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ProSelect 2019r1 release

The official release date for ProSelect 2019r1 is December 1, 2018.

This means that everyone whose TimeExposure PLUS was current as of that official date is entitled to download and use this new ProSelect software release at no cost

If you purchase ProSelect after this date, then you automatically receive the current version and TimeExposure PLUS (no cost upgrades, technical support, royalty free music and graphics library, SendMyRooms™ system access and more) also. Please see our Policies page (under the Store menu) for more information.

If any changes are made to this version, the incremental update details for ProSelect Version 2019r1 can be found in:

  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The article What's New in 2019r1

How do I check my entitlement or access this version?

You can check your TimeExposure PLUS status and if you are entitled to this release by logging into and choosing My Account (in top right)

If your TimeExposure PLUS expired before December 1, 2018, then you can optionally Upgrade your license. You can review your Upgrade options, cost and purchase by choosing Current ProSelect Users (under "Buy Now" menu).

You are welcome to Download and trial the latest release for 30 days free. Please see the article Trialing & Upgrading to the latest version for important notes about this.

Registration Key

This new release requires a new Registration key that starts with "PSV6-" or "PST6-".

If your TimeExposure PLUS was current on December 1st 2018, then when installing ProSelect 2019r1 (on a computer connected to the Internet) you are prompted to register, then in ProSelect's Registration window:

  1. Choose Register On-line option
  2. Enter your Login Email and Password
  3. Click the Register button and ProSelect does it instantly for you!

Alternatively, if you own an outright license and your computer is not connected to the Internet, then you can:

  1. Retrieve your registration key details from your My Account (in top right on the TimeExposure web site) --> My Products tab and choose "View all my registration and unlock keys" (you can also choose to have them emailed to you).
  2. Choose the "Enter
  3. Registration Details Manually" option in ProSelect.
  4. Once registered, then when prompted to Activate the software, choose "Manually Activate" and follow the instructions that display in the Activation area.

Note: If the "Register ProSelect" window doesn't automatically appear when you launch the software, you can access your registration options in ProSelect by choosing Register ProSelect (under the Help menu).

Download and Installing

You will find this release via the Downloads page (under the Downloads menu). If you have multiple installations in accordance with your license, it's important to make sure each installation of ProSelect is the exact same software version for compatibility reasons. Please also see Re-Downloading the Software section of our Policies page.

Once you have downloaded this newest release, then:

  1. Close ProSelect (if open)
  2. Extract the installer file from the download (if not already done)
  3. On Windows, uninstall the older ProSelect version (Control Panel --> Uninstall a Program), then double click on the ProSelect_Setup.exe
  4. On Macs, double click on the ProSelect_Installer_OSX.pkg

All your prices & templates will be displayed in the new version (unless you choose to remove them of course!). You should always have a current backup of this data anyway (including your ProSelect Resource folder), so if you don't have a backup, then please see the ProSelect Reference Manual (access under the Help menu in ProSelect) in the "Backup & Transferring to another computer" section for how to do this. There is also the article Transferring or Backing up your Prices and Templates to assist with this.

Adding New Resources

Recent versions of the software includes a bunch of new default templates, styles and more. See the article Adding the new ProSelect included resources for how to add these to your current setup if you are upgrading and have been using ProSelect v2017r1 version or earlier.


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