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Prompted to Restore Unsaved Changes

ProSelect has an Auto-Backup feature that periodically saves a copy of your latest changes so, in the event of a system or network crash, your recent changes can be restored. 

Is this enabled on my computer?

By default, this is enabled and set to 5 minutes in your Preferences -> General Settings -> General -> General Defaults -> Auto Backup Interval. To disable these, set the Auto Backup Interval time to "Never".

When are Auto-backups done?

To avoid any program slowdowns, auto-backups are only done when:

  1. You do an operation that opens another window in the software.
  2. It has been more than your selected Auto-Backup Interval of time since the last backup was done.

The exception is that an auto backup is always done immediately after closing the Place Order window so newly added orders are immediately backed up.

How do I recover from an Auto-Backup?

You have a crash, when you re-open the album file and there is an auto-backup saved for that album file, then you will be prompted whether you wish to recover the unsaved changes. 

Choosing Yes will attempt to update the album file to include the latest changes from the last saved auto-backup. If you then save the album it will default to be saved as a copy called "Album Name (recovered).psa". If you choose No, then the auto-backup file will be removed and the version of the album file that you last saved will be opened instead. 

Note: you only get one opportunity to Restore from an auto-backup so you should save the album file before proceeding further.

Where are Auto backups Saved?

In versions prior to ProSelect 2019r1, auto backups were saved in a separate area within the album file itself.

Starting with ProSelect 2019r1, they are now saved as a separate file on your local computer. This change was made so that if you have opened your album file across a network and the network fails then the backup copy will still be saved and recoverable. 

With ProSelect 2019r1 and newer,  auto-backup files are saved as .psabkup files in these locations:

On Macs:  StartupDisk: Users: YourUserName: Library: Application Support: ProSelect: Album_Backups

On Windows: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\ProSelect\Album_Backups

Normally, there should only be one .psabkup file in the Album_Backups folder at any one time. Having more than one indicates that you may not have re-opened an album file that was involved in a crash again on the same machine.  Opening the album from a different machine won't find the backup file.

If you can't find these folders on your computer, they may be hidden so see these articles:

Missing Library Folder on Mac OSX

Missing AppData or ProgramData folder on Windows

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