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What's New in 2017r1

Here are some highlights of the main new features added in ProSelect software version 2017r1.

More details can also be found:

  • On the What's New page on our web site
  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The What's New section in the back of the easy reading ProSelect Reference Manual (with direct links to the relevant pages)

Note: The latest updates to this release are shown in the Minor Release Changes section below.

What's New in Version 2017r1

February 1, 2017

Important Notes:

To find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade to this new version, please see the article ProSelect 2017r1 release.

If you are upgrading from ProSelect v2016r1 or earlier, then this is now a download of around 312MB for the Mac version and 482Mb for the Windows version because it includes a lot more included resources including 12 royalty free music tracks. These resources are accessible with: 

(a) a first time installations (no previous versions of ProSelect installed)

(b) Using ProSelect Data --> Reset to default setup (under the File menu) - CAUTION - this will wipe out your existing setup data!

(c) Using Using ProSelect Data --> Install 2017r1 Default Resources - this will add the new resources to you existing setup.


  1. For the Windows version, ProSelect now uses third party libraries (which are installed as part of the standard installer) to play music and export slideshow movies and import Photoshop files. These functions were previously carried out by Apple's Quicktime, so you no longer require Quicktime to be installed on your computer unless you remove the libraries. The Mac version continues to takes advantage of OSX’s "AVFoundation" (part of OSX 10.7 and newer). During installation, if relevant runtime libraries are not installed on the Windows computer, then they will be installed at the same time as ProSelect.

  2. This release requires Mac OSX 10.8 or newer and Windows 7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit).  It is not supported on Windows Vista, XP (or older)

  3. By default, playing a slideshow uses OpenGL (2.0 or newer) to access your computers graphics chipset for better performance. OpenGL drivers are automatically installed on most modern Mac and Windows computers. You can select not to use OpenGL when playing the slideshow by unchecking Use OpenGL in Preferences -> Slideshow & Music -> Slideshow settings however, the slideshow will play much less efficiently and the Ken Burns effect will not be available. More information about OpenGL can be found in the ProSelect Reference Manual.

  4. Information on the system requirements (OS & Photoshop versions, Processor speed and RAM etc) can be found on the ProSelect software Downloads page (for current version) and/or the readme file (available with the installation). For ProSelect v2017r1, minimum 2Ghz PC with 6GB RAM. If using the high-res production module, complex slideshows or include a large number of images in your ProSelect albums, then it is recommended that you have 2.5Ghz with 8+GB of memory in your computer. Your monitor and/or projector should be at least 1024x768 resolution.

  5. Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newer will export slideshow movies at 1080HD sizes. Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer is required to export slideshow movies which have Ken Burns effects applied.

  6. The Windows version of ProSelect 2017r1 and newer requires that the 32 bit version of "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" (download file "vc_redist.x86.exe") is installed on your computer. These dll files are automatically installed with Windows 10 and as part of the latest software updates on Windows 7 and 8.1. 

    They are also included in the ProSelect 2017r1 Windows installer. If the installer stops when "Installing Windows 32-bit runtime...", this is usually caused by not having the latest Windows updates installed on your computer. For more information about this see this KnowledgeBase article: Missing DLL error with ProSelect 2017r1 on Windows.

Some of the new features and enhancements include:

User Interface Changes

  1. You can now change the color theme of the main window to one of four different options using the new Themes menu (under the View Menu) include Black (default), Light Gray, Dark Gray and White. When running the new version for the first time, you are prompted to select the theme of your choice.
  2. When installing or upgrading to 2017r1 for the for the first time you will be prompted to select which theme to use.
  3. The thumbnail image background colors for templates, title slides and videos has been desaturated when displayed on the lighter colored themes.
  4. All buttons on the main screen now have a more contemporary flat appearance.
  5. When using a second screen or projector and ProSelect's Mirror Display Area, by default, the background color will be the same as that of the main screen. However, you can set it to always be black in Preferences -> Display -> Calibration & Options -> Display Mirroring -> Background Always Black.
  6. Zooming in on an image now any uses remaining empty space around the image to show more of the image. Zooming in on cropped images shows the whole image with the cropped off area slightly dimmed. The bottom right corner of zoomed image shows a rectangle the shape of the un-zoomed image with the "Remove Zoom" icon inside. Each click zooms in the following sizes x1.5, x2, x3, x4, x6, x8, x12, x16. Alternatively, you can Alt/Option-Right-Click and select the zoom amount from the popup menu.

Mac Retina Support

  1. [MAC] ProSelect now supports the higher resolution displays on Macs with retina displays. Text, controls and thumbnail images now display with greater clarity. Large images will be displayed at the maximum resolution available dependent on your import size settings. Because images displayed on Retina screens are up to 4 times larger, changing your imported image size to a larger value can result in slower performance especially on larger screens.
  2. To support these displays on Macs with Retina screens (and to preserve cross-platform compatibility and for future Hi-DPI support on Windows machines), new albums are now created with higher resolution thumbnail images on all platforms. When opening album files created with earlier version of ProSelect, you are asked whether you wish to resize the thumbnail image to the new size.

Improved Performance

  1. ProSelect now uses a separate Helper app for importing images. This allows ProSelect to take advantage of multiple cores in your computer to import images faster. It is now approximately three times faster on a computer with four cores and two times faster on a machine with two cores. You can check if the Helper App is correctly installed by checking for "Image Loader: Ready" in the About ProSelect window.
  2. On Macs, the Helper app uses the OSX's 64bit APIs. This bypasses the problem with OSX's 32bit APIs not being able to read some types of .psd files saved from Lightroom.
    You can turn off the use of the Helper app in Preferences -> Importing Images -> Adding Images: Use Help App (faster importing). In this case, all importing (except for PSD files on Mac OSX), will be done without using the Helper App.
  3. ProSelect's image cache now uses free system memory rather than using part of ProSelect 3GB maximum memory allocation reducing the possibility of the program running out of memory with working with very large albums. Your computer needs at least 6GB of RAM to take advantage of this feature.
  4. Resource thumbnail images for Templates, Rooms and Books are now saved in a system memory cache to save application memory when you have a large number of these.

Quicktime Use Is Now Optional On Windows Computers

  1. [WIN] ProSelect is no longer dependent on Apple's Quicktime on Windows computers. Instead, ProSelect uses third party "Helper Apps" to read PSD file and to export slideshow movies on Windows computers. As a result, movie exporting is now 5 to 10 times faster than when using Quicktime. Exported movies using Ken Burns effects does take longer than those with non-Ken burns effects.
  2. [WIN] ProSelect can now import 16bit RGB and CMYK Photoshop files on Windows machines. (Macs have been able to do this since version 2015r3).
    You can check the status and versions of all the additional "Helper Apps" in the About ProSelect window.

