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Reinstalling Obsolete Versions of ProSelect

If you own and need to reinstall a very old version of ProSelect which has been made obsolete (these are usually versions that are more than 5 years old), then you can do this using the following procedure.

What you need 

  1. A copy of the ProSelect installer for the version of ProSelect that you are licensed to use on the computer platform (Mac or Windows) that you are using.
  2. Your complete registration key for your licensed version - for versions from 2010r1 on-wards, these start with "PSV5-". For pre 2010r1 versions, these start with "PSV4-".
  3. A backup copy of your ProSelect Data and Resources folder, if you wish to preserve your existing setup (e.g. prices, templates, rooms etc.).
  4. A computer with an operating system that is compatible with the version of ProSelect that you intend to install. Many earlier versions of ProSelect have not been tested with newer versions of Mac & Windows operating systems and may not run without issues. If you are using a new computer with the latest available operating system, then using the latest version of ProSelect is the best way to ensure that you won't have any compatibility issues.

Installation Procedure Part 1 - All versions

  1. Run the installer for your licensed version of the ProSelect software.
  2. Start ProSelect and choose the Register Manually option (the wording for this is slightly different in some earlier versions).
  3. Enter your Registered Business name (this is case-sensitive) and Registration Key. 
  4. Click the Register button.  Note: This will check that your registration key matches your entered business name and let will not let you go any further if they do not match.

Installation Procedure Part 2 - Versions 2011r1 and newer

  1. If you are offered the option to Activate Now, then choose this.
  2. Choose the Manually Active option (normally for computers not connected to the internet, but required in this case also).
  3. Copy down the provided Manual Activation Code shown in dialog window, or use the Copy button to copy it to the Clipboard.

  4. If your computer is connected to the Internet then, on your computer, log into your My Account area on and choose the My Products tab. Otherwise use another computer to do this.
  5. Under Registered Products, choose Activate ProSelect Manually.
  6. Enter (or Paste) the Manual Activation Code into the box and click the Validate button.
  7. Enter the name of your computer and model number (these are so you can identify your computer later if you have more than one).
  8. Click the Activate button.
  9. Copy down the supplied Activation Key (e.g.  XXXX-YYYY).  

  10. Swap back to ProSelect and enter the Activation Key into boxes on the Manually Activate page (as shown in the previous image above).

Other Activation Notes

  1. Your manual activation is valid for 6 months. If your computer is connected to the Internet, then it will be automatically re-activated in the background around this time. If your computer is not connected to the Internet, then you will need to repeat the above Manual Activation procedure.
  2. If you are using a Windows computer, then avoid changing the name of the computer as this is linked to your activation and we then require you to repeat the activation procedure again.
  3. As per its standard policies, TimeExposure does not keep copies of installers or registration keys for obsolete version of ProSelect. If you have not kept a copy of these yourself, then you would need to purchase an upgrade to the newest version to receive a new key.

  KnowledgeBase Article: Reinstalling Obsolete Versions of ProSelect  

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