7 last release April 2010 - orig. release was 2007/08)
  • Version 2010r1 (license holders received a no cost upgrade to v2011r1)
  • Version 2011r1 (v2011r1.11 last release July 2011 - orig. release was Nov 2010)
  • Version 2011r2 (v2011r2.10 last release Dec 2011 - orig. release was July 2011)
  • Version 2012r1 (v2012r1.10 last release Dec 2012 - orig. release was Dec 2011)
  • Version 2012r2 (v2012r2.3 last release May 2013 - orig. release was Oct 2012)

As such, effective March 1st 2009 (v3.x), September 1st 2014 (v4.x) and December 23rd 2017 (v2011r1.x, v2011r2.x, v2012r1.x and v2012r2.x) we are no longer providing support for any versions of ProSelect earlier than version 2013r1.x.

This includes technical and installation questions, ownership transfer, business name changes, or adding extra users to your license or the Hi-Res Production module (now called Pro).

Upgrade Information

Please see the article Upgrading Obsolete versions of ProSelect for helpful information about upgrading.

Not Upgrading at this time?

If you do not wish to upgrade, you are free to continue to use the old version of ProSelect for as long as you like. You can also utilize the free self-support facilities on our web site. These include Getting started, Tutorial & Quick Tips movies (under the Training menu) and KnowledgeBase articles.  However, our support personnel will not be able to provide you with any Technical Support through our Support Ticket system.

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