More Frame Pricing Options

  1. In the Price List Setup window, you now have the option to add a "mark-up" factor to your frame group prices. This allows you to enter your framers cost pricing with a markup. Note: The markup must be a number greater than or equal to 1 (eg 1.5 would be a 50% markup) and is only applied to the rate part but not the fixed part (if you have this selected). The Pricing Method code is changed to reflect this. eg UIxM+F = (United Inches x Markup) + Fixed Amount
  2. Two new commonly used automatic Pricing Methods for frames have been added. These are: Chop Foot 6" and Chop Foot 4". These methods calculate the length of the frame (in feet) = circumference of mat + (8 x frame width) rounded up to next 1/2 or 1/3 of a foot respectively.

Ordering Digital Files

  1. ProSelect now supports the Ordering and Production of Digital Files. Digital files can be ordered as a group of one or more images in one or more Order Line Items.
    These can be added to your price list under the Digital Files tab in the Price List Setup Window. You can specify a description, a presentation option, pricing method and the maximum file output size in pixels. (This will be the size of the longest side).
  2. Pricing Methods can be either one fixed "Group Price" or based on a "Per Image Price". The latter can also have a fixed component added.
    Note: ProSelect does not check if you have a particular number of images in a Digital File Order Group so it is recommended for Group Priced items that you include the quantity in the description as a prompt when ordering (e.g. "Set of 10 Digital Files").
  3. Digital File price list items are automatically added to the bottom of the currently selected Price List in the Place Order Window and under the Quick Order Menu.
  4. When ordering Digital files, you can add and remove one or more images from a Digital File "Order Group". When adding images, if there are already one or more previous Digital File Order Groups, you have the option to create a new Order Group or add these images to one of the existing order Groups.
    To prevent accidental double ordering, the same image cannot be added more than once to a Digital File Order Group (unless has been duplicated in ProSelect).
  5. You can setup Extras to order with any Digital File Order Group. These can be fixed price (e.g. "Flash Drive in Gift Box") or a per Image Price (eg "Retouch digital files").
    Use Add with Extras button to include these when ordering or use the Change button to add/amend these later. When ordering with Extras the extra quantity defaults to 1 as it is taken to apply to the whole order group.
  6. Images ordered as Digital files, show both the shopping cart icon and a new "Digital Files" icon underneath on the thumbnail image when Show Thumbnail Tags is turned on (under the View menu).
  7. In the Order Report Setup window (under Options 2 tab), you can select to "Include Digital Order Image Names" if you wish to have these shown on the order report. Thumbnails images are not shown for these items.
  8. In Hi-Res Production, there is a new tab for producing Digital Files. You can select a digital file order group and edit/retouch images in that group the same way as with Prints and Composites. Unlike physical print orders, you can adjust the cropped aspect ratio to any shape in Production with the resulting crop will be sized (in pixels on the longest side) to the ordered size. The output size (in pixels) of the image is show at the bottom right below the Preview image box.
    Stamps can be added to the exported images with the default stamp for Digital Images being setup in the Preferences -> Hi-Res Production -> Styles & Stamps -> Stamps & Watermarks - Digital Files.
  9. All digital files in the same order group will be exported into a separate folder in your specified Hi-Res production output folder making it easy to transfer these in batch to another media. The name of the folder is set to the name of the Order Item plus the order ID to ensure a unique name. If you have duplicated any images and ordered them in the same order group any copies will be suffixed with -1, -2 etc,.

TimeExposure Plus Music Access

  1. ProSelect now includes access to and use of over 41,000 royalty free music tracks which you can use in your ProSelect slideshows and exported slideshow movies (subject to the Terms & Conditions in your ProSelect license agreement). On-going access and use of these music tracks linked to your TimeExposure PLUS program.
  2. In the Setup Music Window, click on the TX Plus Music button to search for, preview, select and download the available music. You can search for music by keyword, mood, genre, instruments and duration. You can have the results returned automatically listed by a number of criteria including "Highest Rating", "Most Recent" and more.
  3. You can preview the music track by playing it in this window prior to downloading the full track. Clicking on the soundtrack graphic allows you to start preview playback at any location. Check to "Auto Preview" box to have the music preview start playing when you click on a music track.
  4. When you downloading one or more of these music tracks, they are copied into your Music folder in your ProSelect Resources folder (with a .pmf file extension) and added to your currently selected music group. You can now see the full filename of the selected music track at the bottom of the Setup Music window.
  5. All TimeExposure Plus music is security encrypted and can only be used in copies of ProSelect that have an active TimeExposure Plus subscription.
  6. You can also download pre-loaded Music Groups of TX Plus Music using the TX Plus Music Collections button in the Setup Music window. Select one or more groups and click the download button to install these into ProSelect.

TimeExposure Plus Graphics Resources Access

  1. ProSelect users now have direct access to over 200,000 high resolution royalty free graphics elements that you can use to build unique products (subject to the Terms & Conditions in your ProSelect license agreement). Use these for matt backgrounds, graphics block and overlay images (some editing may be required). These elements are free to download for all TimeExposure Plus program members.
  2. You can search for and download images by clicking on the "P" icon in the Select Resource images window. When searching, you can select keywords, content type, orientation, category and color theme. Resulting preview images will be displayed in the window. Click those that you wish to download then click the Download button. The files will be downloaded into the appropriate ProSelect resources folder based on where you are working at the time.
  3. Added "Search TX Graphics" to the Resources menu. This allows the same search and download options except you can download the files into a nominated external folder. This is useful if you need to work on the files before addling them into your ProSelect Resources folder.

Ordering Improvements

  1. You can now select a different price list directly from the Quick Order menu (by right-clicking on the Shopping Cart icon).
  2. In the Place Order Window, when adding a new order, holding down the Alt/Option Key while clicking on the Quick Add, Add with Extra and Custom Products buttons will automatically prompt you to add a note to the ordered item AFTER the ordering is added. This only works when ordering one item at a time.
  3. In the Place Order Window, you can now click on the Presentation Option column to sort your orders by this values. By default, these are sorted within Prints and Layouts areas. Hold the Alt/Option Key down to sort across Prints and Layouts.
  4. In the Place Order Window, the title of the second column has been changed from "Image No." to "Ordered Item" and the color of the icons in the left most column now reflects the type of ordered item. Composite layouts have a green disclosure triangle, traditional matted ones a burgundy triangle and digital file groups have a blue triangle. Clicking on the triangle expands the item to show the images associated with it.

Order Report Changes

  1. Added the option to Print any applied Layout Style name on the Order Report. This is selected under the Options 2 tab in the Setup Order Report window.
  2. Added a new option to include (or not) the Album Name at the top of this report. This is selected under Options 1 tab -> Page Layout -> Include Album name.
  3. Added to option to "Include Digital Order Image Names" if you wish to have these shown on the Order Report.

