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Custom YouTube Movie does not play

SendmyRooms allows you to use your own client "how to" movie on the SendMyRooms website.

You can select Custom Movie and provide a URL to the movie location in the Edit Settings page of the SendMyRooms Management area. After entering your custom URL, you should always use the Test Movie button to make sure that the movie plays correctly.

If it does not, then check your movie URL is correct.

YouTube Movie Issue

When using a link to a movie that you have uploaded to YouTube, make sure that the URL is in form of

where XXXX is the YouTube ID of your movie.  Depending on your location "youtube" may be followed by something other than ".com".

If you use any other URL formats, your browser (and your clients) may prevent the loading of the movie for security reasons.

You can get the correct URL from the YouTube web site by selecting your movie, clicking the SHARE button then the EMBED button.

You can extract the URL as shown underlined below. It may be easier to use the Copy button to copy the whole link your clipboard, paste it into a text editor program then just copy the part you need (starting with https://.

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