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Program crash when clicking shopping cart icon on Windows 10

If you are using ProSelect 2019r1.x on Window 10 and the program exits completely when you click on the shipping cart icon then it could be a Display -> Scale and Layout scaling issue.

One user who was using a 4K display (we believe) encountered this issue when they had set their screen scaling set to 225%. When they changed this value to 200% or 250%, the problem no longer occurred. We are currently investigating this issue. In the meantime, see below for solutions:

Solution 1:

Open your Display Settings window by right-clicking on the Desktop and select "Display Setting" from the popup menu. Then adjust the scaling setting in the box shown below to a different setting. Setting this to the nearest 100 or 50 seems to work eg  100%, 150%, 200%, 250% etc.

IMPORTANT: You should close ProSelect before making this change. 

If you have multiple screens connected to your computer, then also check the scaling on each display.

Test ProSelect, by opening it again and clicking on the shopping cart icon.

Solution 2:

Disabling the use of High-DPI mode when using ProSelect on your computer will also solve this issue.

See this article for instruction on how to do this: Running ProSelect as a non Hi-DPI application

  KnowledgeBase Article: Program crash when clicking shopping cart icon on Windows 10  

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