Template Editor Changes

  1. The default wrap size is now 2".
  2. Added a new toggle button (near the top left side) to allow you to show the grid over the top of the openings and graphics blocks for easier alignment of overlapping openings.
  3. [DOC] Alt/Option clicking on the "Bring to Front" or "Bring to Back" icon to move the selected opening one position closer to the front or back respectively.

Template Manager Changes

  1. Added "Sort by Width" to the options under the Sort tool. As with all the sort tool options, selecting this while holding down the Alt/option key will reverse the sort order.

More Custom Effects

  1. The maximum number of Custom Effects Actions that you install in the Pro version has been increased to 100. The basic version is still the same with 5 actions.

Stamps, Watermark & Logos

  1. The Setup Stamps, Watermarks & Logos window now allows you to select a print paper size (and orientation) to see what a stamp's actual size and offset will be in inches or millimetres on an item at the selected size.
  2. The Setup Stamps, Watermarks & Logos window can now also be resized to allow for a larger preview image.
  3. You can now also use the tag [STUDIONAME] (and [BUSINESSNAME]) in a text copyright stamp to show your registered business name.
  4. Report Logos Setup has now been moved from the Preferences to a new window under the Resources Menu. The setup is now saved in the ProSelect_Data.xml file so it will be automatically shared between computer if you are using one of the sharing options.
  5. Added/updated the Default stamps and changed the default favorites stamp.
  6. When deleting stamps in the Setup Stamps, Watermarks & Logos window, you are no longer longer asked to confirm.

Recent Album Menu Improvements

  1. The Recent Albums Menu has been expanded to save the last 20 albums opened.
  2. Rather than remove album files that are no longer found or accessible (except for items in the trash), the menu will show them in the list with a caution icon on left size. If you select one of these, it will let you know the location where the album file was last saved to and give you to opportunity to "Try Again" (so you can re-mount a network location or drive) or "Remove From List".
  3. The bottom of the Recent Albums submenu now includes options to "Remove Missing Abums" or to "Clear Recent Album List" and to "Refresh List". The last item is can be used if you have made any changes outside of ProSelect since you launched the software.

More Cropping Flexibility

  1. You can now select to crop all the currently selected images to match the ratio of any size that you have setup in your Print Paper Sizes using the new Menu command Crop To -> Other Crop ratio (under the Edit menu).
    When using this command, you can optionally select to assign the selected print paper size as the default size for those images when showing in Select Size View or when added to a room.
    After using this command, the last crop ratio is automatically saved into the "Saved Crop Ratio" so you can use the menu shortcut Shift-Cmd-V (on Macs) or Shift-Cntrl-V (on Windows) to apply it to any selected images.
  2. Added support for Flip Horizontal to Working with Images in Cropping view so you can now flip images without needing to put them in a layout. The thumbnails of any flipped images show a "flipped" thumbnail tag.

Setup Rooms Changes

  1. Album Rooms no longer need to be added as images to the ProSelect album file. Rather, in the Setup Rooms window, you can either drop them directly into the Room list or use the Add Rooms from: Image File button to choose and import your room image files from anywhere on your computer. You can still add rooms from images that you have imported into your album file by selecting one at a time, opening the Setup Rooms window and using the Add Rooms from: Album Room button.
    As before, room images imported into your Library Room are saved in your ProSelect Resources folder while Album rooms are saved in the client's Album file.
  2. You can now adjust the crop, tilt and rotation of any room images within the Setup Rooms window by selecting the Crop (scissors icon) above the preview window.
  3. The Setup Rooms window now also allows you to search for and download room images that your clients have uploaded to (See next section).
  4. To help with calibrating rooms using a sheet of paper, the standard paper sizes for both Letter and A4 paper are now shown at the bottom of this window.

Send My Room Integration

ProSelect integrates with the service (a new TimeExposure product) which helps your clients to take and upload images of their rooms for you to use in their viewing sessions.
You can send in invitation to your clients though either your account or directly from within ProSelect using the SendMyRoom Invitation button in the Client Setup window or the SendMyRoom Invitation menu (under the Orders menu). Make sure that you enter the date and time of the client's viewing session since this will be displayed as reminder for them.
You can select to have the invitation email sent directly to them or open a new email on your computer so you can personalize it some more.
Before your viewing session, open the Setup Rooms window (under the Resources men) and click the Add Rooms from: SendMyRooms button to locate and quickly download the room images that your client has uploaded. In the window that opens, you can search by a client's name (as setup in the currently open album file) or any other name.
Normally you would have the option "With a Viewing Date from today onwards" selected so only clients with future viewing sessions are shown. Turn this off if you need to find a client with a booked session time before today's date.
In the search results box, click on client's name to show a thumbnail image of the rooms that they have uploaded. Select the rooms that you wish to download by clicking on the images or use the Check All button at the bottom, then click the Download button to start the download.
After downloading, the client's rooms will be automatically added as an Album Rooms to their Album File in the Setup Rooms window. You can then select a room, adjust the rotation, crop or tilt as required, then use the ruler to calibrate the room. They are then ready to use in ProSelect's Working with Rooms.

Support For Other Image Editors

  1. You can now select different Image editor in Preferences using "Set Other Editor..." from drop down. Select the application's location from the dialog window. If you have selected a third party application, ProSelect uses the Application's Open Document handler to open the selected image or images. This is the same process that occurs when you drop one or more images onto the application's icon - some third party applications may not work this way so you can test this functionality using this method.
    Note: Photoshop CS5 and newer is still required for Hi-Res Production.
    If you have selected an alternate editor you will find a "Open in XXXX" under Original Images Submenu (under Album menu). This editor can also be invoked using the "CMD-T" menu shortcut. Likewise, the image editing button in the Hi-Res Production window will also show "Open in XXXX".

