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Photoshop CC2018 on Mac

Updated November 1, 2017

Some users have reported some issues with ProSelect connecting to Photoshop CC2018 (which has just been released).

After further investigation,  the problems seem to be only arising after the initial installation and setup of CC2018. The issue with ProSelect connecting to Photoshop CC2018 no longer happen after you restart your computer.

If you are still having any issues connecting to Photoshop then you should check this article: Cannot connect to Photoshop on Mac 

Original Article

We have yet to track down the exact cause and recommend that you do not update to CC2018 at this stage. We will update this article with news/solutions to this issue as they become available.

CC2018 on OSX Sierra

After installing the CC2018 update, ProSelect was giving a "General Photoshop error" when trying to connect to Photoshop through Applescript. However, after re-starting the computer, it seems to now working normally.

CC2018 on OSX High Sierra

A user reported an issue with not being able to open files in Photoshop when "Use Javascript to launch" was unchecked in Preferences -> General Settings -> General. However, this setting is ignored if you try to open more than one RAW file in Photoshop at the same time so you may still experience a problem if you try this. See the ProSelect 2017r1.11 Reference Manual page 257 for more about this option.

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