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Imported PSD file image display difference

If you have added a folder or single image that is a PSD file (Photoshop) and the image(s) show as described by one customer as "kind of grayed out, or look like the high pass filter in Photoshop or blank white", then the following suggests why this may occur and what you can do.

Note: This was current at the time of writing and Apple may have resolved this in an updated OSX version.

On the Mac, ProSelect uses OSX to read and convert PSD files. There are some combinations of layered PSD files that OSX just can't handle, and this is likely what you are seeing with some of your files.

Flattening the images solves this problem.

We believe the Preview application uses the same process, so you should be able to confirm the problem with these files by dropping them into Preview and seeing if they display OK.

If you have a look at the differences between which PSD files work versus those that don't, you may be able to work out which parts/layers of the file is causing problems for OSX, then avoid doing this. Remember to compare 8/16/32 bit image types and RGB/CMYK/LAB modes in Photoshop as well.

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