General Changes

  1. No longer automatically turns on the Protect Images and Show Favorites view menu setting when these stamps have been changed. Rather, ProSelect now shows a message telling you how to turn them on.
  2. When Working with Images, Select Size View, the Info Bar now shows "Custom Crop" or "Cropped to Print Size" in the bottom right corner as determined by your current setting.
  3. Removed option to select Lightroom 1 & 2 in the RAW image Editor setting in the Preferences. ProSelect now only works with Lightroom 3 or newer via the ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom.
  4. ProSelect will now automatically try to re-connect to an album file that was open during a network failure or your computer going to sleep. If it is unable to do this it shows an warning message rather than an error.
  5. You now have to option to have the "Show Number Display" option stay on until you press the "N" key again. To do this check the "Toggle" option in the Preferences -> Borders & Backgrounds -> Selection Number Display.
  6. A new Preview Image is now used in Setup Styles, Image Effects Preferences and Test Custom Actions window.
  7. When you Open Setup Rooms, the Album tab is now automatically selected if you have one or more images selected in Working with Images.
  8. In Working with Slideshows, right-clicking on a video resource will show a popup menu to either Open the Video in Setup Videos window or Edit the Selected Video. This now works the same as right-clicking on a video in the slideshow.
  9. The Export Sample Images windows has been updated to show the maximum image size that can be exported (given it's imported size).
  10. The Hi-Res Production window can now be resized to provide a larger Preview image.
  11. "Always Duplicate" on Custom Effects Popup menu now defaults to OFF.
  12. Hi-Res Production Preferences "Use subfolders for each size" now defaults to ON.
  13. Changed Hi-Res production preferences to Output Folder options to "Use Subfolders (checkbox) for each print size" to separate from Digital files output which are always in a subfolder.
  14. Changed the wording in the Tax Setup window from "Price List Includes Tax" to "Price List Prices include Tax" to make this option clearer.
  15. Replaced the Copyright Stamp sample image with a larger one and updated the display in Setup Styles, Image Effects Preferences and Test Custom Actions windows.
  16. Increased the thickness or the Selection and Cropped Image Rectangles to make them more visible especially on lighter themed backgrounds.
  17. In the Setup Music window, you can now use the Alt/option key to drag one or more music tracks into another music group.
  18. The empty opening X on templates and layouts is now clearer.
  19. Setup Slideshow Styles - Added "Preview Background Only" option.
  20. Now saves the last window size and screen location for the Template Editor, Setup Slideshow Styles window, Edit Styles window and the Hi-Res production window.
  21. Simplified the Sharing setup options by only having one saving option which is saved to the shared location immediately. If off, any changes are only saved locally. Added an explanation of this into the setup windows.
  22. Music Setup Window now shows if the selected music track has been used in more than one music group.
  23. Template Editor now defaults to showing template thumbnails when opened from the Template Manager. The last hide/show setting selected in the Editor is now remembered for the time that ProSelect is open.
  24. Changed the colors of the shared server/folder status icons to better work with the new color themes.
  25. Setup Styles window is now resizeable and the preview image has been updated to make it clearer how the styles appear.
  26. Most resizeable windows now remember their size and position when you close ProSelect.
  27. Any images that have been reloaded now display a "reloaded icon" (the same as the thumbnail tag one) in the Hi-Res Production window.
  28. When using ProSelect Data -> Reset to default setup or Install current version default data, ProSelect now check that you have the correct version of the Default Resources folder installed and prompts you to re-install everything if not.
  29. When using the % button to add a discount Extra line item in any of the Add with Extras windows, if you enter alternate description (to replace the default "Discount") of four or more characters in length, your entered description will be automatically saved used the next time that you apply a percentage discount.
  30. Added to option to turn off Sharing when starting ProSelect with the SHIFT key held down.
  31. On new installations, the installed Sample Album album file is now automatically added to the Recent Albums menu.
  32. Removed the option to "Always Use Photoshop" from the Select Resource Image window since Photoshop file are now already imported using internal methods in ProSelect.
  33. Change the default Preferences to the following settings:

    Import image Resize to: 2400 x 1600
    Video Sound -> Turn off when adding to Slideshow: OFF
    Setup Frames -> Remove size from filename: OFF
    Order Report -> Include Report Logo: ON
    Order Report -> Include Total Savings: ON
    Order Report -> Include Digital FileNames: ON
    Order Report -> Include Image Notes: ON

  34. The Setup Frames window is now re sizeable in width and height.
  35. Increased the maximum length of Set Names to 32 characters (from 15).
  36. Updated the Notes Library window so that each note type is now shown under a different tab.
  37. Changed the ProSelect Data -> "Install current version default data" menu to "Install 2017r1 Default Resources". This now opens a window where you can select which resources you wish to add into your existing setup.
  38. Removed "Show Cropped Images" and "Expand Small Images" from the View menu to simplify the options. ProSelect works as if these were always selected.
  39. You can now select and edit any resource image from within the Select Resource Image window. It will open the image for editing in the Image Editor that you have selected in your Preferences (defaults to Photoshop). If you have multiple file types in your selected Resources folder (eg .png and .psd) then it will always open the .psd file as that is assumed to be your "master file".
  40. ProSelect Basic users can use the included title slides which have [Client-Full-Name] embedded text tags. Any other text tags will only work if you have the Pro version.
  41. In Working with Slideshows, a warning icon and error message is now shown in the info bar when you select an included video with an error (such as the video file is missing).
  42. In the Select Resource Image window, the "Update png from psd" tool now uses internal methods instead of Photoshop to convert the image.
  43. The Gallery Wrap references have been changed to "Wrap/Bleed" because this function can be used for both purposes.
  44. On first run of 2017r1, you are prompted whether you wish to add the new 2017r1 default resources to your setup.
  45. Before running Production, now checks if you have any open unsaved images in Photoshop and warns you that they will be closed without being saved if you continue.
  46. Now displays a larger "locked ordered" icon in middle of images when you try to change the crop on an ordered image.
  47. Added Completion actions for Digital files to Preferences -> Hi-Res Production -> General Actions. If set, these are run as the final step of production on a digital file.
  48. Added support for variable tags Notes so you can easily personalize your notes. The following tags are supported: YEAR, SHORTYEAR, STUDIONAME, BUSINESSNAME, CLIENTFULLNAME, CLIENTFIRSTNAME, CLIENTLASTNAME.
  49. Setup Music now defaults to having Music Trimming turned on.
  50. Added support for text tags [SHORTDATE], [DATE] and [CLIENTLASTNAME] in stamps and notes.
  51. The Reset window (which appears when you hold down the Shift key during startup), now allows you to restore from one of the last 25 automatic ProSelect Data backup files from your Application Support (Macs) or App Data\Roaming (on Windows) -> ProSelect -> Data_Backups folder. These are displayed in date order showing the last modified date and file size of each backup file.
  52. ProSelect Data auto-backup files are now created in 15 minutes intervals (up from 5 minutes) and up to nine versions are now saved to provide at least two hours of ProSelect Data changes that can be recovered from.
  53. ProSelect Data auto-backup files and now also created on each machine when using the ProSelect Network server. Previously they were only saved on the server's computer.
  54. Included new ProSelect Resources Guide (.pdf) manual in the installer. This can be opened under the Help Menu, the Trial Started Registration window and Install 2017 Default Resources window.
  55. Changed the Notes Library window into a Movable Dialog (on Macs) and made it resizeable.
  56. Added support for adjusting the cropping of an image by Alt/Option-dragging on an image in a layout in Working with Rooms. This now works the same with Prints in a room.
  57. Title slides can now use PNG files as background images. Any transparent areas are filled with black.
  58. Made the Edit Book Design, Rename Layouts, Setup Title Slides windows resizable.


