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ProSelect on Windows 10

releThe current release of ProSelect has been tested on Windows 10 without issue.

However, if you do encounter any issues on Windows 10, then please let us know by Submitting a Ticket (under the Support Menu) on the TimeExposure web site.

Should any problems be reported and confirmed, this article will be updated in the "Reported Issues" section (below) with known issues and suggested solutions.

If changes are required to ProSelect, then these will be incorporated as an update in the current major release of ProSelect.

Some of the same issues reported using Windows 8 may still exist with Windows 10 - we have yet to confirm whether they have been fixed with the new version, so you should also check the article ProSelect on Windows 8 if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Windows, or purchasing a new computer.

Reported issues

Windows Firewall is blocking ProSelect

If you receive a message such as "Unable to connect to TimeExposure's Server. Please check your internet connection, unlock any firewalls and try again." then the following should assist in resolving this.

Make sure that a Windows Firewall message window is not hidden behind the ProSelect window. Close ProSelect to check for this if not displaying.

If this window does appear, then just "check" the boxes (both should be selected) as shown below and then run ProSelect again.

If there is no message window displaying, then please try the following:

  1. Click on the start menu button (bottom left corner) and select Settings from menu
  2. In the Find a Setting box (top right) type "Firewall"
  3. Click on "Allow App through Windows Firewall"
  4. Click the Change Settings button
  5. Scroll down the list until you see ProSelect and make sure all three boxes are checked (see attached Screen Grab below)
  6. Close the window and run ProSelect again.

If still not resolved, then it may be your Anti-virus/security software that you have installed. If so, please try turning it off or adjusting the settings to "allow" ProSelect.exe to run.

Unable to install Quicktime on Windows 10 (Aug 29, 2015 and updated May 2017)

Quicktime is used by ProSelect v2016r1 and earlier on Windows computers to import .psd files and for slideshow movie exporting. If you are wishing to install Quicktime on a complete new computer or fresh install that is running Windows 10.x (same for Windows 8.x), then you may receive the error "Quicktime 7 requires that your computer is running Windows Vista or Windows 7"

This is due to a recent change by Apple with latest Quicktime v7.7.7 release (and possibly newer).

If this occurs, then please see the article Installing Quicktime on Windows 10 & 8 on how to resolve this.

Note: As of ProSelect v2017r1, the software is no longer dependent on Apple's Quicktime on Windows computers and, as a result, movie exporting is now 5 to 10 times faster than when using Quicktime (Exported movies using Ken Burns effects do take a little longer than those without this effect).

Mirror Display Area does not completely fill the second screen (Resolved in 2019r1+)

This issue was originally resolved in ProSelect 2017r1.5. However, a later Windows 10 update meant that we needed to make additional changes in ProSelect 2019r1 to prevent the problem occurring with certain relative monitor positions. Since this last update, the only reported issue has been one when using a 4K monitor set to a display scaling of 225% - See this Program crash when clicking shopping cart icon on Windows 10

Possible workarounds if using earlier versions

If you are still using versions of ProSelect prior to 2019r1, see below for possible solutions.

This issue can occur if you have setup your second screen at a screen scaling greater than 100%. (One user report that this happened automatically after upgrading to Windows 10.) To fix this, right-click on the desktop and click Display Settings, then adjust as follows:

NOTE: Make sure that you main screen is also at 100% otherwise it causes ProSelect to think that the second screen is a different location.

If still not resolved, then you can also try "arranging" your two monitors, so that the second screen is above or to the left of the main screen. You can do this by dragging the position of the second screen around in the Customise Display section of the Display Settings window.

Intel Graphics & Media Control Panel Issues (Mar 14, 2017)

One user reported a problem when using the Intel Graphics & Media Control Panel to adjust his display settings. The panel seems to override Windows Display settings and causes ProSelect to incorrectly position the mirror display screen on the second monitor/projector. The solution was set the control panel to "Maintain Display Scaling" AND to make sure that the scaling setting for both screens was set to the same value.

Unable to Connect to Photoshop (Feb 18, 2016)

One user reported that he needed to "Run ProSelect as Admin" on Windows 10 in order to successfully connect to Photoshop. This may have been due to his particular security settings but it did provide a solution.

He also reported that running ProSelect in "Windows 7 compatibility mode" prevented ProSelect from connecting to Photoshop (even when running as admin).

This and more can be found in the article Cannot connect to Photoshop in Windows.

"This App has been being blocked" message (March 2016)  

If you are seeing a message "This App has been blocked for your protection" when installing ProSelect, then please see this article Windows Installation Problems.

  KnowledgeBase Article: ProSelect on Windows 10  

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