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Slideshow stutters on Layouts and Book Pages

Layouts and book page are assembled dynamically during the slideshow while it is running. If this takes too long then you may get some stumbling during the slideshow.

The time it takes to build these items depends on

  1. How fast your computer is
  2. How complex your layouts, pages or room designs are (eg the number of images/items in them)
  3. Where your album file is located (eg on the same computer or across a network)

Ways to improve this:

  1. Move your album file to your local computer before opening it
  2. Increase your slide and transition time (in your Slideshow Style) so ProSelect has more time to build these while the slideshow is playing.
  3. If you are not using the Ken Burns effect, turn off Use OpenGL in Preferences -> Slideshow -> Slideshow settings -> Hardware support.

ProSelect 2019r2

In this new version (coming in June/July 2019), we have added to option to "pre-buffer" layouts, book pages and rooms before the slideshow starts to avoid this issue. This new version also uses METAL hardware APIs on Macs running on the newer versions of OSX.

  KnowledgeBase Article: Slideshow stutters on Layouts and Book Pages  

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