  1. [FIX] When Working with Layouts, the screen is now correctly updated after using the delete key to remove a layout from the Display Area.
  2. [FIX] In the Template Editor, the Thumbnail list now automatically scrolls to show any new template added or copied.
  3. [FIX][WIN] Changed the way the second screen position, size and scaling is detected when running on Windows 8 & 10 so that the Mirror Display Area screen works as expected regardless of the scaling selected for the display's scaled text and/or the presence of any Hi-DPI screens.
  4. [FIX] The Images List Yes/May/No count text color is now the same as other text on main window. As well as this all text on main window has been slightly lightened to make it clearer against the dark background.
  5. [FIX] Tax Setup Window changed text "Price List Includes Tax" to "Price List Prices include Tax" to avoid confusion.
  6. [FIX] [MAC] Now shows the album's unsaved status in the windows title bar after making changes to a client via the Client Setup menu.
  7. [FIX] Now marks an album as "unsaved" if you only append a note to an item using the Notes button in the toolbar.
  8. [FIX] No longer gives an error under some circumstances when you import a folder of images also containing some video files and have your Preferences set to automatically add these as Album Videos.
  9. [FIX] Now shows a warning when starting a slideshow which is using a Slideshow style with a Ken Burns effect when not using ProSelect Pro. The slideshow will then play without this effect.
  10. [FIX] Hi-Res Production will now convert 16 bit and/or CMYK Images into 8bit RGB files when they are used during production.
  11. [FIX] Hi-Res Production no longer stops when building composite layouts which use a style containing a graphics block or background image set to Fit to Bottom Center or Fit to Top Center.
  12. [FIX] When duplicating a layout the new layout is now placed after the original rather than before.
  13. [FIX] In Working with Books or Working with Layouts, when you have Smart filter: One Opening selected, the resulting templates now honors the Template Categories display settings (ie Show only in Book or Layouts or both).
  14. [FIX] In Working with Slideshows, Thumbnail view. If a title slide has missing variable data, the caution icon on the thumbnail and the "T" icon are now removed after opening the Client Setup Window and adding a name.
  15. [FIX] Tilted images without any applied crop now get correctly displayed after using Remove Tilt (under the Edit Menu).
  16. [FIX] Exporting slideshow movies. Now correctly display the background when the first slide is a title slide. No longer add a wide border to the image shown after a "Next Image" Title slide when you have Ken Burns effect (random sizing) and drop shadows turned on.
  17. [FIX][WIN] Worked around a problem with production appearing not to be working when using the "Keep Open in Photoshop" option with Photoshop CS6 (64bit) on Windows. In this case, Photoshop's display system stops updating the screen after clearing the last selection. The solution, for this combination only, was to leave the last selection in place.
  18. [FIX] Now shows a warning symbol against any slideshow title slides containing first and last text tag names when those names aren't empty but have the default name (ie "Client 1") in them.
  19. [FIX][MAC] Not longer causes a crash if you use the Quit menu while some dialog windows are still open then close those windows.
  20. [FIX] When opening an album file, any video files included in a Slideshow are no longer removed if they are not found in the correct location. This allows you to use the Find Album Videos option in the Setup Videos window to re-link to your missing videos.
  21. [FIX] In the Price List Setup window, Layouts tab, the size shown for any templates with a canvas wrap is now displayed at the face size rather than the overall size.
  22. Reduced the time taken when changing thumbnail sizes by no longer rebuilding all thumbnail images when they are already at the correct size.
  23. [FIX] No longer uses excess memory when you have included videos in your slideshows and you scroll around in thumbnail view.
  24. [FIX] No longer removes videos from a slideshow if the videos are not found in the same location as originally imported. You can then find the videos again in the Setup videos window.
  25. [FIX] Now shows a warning icon on any video clips that are missing the original file.
  26. [FIX] Now shows a warning icon on any video clips that are missing the original file.
  27. [FIX] Moved "Mirror Screen Scale" size display from the mirrored screen to the main windows info bar.
  28. [FIX] Now immediately updates the Info Bar when turning the mirror screen on/off.
  29. [FIX] "Install 20171r1 default resources" now only adds new categories and groups if they are not empty.
  30. [FIX] When ordering an image using Add with Extras from the Quick Order menu, the print size popup menu size now shows "No Price list item setup at displayed size" instead of a blank entry if the current display size is not in the selected price list.
  31. [FIX] You can no longer Alt/Option drag to adjust the cropping of any print in a Room if it has been ordered unless you have selected Unlock Ordered Items (in the Edit menu). The shopping cart icon will be displayed on the corner of the image when you attempt to crop the image.
  32. [FIX] Removed support for EXIF 2.2 from very old cameras and photo software as it was giving incorrect rotation information.
  33. [FIX] When adding a Library Room, rather than copying the original file into the resources folder, it is now saved as a copy so any EXIF rotation is already applied to the image.
  34. [FIX] No longer gives and error when producing the Production Report if you have a layout with an empty opening.
  35. [FIX] No longer gives an error when playing the slideshow on the second screen if you disconnect the second screen before the slideshow has finished.
  36. [FIX] Improved the message shown when you try to change the size of an ordered image in Working with Rooms.
  37. [FIX] Working with Images, Select Size View. You can no longer change the size or cropping of an image that has been already ordered.
  38. [FIX] Image stamps still work if you remove the original image file from your ProSelect resources folder or are working disconnected.
  39. [FIX] To prevent the possibility of loosing setup data after an error, ProSelect now checks that the data file was actually loaded before re-saving it on shutdown.
  40. [FIX] No longer gives an error if you use Undo after trying to delete images from an album when no images were actually deleted because they were being used.
  41. [FIX] In Working with Books, the Undo action after dropping in multiple images will now correctly remove all images.
  42. [FIX] No longer gives an error when using "escape key" to close the Preferences window if pressed while the Setup Sharing window is still closing.
  43. [FIX] High-Res Production of stamps with text now first searches for an exact font match on family (name) and style, if an exact match is not found it will use first found family match, then default to currently selected font.
  44. [FIX] In Setup Rooms, the ruler can no longer be made shorter than 20 pixels so you will always be able to grab and resize it using both end handles.
  45. [FIX] When an error occurs during Production, the entire error message contents is now shown rather than just the title in the message box.
  46. [FIX] Now immediately updates the Info Bar values when in Thumbnail view after changing displayed units using "Show Sizes in Inches/Centimeters" under view menu.
  47. [FIX] Now resets the current display units to the selected Working Units when you click on Working Units popup menu in the Preferences -> General -> General Defaults.
  48. [FIX][WIN] Added the maximize button to any windows that are resizable.
  49. [FIX][WIN] Added the close button to windows with a Cancel button and removed it from windows where unsaved changed would be lost.
  50. [FIX][WIN] Removed the minimise button from the Setup Frames and Setup Music windows.
  51. [FIX] Setup Title Slides window now uses the higher resolution resources image when displaying title slide background images in the preview area.
  52. [FIX] The Select Resource Image window now selects the last added image after it has been added/converted by dropping it into the listbox rather than using the Add Image button

Minor Release Changes

What's New in Version 2017r1.15

Feb 13, 2018

  1. [FIX] Fixes an issue that could ProSelect to fail or crash when opening a network connection to either the internet or waiting for incoming commands from the Lightroom plugin. This occurred when you had a large number of resource images and/or an album file with a large number of images.

