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Transferring an Album Room to a Library Room

If you have added an Album Room (a client-specific room) to one of your client albums and want to use it with other clients, then you need to transfer it to be a Library Room.

To do this:

  1. Open the Album which has the room that you wish to transfer
  2. Open the Setup Rooms window (under Resources menu)
  3. Select the Album tab at the top of the list of rooms
  4. Select the Room to transfer
  5. Click the Export button and select a destination location (e.g. Desktop)
  6. Change to the Library tab
  7. Click the Image File button and select the folder where you just exported the image to

This will copy the room image into your ProSelect Resources Folder -> Room Views subfolder and add it to your available Library rooms.

The scale information is automatically appended to the exported image filename, so you can select the Calibrate Using: Use Scale in Image Filename option and the room will be correctly scaled (assuming that you set the scale before you exported the room).

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