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Photoshop CC2017 startup issue on Macs

Updated 10 October 2017

The current release of Photoshop CC2017 does not start up correctly when launched using AppleScript commands on the Mac. ProSelect uses this method to start Photoshop if it is not already running before sending any commands to it. 

A symptom of this is that Photoshop's splash screen doesn't do away (it can be hidden behind the main window) and any subsequent commands sent by ProSelect do not complete correctly leaving the unfinished image when running production or custom effects actions.

This problem did not occur with previous versions of Photoshop.

We have contacted Adobe, and they acknowledged the problem but gave no timeframe for a fix. 


If you are licensed to use ProSelect 2017r1 or newer then make sure that you download and use at least version 2017r1.11 (and preferably 2017r1.12) as we have changed the way ProSelect launches Photoshop as a workaround to this problem.

If are using an earlier version of ProSelect, we recommend that you have Photoshop CC2017 already open before sending any commands to it from ProSelect.  If you forget to do this, then best to close Photoshop, re-open it, then run the command again.

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