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Updating Retouched Images in ProSelect

In version 2015r1 we added the ability to have your ProSelect images automatically update to the retouched versions when the revised file is relinked in production.  This is a preference that needs to be set.  If users first started out with v2017, the preference was set to "reload" (update) by default.  If you ever had an earlier version (trial or otherwise previous to 2017r1) you needed to change the preference setting. 

In the graphic below, it shows a preferences window and the production window.   It is suggested that you set the preference as indicated (check the box).

When "Always reload when relinking" is checked, and a new file is added during production, clicking "Relink Reload..." will replace the current image (usually the imported jpg) with the new file.    The up arrow icon indicates that image has been updated since the initial album creation.  You will also see a thumbnail icon (up arrow) indicating an updated image.

If the preference setting is not checked, clicking "Relink Reload..." in production will only assign the updated file for use in producing the final output files (the way ProSelect operated since production development).  This will be indicated with the link icon, but only the production preview image is updated, rather than all instances of that image in the album.

Suggested Setting

Relink/ Reload

Reload Relink Thumbnail Tags 

Thumbnail Tags

Seeing what's going on

To see which images, ProSelect is currently working with internally and in Production, you can use the Show Selected Image Info window.  Open this in Working with Images, by selecting an image and choosing this option from the Album menu or the right-click popup menu (when in Thumbnail View). The window below will open:

If the image has been re-linked and reloaded you will see that the Current Album Image name has a different extension than the originally loaded image (.tif in the above case) and that this image will also be used during High-Res Production.

If you have moved the location of your images or you have multiple copies of the same image in different folders and are not sure which image is being referenced by ProSelect, then you can view the full path to the image file by dragging out the window's width or using the Show In Finder (on Macs) or Show in Explorer (on Windows) button at the bottom of the window to show the folder containing both the originally loaded image and the retouched image (since they must both be in the same folder).

If you have moved the location of your images then you can use Original Images -> Find Ordered Images (under the Album menu) (or one of the other Find options) to point ProSelect to the new folder location.

If you have multiple copies of the images in different folders and need to force ProSelect to change to a different folder, then use the the same Find command but hold down the SHIFT key when selecting the menu item. This will prompt you to select a new location for the images bypassing the initial check to see if they can be found in the old location. 

Traditional Production Relinking

The graphic below shows relinking (reload is not turned on) of files in the production window.   In this case, the relinked images will only be used for final production output and only the production thumbnail is updated.

Production Relink Only

Problems with linking to updated files?

See this article: Production not Linking to retouched files

  KnowledgeBase Article: Updating Retouched Images in ProSelect  

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