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My clients says they sent some rooms but....

What to check if you are not getting notified that some rooms have been uploaded by your clients.

Receiving Notification that new Rooms have been uploaded

In the SendMyRoom Management Area, you can select how you are to be notified when a client uploads some new rooms. See the SendMyRooms guide (open under Help Menu in ProSelect) for how to do this.

We recommend that you select both Email and ProSelect messages. Email notifications are consolidated and sent in bulk so you don't get too many if you have multiple clients uploading rooms. As such, there can be a delay of up to three hours before you receive these. ProSelect Messages, on the other hand, are accessible immediately when you click the Messages button in ProSelect.

If you are getting the message but not the email, then possibly the emails from are getting blocked by your ISP or caught by your spam filter (check your junk/spam folder). Best ensure that all emails from "" are allowed/white-listed.

Checking if Client Rooms have been uploaded

Method 1:

You can check for uploaded images in the SendMyRooms Management area. To do this,

  1. Log into your TimeExposure account --> My Extras tab --> Manage my SendMyRooms™ account --> Search Viewings.
  2. Click on the Info button for your client.

Uploaded images will be shown or "No Rooms Uploaded" will be displayed if there aren't any yet.

Method 2:

In ProSelect, you can search for your client under "Setup Rooms --> Album Tab" (under the Resources menu). If the images are still available they will be shown as thumbnails. 

In either case, if there are no images available then either your client didn't complete the upload correctly or, if it has been 7 days after the session date,  the images will be been deleted.

Rooms are deleted 7 days after the Entered Session Date

All room images are automatically removed from your SendMyRooms account, seven days after the session date you entered. If you have "removal warnings" enabled (in your SendMyRooms Settings) and there are any rooms that you haven't already downloaded, you will receive seven days notice before the room images are removed.  You will find this information on page 14-15 in the SendMyRooms guide (access under the Help menu in ProSelect).

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