What's New in Version 2017r1.14

Dec 14, 2017

  1. [FIX] Now correctly preloads templates thumbnail images on startup when this is selected in the Preferences.
  2. [FIX] On startup, now only re-copying video and music resources from the ProSelect Resources folder if the low-res cache versions are missing. Previously it was copying them all again which could slow down startup when loading from a network location.
  3. [FIX] No longer sometimes missing end-of line characters in Debug Data window.
  4. Now includes the selected folder path information into the error message when unable to read or write to the shared data location.

What's New in Version 2017r1.13

Oct 26, 2017

  1. [FIX] Ambient Music no longer stops after playing a protected music track such as those included with the default ProSelect installation or downloaded from TX Plus Music.
  2. [FIX][MAC] On Macs with Retina screens, stamps with an opacity less than 100% are now display in the correct position.
  3. [FIX] Starting High-Res Production no longer gives an error if you have assigned a stamp with a diagonal orientation.
  4. [FIX] Update Album Resource Images (under the Album menu) now also updates any saved frame image applied to print items.
  5. [FIX] Working with Rooms. Alt/Option - Select Size view no longer continually readjusts the scaling to fix the current display area size if you adjust the position of any items. To refit the items into the display area, click Alt/Option - Select Size view again.
  6. [FIX] Working with Rooms. Alt/Option - Select Size view background color now honors the current Theme color.

What's New in Version 2017r1.12

Sep 21, 2017

  1. [FIX] Export Price as CSV no longer offsets Print price items by one price list column (to the right) and now includes Digital Files and associated Extras in the exported CSV file.
  2. [FIX] When loading a 16-bit PSD image file during production, the image is now flattened before changing it to 8-bit to reduce banding artifacts.
  3. [FIX][MAC] Production no longer stops randomly part way through on some machines. This issue was inadvertently introduced with changes to the way Photoshop scripts were run in the 2017r1.11 update.
  4. The maximum print paper size has been increased from 100" to 120".
  5. [FIX][WIN] You can now minimize the main window when Mirror Display Area is turned on.
  6. [FIX] When using Photoshop debugging from the High-Res Production window (by holding the SHIFT key down when starting Production), the "Is Photoshop connected" test script (which is run before the production script) is longer when first opened in ExtendScript.
  7. [FIX][MAC] When playing a slideshow movie using OpenGL, all images after the few already loaded into the cache are now correctly color corrected.
  8. Ordered Frame Report. The Frame Size column is now aligned to the right-hand side of the page allowing more space for very long frame names.
  9. [FIX] Now using the Helper app, if available, to Reload-Relink PSD files. This provides better memory usage when loading large PSD files and, on Macs, bypasses the problem with OSX's 32bit APIs not being able to read some types of PSD files saved from Lightroom.
  10. [FIX][WIN] Now correctly exporting slideshows movies using the with Fade to Background transitions. This was causing a noticeable jerkiness when the movie also included the Ken Burns Effect.
  11. [FIX][WIN] Exported slideshow movies now honor the start and end transitions option setting.
  12. [FIX] Added a missing Help Tag "Add New Frame Group".
  13. Production Window Info box now shows Wrap sizes to 2 decimal places.
  14. [FIX] When exporting an order containing a set of Digital Files that are setup to use "Group Pricing", the quantity value for the ordered item is now set to 1 rather than the number images in the set. This is to avoid confusing external Studio Management Systems which may multiply the quantity by the unit price.

What's New in Version 2017r1.11

Aug 15, 2017 

  1. Added latest Spanish Translations.
  2. [FIX][MAC] Changed the method of launching Photoshop to get around a bug with Photoshop CC2017 not starting up correctly when launched using AppleScript.
  3. [FIX][MAC] Improved the way ProSelect checks for a response when connecting to Photoshop as the current method was not working reliably when using very large album files.
  4. [FIX] Albums that have previously been converted to use HiDPI (retina sized) thumbnails now always save thumbnail images at HiDPI sizes even if used on a non-HiDPI machine.
  5. [FIX] The Setup Rooms window now shows the correct text Hints on the rotate and tilt buttons.
  6. Added the option to skip checking for messages on startup for 2 days to the Reset window shown when you start ProSelect with the Shift key held down. This is to prevent ProSelect from hanging up for an extended period during startup in the unlikely case of the TimeExposure server not being able to be reached. (There was a recent case with a user's DNS error that caused this.)
  7. [FIX] Now shows a message directing you to the correct location if you select to download one or more EPS files when you are not in Search TX PLUS Graphics window (under the Resources Menu). This window allows you to select to download graphics files to a external folder rather than the ProSelect Resources folder.
  8. [FIX][WIN] Exporting a slideshow movie now works when your computer's language settings are set to a non-English language which uses a different character as the decimal separator.
  9. Changed the About WebGallery window to show options for exporting images to on-line e-commerce services.
  10. [FIX][MAC] No longer runs out of memory when importing a large number of album videos. This was due to generating larger than required thumbnail images for each video.
  11. [FIX][WIN] By default, FFMpeg is now used to create the thumbnail images for any videos. If not available, Quicktime is used.
  12. Moved video track thumbnails to an external memory cache.
  13. [FIX] When adding album video files to a previously saved album, the album is now marked as "needing to be saved" and the new videos are now correctly saved with the album file.
  14. Added the option to always create Retina/Hi-DPI sized thumbnail images in Preferences -> Importing Images -> Settings. This will avoid the prompt to re-size your thumbnail images if you open an album file created on a non-Retina computer on one with a Retina screen. While these screens are currently only supported in the Mac version of ProSelect, this option can still be used on Windows machines if you also have some retina Macs in your studio.
  15. ProSelect no longer adds the "X-" prefix to the filenames of exported sample images. This was to prevent accidentally overwriting the original images if you chose to export to the same folder. Rather, ProSelect now checks if you have selected to export to a folder containing your original images and warns you before exporting..

