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ProSelect Network Server sleep issue on OSX Sierra

A user has reported an issue when running the ProSelect Network Server on Mac OSX Sierra (10.12). 

It turns out that, in Sierra, the Proselect Network Server is suspended from running when the server's display goes to sleep or the screensaver comes up. If any other computers running ProSelect try to send data to or get data from the server, such as when starting up or updating their settings, while the screensaver is up on the server computer, a "misc communications error code 16" or a failure to update template will occur. Waking up the display and trying again works.

To prevent this from happening, right-click on the ProSelect Network Server app and selecting Get Info. Then check "Prevent App Nap" checkbox. Quit the server and restart it again. This keeps the server app awake even if the machine's display is asleep.

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