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How to take orders for packages in ProSelect

There are a number of ways to take orders for packages in ProSelect. Which method you choose to use is dependent on what sort of packages you offer in your studio.

Here are some possible options:

  • If all the items are the same size then create a price list item of the package and divide the price by the number of items in the package. Then order each image in the package with that price item. The total will be the package price. Note: ProSelect allows you to select all the images that go in the package together in the Place Order window and order them with one click of the Quick Add button.
  • Assuming you have two or more image sizes in your package, you could have a price list item called "Package A - First" at the package price and another called "Package A - Others" at $0. Add the first image to the first item and the rest to the second. Alternatively, create an Order Adjustment (see Quicktip movie link below) with the name and price of the Package and have all package components at $0. Because you can drag ordered items up and down in the order list in the Place Order window, you can easily group the items in your package together. 
  • If you don't need to record the sizes, have a price list item called "Package A" at the package price which you add the first item to it as above. Then also add the remaining images to this item but zero it's price before you click the "Add" button.
  • For something like a boxed product, you could create the price list item as an Order Adjustment (e.g. "Image Box Set (10 mats)" @ $500) and add then this to the Shopping Cart. Remember Order Adjustments do not relate to any particular image or layout so can be created using any description. Then create a price list item for each print or layout that makes up the set at $0 each and add these to the shopping cart (e.g. "12x12 Boxed Set Image"). You can drag rows up or down in the Place Order window so all the items related to this ordered item are grouped together on the Order Report.   For more about this, see the QuickTip movie Setting up Packages using Order Adjustments.
  • Another way to order a package for the same or different images is to create a template with all the different sizes in the package as openings in the template. Then add the template to your price list as a Multi-print layout with the main image size set to the actual size that you want and set the price to the package price. To take an order for the package, double click the template to create a new layout, drop all the images into the different openings and then add it to your orders via the Place Order window. The order report will list all the individual images in the layout (ie your "package") at the correct sizes but grouped together with one package price. For more about this see the article Using Templates to order and deliver Print Packages and the QuickTip movie Setting up Packages using Templates.

With ProSelect Pro's Hi-res Production module, you can then generate each image file in the package automatically or, if you order the layout as a composite, then all images in the package will be on one sheet.

You will find some more information about working with packages in ProSelect in the movie "Pricing III - How To Set Up Packages In ProSelect" in the Webinar Recording archives area (under the Training menu on the TimeExposure web site).

Package Set Up Examples


Here is a fellow ProSelect user's enquiry and package set up suggestion we provided is:

"I was wondering if you could tell me the best way to accomplish this. I have 3 packages and an a la carte price.

- Basic Package $600 1 digital image, 6 gift prints, (5x7 or 8x10), 12 x 12 composite, $100 print credit from A La Carte menu
- Signature Package $850 10 digital images, 5 x 7 book, $300 print credit, bonus mobile app
- Luxe Package $1450 All digital images, 10x10 Album, $500 print credit, bonus mobile app.

  1. Create a Price List Name "Packages" (under Orders menu)
  2. In Price List Setup (under Orders menu), choose "Packages" price list from top drop down menu
  3. Select Order Adjustments (tab) and create:

    Basic Package $600
    Signature Package $850
    Luxe Package $1450
    5x7 Book $0
    10x10 Book $0
    Mobile App $0
    Basic Pkg Print Credit $-100
    Signature Pkg Print Credit $-300
    Luxe Pkg Print Credit $-500

  4. In Print Paper Sizes (under Orders menu), Add 8x12 with the Display name = Digital Image (and save!)
  5. In Price List Setup (under Orders menu), "Packages" price list, select Print Orders (tab) and Add 5x7 $0, 8x10 $0 and 8x12 (Digital Image) $0
  6. In Price List Setup (under Orders menu), "Packages" price list, select Layout Orders (tab) and Add your Layout Item 12 x12 Layout $0

I'll assume you already have you're a la carte products set up under that price list.

To place the order for the Signature Package, in the Place Order Window (Review Orders under the Order menu):

  1. Click Add Order Adjustment button and choose "Signature Package" in the top popup menu (Select Items) and "Signature Pkg Print Credit" in the next one down.

  2. Order your gift prints and digital file from the "Package" Price list
  3. Order your a la carte prints from the "a la carte" price list
  4. Order your Composite.

The invoice will show your package price, then the print credit. The gift prints and digital file will be priced at $0.00 and your a la carte prints will be billed normally (less the $300 credit).

Follow the same process for your other packages. And in doing so, the order will run through production correctly including the digital files.


Using a Template with a Photoshop overlay is a neat way to show and order your package combinations. How to set this up is explained in this QuickTip movie: Setting up Packages using Templates.


Entering Packages - from Martin Wise (UK)

"I have packages which include various sizes of different (or same) images but also includes various layouts with multiple apertures. For package purchases, I switch to my Package price list where I have a 0.00 price for every item available but have them listed as "10x8 - package print" or "20x16 Composite print". I then have a suite of images which are made up so that each thumbnail has a list and description of what each package contains.

After the slideshow completes, I import the thumbnails from my folder marked "package_thumbnails" using add folder of images. Each image has a title within it of say "Package A" and below it is a list of say "1 or 24x20 Composite Print" and under that "2 of 20x16 Single Image print" etc etc. These took 2 minutes in Photoshop to create with nice branding for my studio.

When a client purchases a package, I just order the relevant thumbnail. It has an assigned price so the total will always be correct and then I can just add the relevant images or layouts to the order. Nice thing is that when you print the order, there is no argument as to what they get in the package as it is shown at the top of the order list within the package thumbnail.

If the client changes the order by choosing a different package, then I just delete the package entry and replace it with the upgraded one which then replaces the order thumbnail to show the client what they now get.

Hope that makes sense when read - it works in practice!"

  KnowledgeBase Article: How to take orders for packages in ProSelect  

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