What's New in Version 2017r1.10

July 4, 2017 

  1. [FIX] In the Place Order window, when you preview an individual image in an ordered layout, the image now displays using its cropping position in that layout rather than the cropping of the image in Working with Images.
  2. [FIX] Now displays and uses the correct number of pages when printing a book report or book proof sheets of single sided books.
  3. [FIX] Working with Books no longer excludes some valid templates when using the Smart Filter -> No. of Openings and having one image selected.
  4. [FIX] When using Export -> Selected Sample Layouts or the Snapshot tool to export a sample of a Layout with a wrap applied, the output image no longer includes the wrap area.
  5. [FIX] Now always displays the correct rotation of cropped images in Working with Slideshows Thumbnail View.
  6. [FIX] When downloading TX Plus Graphics Library images, to avoid overwriting existing images, an "_X" is now added to the downloaded image filename if a file with the same name already exists in the download location.

What's New in Version 2017r1.9

June 15, 2017 

  1. [FIX][WIN] The ability to crop an image when ordering a Custom Print now work on Windows.
  2. [FIX] Sharing Setup - When using "Get from Shared", the shared data file will now always be download even if it is older than the one on your local computer.
  3. [FIX] The default client name (eg "Client 1") is now removed from any notes which use client name text tags such as the default Order Report notes. The name will appear in the notes after you have changed it to something else.
  4. [FIX] Digital File Order Groups now have any characters in their descriptions which are not permitted in filenames replaced with spaces to prevent a problem creating the output folder during production.
  5. [FIX] High-Res Production. You can now open more than one image file (or raw file) at a time in your selected photo editor when selecting files under the Digital Files tab.
  6. [FIX][WIN] The Preview image in Setup Report logos now displays correctly on Windows machines.
  7. [FIX] No longer gives an error under some circumstances when downloading TX PLUS graphics.
  8. [FIX] ProSelect now saves the Export Production Package location in each album file. The export location set in the High-Res Production Preferences is used as the default location for the first export from each album however, if you select another location during the export, it will use that location for subsequent exports.
  9. [FIX] Exporting production package to same folder as album now works correctly.
  10. [FIX] The Mirror display area background when in Select Size view now uses the theme's color unless you have selected "Background Always Black" in Preferences -> Display -> Calibration & Options -> Display Mirroring.
  11. [FIX][WIN] No longer gives error code 1510 when trying to export slideshows on select Windows computers.

What's New in Version 2017r1.8

June 3, 2017 

  1. [FIX] Re-loading (and Reloading/Re-linking images) no longer shows the updated portrait-orientated thumbnail as rotated for images that have been cropped in ProSelect.  This was accidentally introduced in ProSelect 2017r1's new thumbnail caching system.

What's New in Version 2017r1.7

June 2, 2017 

  1. [FIX] Working with Books. Templates are no longer incorrectly sized when you add the new page by dropping images into the template when you have smart filter turned on.
  2. [FIX] Working with Books. Now always correctly update the displayed thumbnails after making changes to the smart filter settings.
  3. [FIX] Coloring correction is once again working when you have Mirror Display Area turn off. This bug was accidentally introduced with the 2017r1.6 update..

What's New in Version 2017r1.6

May 26, 2017 

  1. [FIX][MAC] Enable javascript in the Messages browser in case default is off in which case clicking on the message's title would not have expanded it to show the message contents.
  2. When searching for TX PLUS Graphics you can now see what file formats are available by new icons on preview images (green = selected, yellow = available, grey = not available). You can select which format you wish to download by clicking on a yellow icon or using the right-click popup menu.
  3. [FIX] Rating stars on preview images in the Search TX PLUS Graphics window are no longer double-size on non-retina screens.
  4. [FIX] Once again showing thumbnail labels on Mirror Display Area screen. This was broken with the 2017r1 release.
  5. [FIX] Setup Stamps no longer gives an error when creating the preview image in some circumstances.
  6. [FIX] No longer selects the wrong image after undoing adding an image to a book when the smart filter is turned on.
  7. [FIX] No longer gives an error when ordering a layout as a Custom Product if you have deleted all your Presentation Options.
  8. [FIX][MAC] No longer gives an error when playing a looped slideshow which includes a video.
  9. [FIX][WIN] No longer gives an error when running a Photoshop action while the ambient music is playing.
  10. [FIX] No longer gives an error in some circumstances when you cancel a Music download.
  11. [FIX] No longer gives an error in some circumstances when resizing the Info bar (by resizing the main window).
  12. [FIX] No longer gives an error if you download some TX PLUS graphics and nothing is returned from the server.
  13. [FIX] No longer gives an error when displaying the Selection Number Display when the image has an invalid size.
  14. [FIX] No longer gives an error when you try to add different sized pages into a Traditional Matted Book when you have the "Same Size only" option selected.
  15. [FIX] Increased the StudioCloud connection timeout value from 20 to 60 seconds so it's possible to upload very large orders without timing out.
  16. [FIX] No longer gives an error when nothing is displayed in Preview Slideshow Slide view in Working with Slideshows when you resize the main window or move it to another screen.
  17. [FIX] No longer gives an error when color correcting between the main and mirror displays when either screen's color profiles are not setup correctly.
  18. [FIX] No longer showing the decimals in the Quantity column for single image prints in the High-Res Production window.
  19. [FIX] Setup Frames. No longer gives an error in some circumstances when loading frames into the Frames Resources list.
  20. [FIX] No longer gives an error in some circumstances after making changes in the Setup Music window when this window has been opened from within the Setup Slideshow Styles window.
  21. [FIX][WIN] Some buttons icons in the dialog windows are now cleanly redrawn when you resize a window by dragging on the edge of the window.
  22. Changed the SendMyRooms menu (under the Orders menu) to allow you to also open the SendMyRooms Management Area as well as to Send a new Invitation.
  23. [FIX][WIN] The Selection Number Display is no longer cutoff at bottom edge.
  24. [FIX] When previewing SendMyRooms images for download, in the unlikely event that some images are not available, they will display as a red X and are not selectable for download.
  25. [FIX] After making a change to the Select Resource Image window, the previously selected sorting will be re-applied.
  26. The SendMyRooms_Guide.pdf is now included as part of the ProSelect Installer and can be opened under the Help menu in ProSelect.
  27. Removed the View menu shortcut for Show in Centimeters/Inches to avoid confusing Windows users (this is used to close a window on Windows).
  28. [FIX] After downloading a TX PLUS graphic item to use as a slideshow background, the downloaded resource image is now automatically selected in the Select Resource window.
  29. [FIX] Now automatically converts downloaded PSD file to PNG format when downloading a TX PLUS graphic item to use as a slideshow background.
  30. [FIX] Setup Rooms window. The net rotation of room images added from the album file or directly imported is now saved with the room.
  31. [FIX][WIN] In Setup Rooms window, changing to Cropping mode no longer displays a blank Preview Area.
  32. When downloading rooms from SendMyRooms, you can now search for All Viewings. Viewings are now displayed in date order with the earliest at the top. Expired viewings (these earlier than today) are shown with red date. You can hide expired viewings by selecting the "Only show with dates from today onward" option. The client list format has also been updated.
  33. In the Search SendMyRooms window, the order of the First Name & Last Name boxes has been swapped.
  34. [FIX] When importing images, now supports images rotated 180 degrees (camera upside down).
  35. [FIX][WIN] When searching for SendMyRooms images, the preview area now shows the uploaded room images for the selected client rather than being blank.
  36. [FIX][WIN] Exporting a slideshow movie containing a video clip now correctly uses the video's adjusted start location. Previously the sound track was exported from start location while the video track was exported from the beginning of the clip.
  37. [FIX] When changing directly to Working with Books, Show Pages View, any selected images in the image list now retain their selection.

