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When sending an invitation and choosing the Edit in Email App option, you may get the following message:

"Your message content is too long to automatically populate into your mail application. It will be copied to your clipboard instead."

On Windows computers, there is a limit of approximately 2000 characters when transferring the contents of an invitation to a desktop email program (such as Outlook) using the "mailto:" URL (which is how SendMyRooms handles this process).  If your invitation contents are longer than this then, unfortunately, it just doesn't work!

So, as a workaround when transferring longer emails, SendMyRooms will instead copy the contents onto your clipboard and display the above message. When your email application opens, just click in the message section and use Control-V to paste the contents into your email, make any changes and send it.

Alternatively, you can reduce the size of your invitations by editing the email templates in the SenMyRooms setup area. In this case, remember, if you are including any Text Tags in these emails, they may add to the overall size of the message, so best to make your emails a bit smaller than 2000 characters to allow for this.

This problem will not occur if you get SendMyRooms to send your email invitations directly by using the Send Message button - this is the recommended method.

For more information on editing email templates and sending invitations, see the SendMyRooms Guide.pdf. You can select to open this guide under the Help menu in ProSelect 2017r1.11 and newer.

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