What's New in Version 2017r1.5

May 4, 2017

  1. [FIX][WIN] Now correctly positions the slideshow and mirror display area screens when using Hi-DPI screens and text scalings settings of other than 100% on Windows 8 and 10.
  2. [MAC] Made changes to the mirror display window to allow support for the above Windows changes.
  3. [FIX] No longer appends the Order ID number to produced digital files because they are always exported to a uniquely named subfolder for each digital file order group.
  4. [FIX] No longer gives an error after relinking Digital Images file orders in Production.
  5. [FIX] The linked icon is now immediately shown in the list of images after relinking for Digital Image file orders in Production.
  6. [FIX] No longer gives an error when opening the Setup Stamps window when your first print paper size 0x0. Any sizes with zero in them are no longer included in the list of preview sizes in this window.
  7. [FIX] When playing a slideshow which includes a wall grouping layout with a wrap, only the face side of the layout is displayed.
  8. [FIX] No longer gives an error if you close the Preferences window before the "Test Photoshop Connection" operation has completed.
  9. [FIX][WIN] No longer gives an error when using Imagemagick to import images PSD or opening an image in another photo editor when the images are located on mapped network location.
  10. [FIX] Now correctly exports images with the show frames and favorite stamps options when using Export -> Sample Images in Current Set provided the image has had a size applied.
  11. [FIX] No longer leaves the "wait" cursor set after Exporting Sample images.
  12. [FIX] Now correctly expands cropped images to fit within thumbnail sizes. This ensure that the saved thumbnail is correct size in album so ProSelect no longer resizes these thumbnails on load.
  13. [FIX] When using Export -> Sample Images, cropped images are now automatically expanded so they fill to the specified exported size.
  14. [FIX] Now ignores the Crop to Print Size setting when Exporting Sample Images
  15. [FIX][MAC] When checking for the best version of Photoshop to use, check for the result even if the script has timed out as some system setups don't seem to be triggering an end of script event.
  16. [FIX][WIN] Updated the Windows version of the ImageLoader Helper App (to 1.4) so it can import PSD files from a mapped network location.

What's New in Version 2017r1.4

April 27, 2017

  1. [FIX] No longer gives an error if you accidentally triple click on the Make High-Res Images button in Production. The Make High-Res Images button and the Close button are now disabled until production completed.
  2. [FIX][WIN] Now correctly imports images with odd characters in their filename (such as the copyright symbol) when using the Helper App. Note: Unless disabled in the Preferences, the Helper App is always used to speed up importing when doing more than three images at a time.
  3. [FIX][WIN] Improved the speed of importing large PSD files by around three times when NOT using the Helper App. When importing large images this way, the progress dialog no longer says "Not responding" while each image is being processed.
  4. [FIX] High-Res Production Window. The preview of composite layout with a wrap no longer displays with the "Locked Ordered" overlay shown over the top of the image.
  5. [FIX][WIN] Exporting a slideshow movie with Ken Burns effect (full image) now works correctly.
  6. [FIX] No longer gives a error when saving an album file if you have used a frame which has an apostrophe in its name or the name of the folder it is located in.

What's New in Version 2017r1.3

April 17, 2017

  1. [FIX] Once again supports reading EXIF orientation data in images using the older 2.x EXIF formats.

What's New in Version 2017r1.2

April 15, 2017

  1. [FIX][MAC] The Open/Save/Select Folder dialog window no longer opens over the mirror screen when ProSelect is started with Mirror Display already turned on or just after turning on.
  2. In Working with Rooms, Thumbnail View, you can now add a new room design by dragging and dropping one or more images or layouts from the image list onto a Library or Album room at the bottom of the window.
  3. [FIX][WIN] No longer gives an error importing images using the Helper App if the path to those images is in Windows "short path" format or with odd characters in the path to the file. Typically this occurred when importing from a network location. This error would only occur if you were adding more than three images at a time because, with less that this number, the Helper App is not used.
  4. [FIX] Now clears the thumbnail label (at the bottom of the image list) when closing an album or starting new one.

What's New in Version 2017r1.1

April 11, 2017

  1. [FIX] Now correctly updates layout thumbnails after removing images using delete key.
  2. [FIX] Set the minimum window size of the Search SendMyRooms window to the same as its default size, and allow slight width adjustment to make resizing easier.
  3. Added text "(newest first)" to the Search SendMyRooms window image preview box to match the server's search results order.
  4. [FIX] Now shows a warning message when SendMyRooms is offline.
  5. [FIX] Now shows a warning message when installing default frames and the default frames can't be found.
  6. [FIX] Now shows a warning message when trying to download music resources and they are unavailable or there is nothing to download.
  7. [FIX][WIN] Setup Rooms. The text in the group box label is no longer cut-off and is correctly sized.
  8. [FIX] Changed "Session Date" to "Viewing Date" in SendMyRooms areas.
  9. Added "On-Line KnowledgeBase..." to the Help Menu.
  10. [FIX] No longer gives and error when changing tabs and image thumbnail has not been drawn yet.
  11. Added a new startup option for Trial users upgrading from an earlier version to ask whether they would like to reset to the default setup for the new version.
  12. "Important" unread messages from TimeExposure will now always display on Startup even if you have this option turned off.
  13. [FIX][WIN] The Shift-Startup window is now a global floating type so it will be shown in front of other windows when starting ProSelect by double-clicking to launch with the SHIFT key down.
  14. [FIX] The Select Theme window now shows after, rather than before the Registration window on new installations or upgrades.
  15. About ProSelect window - changed "Updates valid until" to "TimeExposure PLUS valid until"
  16. [FIX] When zooming in on images, the zoomed images are now also shown on the Mirror Display Area screen when you have "Keep Same Size" turned off in Preferences -> Display -> Calibration & Options -> Display Mirroring. Also, with this same configuration, the applied zoom is no longer removed after Shift-dragging a zoomed image around.
  17. [FIX] Now ignores .XMP files if they are included as part of a selection of individual image files dragged into ProSelect

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